If you’ll going to rank the European countries based on its beaches, Greece is the top 1. 

The islands of Crete, Ios, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Rhodeshave the most beautiful beaches although the other islands have nice beaches as well. 
Crete’s Elafonissi Beach is the top 1 beach in Greece. Mykonos’ Paradise Beach is the best for partying. Naxos’ St. Georges Beach is the most family-friendly.
The most stunning beach hotels in Greece are Ios Palace Hotel & Spa, Branco Mykonos and Naxos’ Iria Beach Hotel. 
Starting late May until early October is the most ideal period to visit the beaches of Greece.  You can enjoy the nice weather while swimming in the warm water. 
Greece’s Top Beach
Santorini maybe the most famous Greek island but more than for its beaches, the recognition is due to its fantastic food, sightseeing and tours. Dubbed as a beach paradise, Mykonos prides itself as a party destination in itself. Travelers who want peace and chill will favor Naxos. However, Crete has the best beach in Greece, Elfonissi Beach. It is comparable to an enchanted lagoon with fine sand and fantastic for swimming. 

Top Beaches in Greece
ISLAND         BEACH               IDEAL FOR
Crete          Elafonisi             Everyone
Ios                 Mylopotas         Excellent sand
Mykonos     Platys Gialos     Water activities and nightlife
Naxos           Plaka                  Chill
Paros            Faraga          A good swim
Rhodes                   St. Paul’s             Stunning view
Santorini     Perissa           Clarity of water
Top 19 Beaches in Greece
1. Elafonissi, Crete
Elafonissi beach is the top beach of Greece, located in Crete’s southern coast. If you are staying in Chania, this is a good side trip. There are  hotels close to the beach but expect that the choices are few and small. It is also just an hour away from the amazing town of Paleochora. The following are the suggested beach hotels:
Kalomiraki family’s Elafonisi Resort
In Paleochora: Budget- Aris Hotel; Moderate- Caravella Luxury Apartments
2. Mylopotas Beach, Ios
Cyclades’ Mylopotas Beach in Ios.
The beach is available for travelers who want a quick swim or just bum in the amazing sand. Accommodation is available in the hilltop town of Chora or in the beach of Mylopotas. The following are the suggested hotels:
Budget: Riita’s Place Hotel, Nissos Ios
Luxury: Ios Palace Hotel & Spa
3. Plaka Beach, Naxos
Naxos’ Plaka  Beach
The best island to do beach hopping is Naxos. Just walking distance from the lovely town of Naxos is St. George beach. Better beaches are found in the southwest

 coast namely Agios Prokopios, Agias Anna, Pyrgaki and Mikri Vigla. The beach of Plaka is the top among them all. These wonderful beaches are  just a bus away from the town of Naxos. Accommodations are available in Naxos town proper. The following are the suggested beach hotels:
Budget: Xenia Hotel
Moderate: Naxos Resort Beach Hotel
Luxury: Nissaki Beach Hotel
In Plaka beach: Iria Beach Hotel
4. Platys Gialos, Mykonos
Platys Gialos, close to the town, is the top beach of Mykonos. 
It has chill ambience during the day but turns into a bustling center of nightlife when the evening strikes. The following are the suggested beach hotels: 
Moderate: Petinos Beach Hotel
Luxury: Branco Mykonos (beach front), Myconian Ambassador, Petasos Beach Resotrt & Spa

5. Ornos Beach, Mykonos
Mykonos’ Ornos Beach
This hotel can be reached from the town of Mykonos by a 10-minute bus ride. The tranquil water and nice sand make it the most ideal for a fun family vacations. The following are the suggested beach hotels found in Ornos:
Belvedere Hotel- my personal choice, Level: luxury
Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel- ideal for a fantastic honeymoon, Level: luxury
Santa Marina Resort & Villas- family-friendly, Level: luxury
6. Mytros Beach, Kefalonia
Kefalonia’s Mytros Beach. Kefalonia’s Myrtos Beach. 
Checking in at Odyssey Villas is highly suggested. It is a fabulous hotel but reached only by a rental car. 

7. Paleokastritsa, Corfu
Corfu’s Paleokastritsa
Situated in the stunning island of Corfu is a cluster of bays known as Paleokastritsa. The highly suggested hotel is moderately level  Zefiros Traditional Hotel.

8. Stafylo Beach, Skopelos
Skopelos’ Stafylo Beach. 
One of the excellent beaches in Skopelos is Stafylo. The following are the suggested hotels:
Budget: Denise Hotel
Moderate: Skopelos Village

9. Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos
Skiathos’ Koukounaries Beach 
This beach is a fine beauty. The following are the suggested hotels:
Budget: Golden Beach, Meltemi Hotel ( town of Skiathos)
Moderate: Skiathos Palace Hotel 

10. St Paul’s Bay, Rhodes
Rhodes’ St Paul’s Bay close to Lindos.
Rhodes’ east coast have a lot of nice beaches such as Lindos and Falikari. The beaches in the west of the town of Rhodes have strong winds. St. Paul’s bay is a nice sanctuary for swimming. The beaches are just a bus away from the lovely town proper of Rhodesm The following are the suggested hotels:
Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel- Level: Luxury, Location: Old Town of Rhodes
Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas- Level: Luxury, Location: close to Lindos
11. Faraga Beach, Paros
Paros’ top beach is Faraga.
Situated south of Paros, Faraga is tucked away from the major towns and strong winds. There are other more famous beaches in Paros such as Piso Livadi, Pounda, and Golden Beach. These beaches are ideal for side trip. Accommodation is available in Parikia. The following are the suggested hotels:
Budget: Captain Manolis
Moderate: Argonauta Hotel 
12. Sarakiniko, Milos
Sarakiniko situated in Milos. 
Whether it is a beach or a cove is debatable. What is undisputed is that Sarakiniko is a gem among Mylos’ coves. It is a great place to get that tan or simply just have a relaxing swim. The following are the suggested hotels in Milos:
Moderate: Eiriana Luxury Suites, Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

13. Kamares Beach, Sifnos
Cyclades’ Kamares Beach found in Sigfnos
Located in western Cyclades, this sleep island of Sifnos is known for having nice beaches includinh Kamares. It is kid and family-friendly as the water is not too deep. It is also close to hotels and dining places. The following are the suggested hotels:
Budget: Morpheas Pension Rooms & Apartments 
Moderate: Delfini
14. Matala Beach, Crete
a Crete’s Matala Beach
It in a charming small town with a cliff ideal for spelunking. The suggested hotel is the budget Matala View.

15. Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos
Zakynthos’ Shipwreck Beach
This bustling but enchanted beach can be reached by a boat. There are also caves that you can check out. The suggested hotel is Castelli Hotel in Laganas.

16. Vai Beach, Crete
Crete’s Vai Beach
A fun side trip if you’ll be coming from Sitia, Vai beach is the only beach in Europe that has a forest of palms. I5 is the top beach among those in eastern Crete. Th3 suggested hotel is the budget Petras Beach.
17. Perissa Beach, Santorini
Santorini’s Perissa Beach.
This beach is beautiful and has the most magnificent sand. It is close to equally stunning  Kamari Beach. The difference is that Kamari do have more dining places and night activities. Perissa and Kamari are connected to each other by  a 10-minute boat ride. The following are the suggested hotels:
Perissa: Meltemi Village Hotel (Level: Moderate)
Kamari: Sigalas Beach Hotel (beachfront, Level: Moderate); Tamarix Del Mar Suites ( Level: Luxury); Santorini Kastelli Resort ( Level: Luxury)
18. Red Beach, Santorini
Santorini’s Red Beach
Instead of the usual white sand Greek beaches, that of Santorini’s can be grey, black or red. This is mainly due to the presence of a volcano in the island. Akrotiri is near Santorini. It has budget hotels. However, it is more ideal to book your accommodation in Fira and from there just take a bus to the Red Beach. The following are the suggested hotels:
Moderate: Apanemo
Luxury: Astarte Suites
19. Vouliagmeni Beach, close to Athens
Close to Athens is the Vouliagmeni Beach.
Just around an hour away from central Athens, Vougliagmeni is the nicest beach close to Athens. The following are the suggested hotels:
Athens: Electra Palace Hotel Athens
Vouliagmeni Beach: Astir Palace Beach Resort, The Westin Athens 

Which are the most kid-friendly Greek beaches?
Naxos has the most kid-friendly beaches particularly Agios Georgios Beach. It is just a walking distance to the port and town proper.  The sea is not that deep and the water flows calmly, an ideal combination that the kids will surely like. The beach is surrounded by dining places and hotels. Naxos has many other beaches that are more peaceful and less crowded  as you go south of the town proper. But these beaches will have at least one or two bars.  Antiparos and Paros close to Naxos also have beaches that are ideal for kids. 

Check out: Top Family -Friendly Greek Islands.

Which is the top party-oriented beach?
Being the center of party life is what Mykonos’ Paradise beach is all about. You can find everything here- food, drinks, sun, sand, water activities and young beach lovers. Paros also have the same party beach called Punda. 
Among the  beaches in the main islands, which one is the most ideal for a peaceful and relaxing stay?
The most peaceful are Paros’ Ambelas Beach and Naxos’ Plaka Beach. Despite their popularity they are able to maintain their relaxing ambience. If you’ll not be staying in July and August, there’s a chance that it will just be you on either beach. But hotels and dining places are available to keep you afloat. 
Which is the top beach near Athens?
Just less than hour away from Athens is the Vouligmeni Beach. It tends to get crowded during weekends, however, taking a dip in its refreshing water will save you from Athens’ heat. 
What is the most ideal time to travel to Greece? 
Towards the end of May until the start of October is the most ideal period to travel to Greece. Expect for chances of cloudy and rain despite the sunny weather and warm temperature. Always have a jacket with you for cooler nights. The peak of the heat and crowd is July and August. In June, the countryside is still green from the aftermath of spring while in September you can experience that the sea is getting warmer. Swimming during the first few days of November in Crete’s southern coast is peculiar. 
Which are the top islands of Greece?
Top Romantic Getaway: Santorini
Natural and Beautiful: Crete and Santorini
Peaceful, off-the-beaten path beaches: Antiparos
Top Party Destination for College Students: Ios
Top Party Destination for Young Professionals: Mykonos
Most Family-friendly: Naxos
For the adrenaline and historical junkies: Santorini and Crete
Top Beach Destination: Crete, Naxos, Mykonos, Paros, Milos
What is the most ideal time to travel to the islands of Greece?
Starting late May up to early October is the best period to have your holiday in the islands of Greece. It’s the perfect time for the beach- hot weather, blue skies and radiant sun. The peak season are the months of July and August so expect visitors flocking to the beach with the heat and the prices are at its highest. The period of September up to early October is particularly ideal for beach bumming and swimming as both the sea and weather are warm during these months.  The start of May and towards the end of October on the islands are better off spent on dining, drinking, sightseeing and hiking. 
What places should I spend my 1 week holiday in Greece?
You can allot 4 days for Santorini then the remaining 3 days for less popular tourist destinations such as Folegandros, Milos or Naxos. For some nightlife, Paros or Mykonos is a party haven. 
What places should I spend my 2 week holiday in Greece?
Santorini should have your have at least 4 days. Three days can be allotted on any 2 among these islands:
Mykonos- partying, nightlife, lovely town and port, beaches
Paros- partying, nightlife, beaches
Naxos- traditional villages, beaches and hiking
Antiparos- peace, relaxation, beaches
Milos- picturesque views, beaches, boat day tours
Folegandros- off-the-beaten path island, beaches, hiking
How to book your hotels for your Greek Holiday
This is the most commonly asked question. Hotels are often fully-booked with travelers flocking the islands starting late June lasting through early September. Secure your accommodation early even before the ferry tickets. Even during the summer, large ferries don’t get sold out right away. You can actually score economy class tickets even a few days before your actual trip. While the hotels get booked way ahead of time. For a smoother travel itinerary, prioritize your accommodation. The ferry can wait. 
The most efficient online site to search for Greek hotels is Booking.com/Greece. It provides the finest choices of hotels. There is an option of free cancellation. You can actually book more than one hotel then just cancel the hotels that don’t fit in your final itinerary. 
Passengers of ferries arriving in the port are commonly welcomed by hotel owners or representatives. These people travel to pick-up guests or invite potential clients. The hotels are small-scale, more affordable and probably situated far from the center. But this is a great opportunity to connect with the locals and score good deals in terms of accommodation. Better have some place to sleep than nothing at all. 
What is the best time to book hotels for aGreek vacation?
Ideally reserve your accommodation 3 to 8 weeks prior to your trip. If traveling as a large group like  a family, book your hotels way ahead of time. During the summer, the famous islands are flocked by visitors and hotels get filled up pretty quickly. Solo backpackers may grab a hotel room. However, walk-ins generally have difficulty securing hotel rooms especially today that Greece has continued elevating its status as world famous travel destination. 
To rent a house or a villa in any of the islands, flipkey.com offers the best deals. 
If you are not traveling during the peak season of July and August and you are either a solo backpacker or a couple traveler, you don’t have to book ahead of time. There are small hotel owners and representatives that welcome passengers from ferries each day that can offer you a private room for less. But this may not be ideal for those traveling in a group, as families or want a luxurious vacation. 
Athens- Do hotel bookings ahead of time if traveling during the months of April until October
Santorini – Do advanced hotel bookings if traveling in the months of June until September 
Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos- Advanced hotel bookings suggested if traveling in late June up to September
Paros, Naxos, Lesvos, Kefalonia, Milos, Samos, Chios– Do advanced bookings if traveling in the months of July and August