Best Restaurants in Santorini

Unless you are one of the thousands of cruise ship passengers lucky enough to arrive in Santorini, there will be no free buffet waiting for you on your return and you will have to find a place to eat. But don’t worry, because in Santorini there are plenty of options, for all tastes and pockets.

So what is the best restaurant in Santorini? Overall, the best restaurants in Santorini are Metaxy Mas, Cava Alta, Argo, Ouzeri, Avocado, Roka, Mezzo and Good Heart. The best coffee on the island is in Oia’s Passaggio or Fira’s Pure.

Read on to find out the best places to eat in Santorini.

CandouniNaoussaAthenian House
ElinikonCacio E PepeAnogi
Ammoudi Fish Taverna

Lucky’s Souvlaki

Lucky’s Souvlaki, lucky's souvlakis menu, lucky's souvlaki fira santorini

If you’re in Santorini, you have to try Lucky’s souvlaki at least once before you leave. It serves delicious and affordable gyros that are so delicious you surely wouldn’t forget them. This restaurant doesn’t take reservations. The first one to comes is the first one they serve. It’s a great place to eat especially if you’re trying to save in Santorini. This place and Pito Gyros in Oia make the best Gyros in the island. 


argo restaurant santorini, argo restaurant menu, argo restaurant santorini reservations

This restaurants is located at the heart of the busy town of Fira. It boasts a great and unique combination of delicious food and a great caldera view. Argo serves spiced up local recipes so prepare your tongue for a new wave of Greek Flavors. You might get seats if you just head there straight but it’s better to reserve a seat in advance just to be sure. 

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Cacio e Pepe

cacio e pepe santorini, cacio e pepe santorini menu

Is an italian restaurant serving the most delicious Pizza on the island. It’s a very accommodating little restaurant that serves great food and good wine. 


ouzeri santorini, ouzeri restaurant

The best time to eat in this place is lunch. You might not even need reservations if you come at lunch time. Ouzeri’s rush hour is usually at dinner. Then you’ll need reservations to get a table. It serves delicious and modern food. The restaurants has a strangely calming and relaxing ambiance. 


naoussa santorini, naoussa restaurants, naoussa santorini menu

This restaurant has one of Santorini’s best views. It serves traditional Greek food that you could eat while you stare out into the beautiful caldera. It’s not absolutely packed but just to be sure, reserve your seats in advance. 

Nikolas Taverna 

nikolas taverna santorini menu, nikolas taverna restaurant santorini

This restaurant serves great seafood cooked the traditional greek way. It’s not a pricey restaurant and reservations aren’t required to be seated. This is one of the most delicious restaurants in the town of Fira. 

Metaxy Mas 

metaxy mas santorini, metaxy mas reservations, metaxy mas review

This restaurant doesn’t have a great caldera view but it does overlook the kamari beach. It’s one of the best places to eat in Santorini and is well-recommended on the island. It’s well-known so it’s best to have a table reserved in advance just to be sure. It the best place to go to on the other side of the Santorini. 

The Good Heart

the good heart santorini, the good heart restaurant santorini menu

This restaurant serves authentic and traditional Greek dishes with ingredients harvested from their own farm. The place is warm and friendly just like the people who owns it. This place is not so packed so reservations are not really required. The Good Heart in Akrotiri is a little far from Fira that’s why it’s a little hard to reach but definitely worth it. 


yalos santorini, yalos santorini menu

This little restaurant is located outside of Fira but definitely worth travelling to. It’s located on a beach and serves seafood and local dishes. It’s one of the best restaurants on that side of the island. 

Cava Alta

cava alta santorini, cava alta menu santorini

This place gets packed at dinner time so save a table if you plan to eat here for dinner. This restaurant serves delicious dishes that are to die for. It’s found in Pyrgos, under a castle. It’s the best restaurant in the area. 


aktaion santorini, aktaion restaurant, aktaion santorini menu

This restaurant serves really great food that it’s no wonder it’s always full. Have a table reserved in advance to make sure you’ll get a seat. This restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere. It’s one the best places to eat in when in Firostefani. 

Da Vinci 

This restaurant doesn’t have the great caldera view like the others on this but it does serves superb italian dishes that are to dies for. You don’t need a reservation to be seated in Da Vinci. 

La Maison

la maison restaurant santorini, la maison restaurant santorini menu

La Maison serves greek dishes laced with french flavors. It’s one of the best restaurants in that part of Imerovigli. It has one of the best Caldera views in town. 


mezzo restaurant santorini, mezzo restaurant santorini menu, mezzo restaurant santorini reservations

One of the best places to mix wine, food and great views in. This place in Imerovigli has a great view of the caldera which is one of the reasons why it’s always so packed. Reserve a table in advance to make sure you’ll be seated. 


avocado restaurant santorini, avocado restaurant menu

This restaurant doesn’t the view but it does have the amazing dishes. Come here to taste food that so good, you’ll have a hard time forgetting them. If you’re coming at lunch then it’s fine to just walk in but if your coming here for dinner, best reserve a table in advance. 


anogia restaurants

The best restaurants in Imerovigli with traditional Mediterranean food.

Wonderful modern greek food with a trendy vibe. If you can’t get a table, Posidonia Taverna is steps away – not as fancy but almost as good.

This place is so good that it’s always packed. It has a modern style Greek feeling to it. It serves delicious mediterranean food. If it happens that you can’t get a table, move to Posidonia Taverna. It’s not as good but it okay. 


remvi restaurant, remvi restaurant santorini menu

Remvi serves a great view along with their delicious food. If you reserve a table in advance, you could specify that you want to be seated near the edge so you can get unobstructed view of the caldera outside. 

Athenian House 

athenian house santorini, athenian house santorini menu

Athenian is known mostly for it’s amazing views. It has one of the best sunset and caldera view in Santorini. Enjoy their amazing dishes while admiring the view. 


candouni santorini, candouni oia menu, candouni oia restaurant

Come to this restaurant if you’re looking to taste the authentic flavors of Greek Food. This restaurant is very accommodating but it’s best to secure a table in advance.


ellinikon restaurant santorini, ελληνικον santorini menu

Serves great food that’s good for sharing. It’s best to secure a table in advance. Eat your food while gazing into the amazing sunset. It’s one of the best spots to admire the sunset in.


karma restaurant, karma restaurant menu, karma restaurant santorini

Reserve a table, to be sure you’ll be seated. This restaurant serves some of the best dishes in town. It has an accommodating vibe that makes the food more delicious. 


roka restaurant santorini, roka restaurant review

This restaurant doesn’t have a great view but it does serve food. One of most delicious restaurants in Oia, it almost always packed that’s why it’s best to secure a table in advance.


ambrosia restaurant santorini, ambrosia restaurant menu

One of the best places to have a romantic date in. Unfortunately, other people think so too. If you want a table here, reserve extremely early cause it’s really packed. 

Panorama Balcony

panorama balcony santorini menu, panorama balcony santorini

This is one of the most exclusive places to take someone on a date in. Unfortunately, if you want to get a seat here, you have to reserver 27 year before your actual trip. That’s how long the line is now. Email them at [email protected]


lotza santorini, lotza santorini menu

This place is not usually packed so reservations are not really necessary. Lotza serves great food that’s perfect for lunch or snacks. Their spaghetti is an absolute must try as well as their baklava. This small restaurant offers great views along with the delicious food it serves. They also serve Gyros but Lucky’s is the best gyros in Santorini so don’t bother ordering it from there. 

Ammoudi Fish Taverna 

Ammoudi Fish Taverna , ammoudi fish tavern reservation, ammoudi fish tavern menu

Th Ammoudi Fish Taverna serves delicious seafood that you could enjoy watching one of the most beautiful sunsets you would ever see. The Ammoudi is beside three other restaurants that are all equally amazing so choosing to eat at any of them is good too. Their rush hour starts at dinner so if you’re planning to eat here go ar lunch time when there will be empty seats and you don’t need a reservation to get a table. 

Taverna Geromanolis 

taverna geromanolis santorini

This is the restaurant to go to if you want to taste the best of traditional Greek Food. It’s a very well-known restaurant especially to those native to the area. You could come here for lunch and dinner even without reservations. 

About Santorini

The Sunset wine tour in Santorini 

This tour has a free shuttle service that will pick you up and bring you back to your hotel after the tour. It will take you to three of the best wineries on the island. The trip lasts an entire day and ends at Venetsanos-one of the best places to watch the sunset in Santorini. 

Cooking Class

If you want to experience Greek dishes at a more in-depth level, take the Santorini Cooking Course. It will teach you the basics of cooking Greek food and introduce you to many easy to make local recipes. It’s a great course to take with your friends and family. 

Just like in booking hotel in Santorini, reserve your table as early as you can. Restaurants on this island, fill up fast. Call as early as five days to reserve your table. If you’re a big group, book months in advance to make sure they’re going to be able to accommodate all of you. 

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