Best Wineries in Santorini

It’s unusually hot climate gives Santorini’s wines a one-of-a-kind flavor. Try to have some when you visit the island. Tours around wineries are a huge hit in Santorini. If you want to get yourself into one of these tours, book extremely early because they fill up fast. 


Almost all wine tours stop at Venetsanos and Santo because of their amazing caldera view. You could always just do the trip on your own but touring with a group, and a guide makes it a thousand times better. Wine tours are more popular than boat tours. Prioritize reserving your sport at a wine tour first. 

There are many wineries in Santorini but not all of them are easily accessible. To get the maximum experience of wineries on the island, join a wine tour. It will take you to a large and small wineries and give you a free taste. Plus, tours like these, offer free rides that could pick you up from your hotel and bring you back after. 

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A  Private wine tour in Santorini

A lengthy wine tour that delves deep into Santorini’s wineries and wine-making process. It’s a good tour to go to especially if you’re a wine enthusiast. The tour ends at sunset and is usually at one of the two most the scenic wineries-Venetsanos and Santo. You could do it as a romantic date with someone or as a group tour with your friends. It lasts a whole day so be sure to have nothing scheduled on that day. 

A Tour of Santorini Wineries at sunset

A short tour that’s limited to a small group of people. It’s perfect if you want a more personal experience. It starts a little late at 4:30 pm to make sure that guests are in a really good spot by the time sunset hits. It usually goes to around three wineries and has a couple of wine tasting. 

A Wine tour that lasts half a day

Enjoy Santorini’s famous wine and see its wineries. 

A very nice little tour that picks you up from your hotel and brings you back after the tour. It goes around traditional wineries and some of Santorini’s vineyards. You could join either the 10 am or 4:30 pm tour. 

The best wineries in Santorini

In Oia

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A great winery to visit especially around March-November. They provide appetizers during their wine tasting. You can get to it by riding a bus that goes through the Fira-Oia route. It’s a 10-minute walk from the bus stop. 

In Pyrgos

Santo Winery
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A favorite wine tour stop. This winery boasts a great view of the caldera and the sunset. It offers a wide range of local delicacies and Santorini wine. Santo is very open to visitors and gives the most in-depth tour than any other wineries on the island. 

In Vothonas 

Koutsoyannopoulos Museum
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A huge wine museum that’s partly underground. It’s a wonderful place to learn about Greek vine growers’ lives  throughout history. 

In Megalochori

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This is a not-to-miss place in Santorini, although it’s a little hard to reach. It’s best to join a wine tour to really enjoy this place. 

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