Best Time To Visit Santorini

The best months to visit Santorini are April-November. Santorini has its best weather in May and lasts until October. Just be careful in July and August when the summer reaches its peak and the sun gets too hot.  June-September are the best honeymoon months.



The months before peak tourist season(March-April) and the ones after(October-November) have discounted hotel prices. While December to February has the cheapest hotel prices due to the low number of customers during that time. It’s the perfect time to be in Santorini if you’re on an extremely tight budget. 

The best months to go sightseeing in Santorini are from March to September except for July and August because the sun gets too hot. Book your hotels long before tourist season(May-October) to make sure you still get a room. 

In recent years, more and more tourists are showing up in Santorini during the winter season. Stores and hotels have started answering the demand by keeping their establishments open and ready. Santorini is not like Mykonos, it never gets too quiet at any time of the year. 

There are only a few affordable hotels in Santorini so be really early in saving yourself a room. Book for mid-priced hotels in Santorini 4-6 months in advance. If you’re going for the top and luxurious hotels, start reserving 9 months before your actual trip. Same rule applies if you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in Santorini.

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The Caldera. One of Santorini’s main attractions. This gorgeous wonder never goes away with the weather and continues to draw admirers even in the winter months. 

If you’re going to Santorini for the view of the caldera, then the best time to visit is from April up until November. If you’re going for the water and the sun, then it’s best  to come from June up until September. Beaches in Santorini can either get too cold or too hot to enjoy so stick to these months to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. 

Santorini Month-By-Month

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Santorini enjoys its best and driest weather between April and November. If you want to experience the summer heat and the most vibrant state of Santorini, then schedule your vacation between June to September. If you’re trying to get away from the sun but still want to see Santorini’s picturesque views, then visit during the start and end of the wet season. For Santorini, that’s between March-May and October-December. 

It’s best to take tours between the start of May to the end of October. Here are some of the best tours you don’t want to miss:

April to November

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The best time to hit the beaches on the island is on June up until the month of september. This is when the summer is at its peak. You can also try going on the months before and after that, but there may not be enough sun by then. 

If you’re coming to Santorini to hike, sightsee and explore, come between March-May and October-November. It’s the pre-wet season and the sun will be much kinder during that time. There is a slight chance of rain so be prepared and bring umbrellas and extra clothes. 

If you’re planning on island hopping, then schedule your vacation for May or October. If you’re just dead set on staying Santorini, then the months outside the peak tourist season are perfect for travelling. This is from March to early May and October up until November. Just be aware that since these are still wet season months, other Greek islands are still quiet and most likely closed. 

If you’re booking to save on your vacation, then Santorini’s hotels offer lower prices when it’s not peak tourist season. Just go at the end of May and September. The start of June and of October seems to have good weather. It’s never certain what the weather in october would be so if you’re going for a vacation on this month, be ready for anything. 

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June-September/ High Season 

This is peak summer months so expect scalding hot weather. This is the driest weather that this Greek island will get so expect the large number of tourists and the sky high prices on everything. Boats and Planes go back and forth nonstop on the island and it’s the perfect time to swim and party in Santorini. 

May-June and September-October/ Shoulder Season

Although there’s still sun in the sky, it’s not as blazing as during peak months and the weather is noticeably colder. There are fewer tourists on the area but all establishments are still on full operation. The Ferry port is open and ready to take you anywhere but it might be too cold to go swimming at this time. 

November-April/ Low season

It’s winter in Santorini at these months. Expect wet weather, gray skies and occasional rain. Pack both hot and wet clothes and expect many establishments to be closed. The ones that will stay open will have discounted prices due to low amount of customers. Boats and Plane schedules are limited so it’s best to stay in Santorini. 


Travelling to Santorini during the winter season is beginning to be a thing. Although the weather’s a little wet and cold, it’s still ideal to go around and explore the island, take picture of the caldera and admire the place. Because of the reduced number of tourists, you’ll find it easier to find spots where you can enjoy the view all by yourself. Santorini’s cold months are from December to February. Expect rain and gray skies when you arrive. Compared to a decade ago, winter tends to be warmer these past years and although super rare, snow sometimes falls on Santorini. So be prepared and pack for all kinds of weather before you go. Don’t worry about hotels because these past few years, establishments in the area seems to stay open all year. Hundreds of hotels and restaurants are open even in winter. Just head to Fira and Oia and you’ll be sure to find something good to eat. Since it’s low tourist season, hotels will surely be cheaper at this time of the year. 

Monthly temperature in Santorini

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June to September have the hottest weather of the year. The middle months, July and August, are when the highest number of tourists arrive on the island. If you came for the view rather than the water, go for March-May and October-November. It’s a great time to explore and go hiking. 

Sunbathing and swimming are very popular activities in Santorini. Just remember to stick to the prescribed months to be able to make the most out of your trip to the beach. 

The beaches on the island are best enjoyed on May up until early October. June to September have the hottest weather and most amount of tourists.


Maximum temperature: 14 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 42 millimeters

One of the coldest and quietest months in Santorini. January doesn’t get a lot of foreign visitors. Most establishments on the island are closed but not all of them. Especially those in Fira and Oia. It’s the worst time of the year to show up at the beach. 


Maximum temperature: 14 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 35 millimeters

Although less rainy than January, February is still a really cold month. 


Maximum temperature: 16 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 32 millimeters

Weather is a little unpredictable at this time, so pack for both rain and sunshine. Since it’s not that hot yet, it’s a good time to go exploring, hiking and sightseeing. Establishments on the island will start to open throughout the entire month. Hotels prices are still cheaper compared to when it’s peak tourist season. If you’re looking to save, then visit the island at this time. 


Maximum temperature: 19 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 12 millimeters

This is a warm month, so tourists are starting to fill the island. It’s a great time for exploring, hiking and touring around but it’s still not warm enough to go swimming.


Maximum temperature: 7 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 22 millimeters

Tourists starts to flock to Santorini by May. Bars, clubs and restaurants starts opening up to get ready for them. 


Maximum temperature: 26 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: .3 millimeters

Expect a large number of tourists and a really hot weather. It’s the perfect time to hit the beach.


Maximum temperature: 27 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: .9 millimeters

Be sure to book your accommodations really early for July vacations because tourist season hits its peak in July. If you’re staying at average priced hotels, reserve 4 months prior to your visit and 6 months if you choose one of the top, luxury ones. 


Maximum temperature: 27 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: .4 millimeters

Be careful of Ferry trip cancellations at this month because of the strong winds raging the Aegean sea. The rule of reserving accommodations in the month of July, also apply here. 


Maximum temperature: 25 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 6 millimeters

Hotels are still crowded so early booking is still a must. September is more similar in weather to June than August. It’s still hot but the strong, raging winds are gone. One of the best months to go swimming on the island.


Maximum temperature: 22 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 18 millimeters

Like the month of May, the weather can go from hot to cold without warning at this month. The start of October can still be really hot by expect rain towards the end of it. There is still a considerable amount of tourists on the island but they’re already starting to leave and you can feel the island getting quieter. 


Maximum temperature: 18 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 44 millimeters

Winter is starting to crawl into Santorini by November. Shops and restaurants are starting to close. You can still visit the beach at this time but it might be too cold to go swimming. 


Maximum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

Expected Rainfall: 46 millimeters

Expect rain and cold weather on this month. The sun might occasionally peak from the sky but for the most part, it’ll be gray skies and lots of rain. Oia and Fira remains quiet alive and open but most other towns will be quiet. There are still many hotels and restaurants open on the island at this time. 

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Hotel Recommendations

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When should you start booking accommodations?

Tops hotels in Santorini gets booked really fast so book your accommodations as early as you can. Especially if you’re coming in on July-September and if you’re staying in one of these hotels:





How many days should I spend in Santorini?

There’s too many things to do in Santorini that a week won’t even be enough. You definitely don’t want to pass on Santorini beaches, its nightlife and scenic views. Santorini has so many restaurants that you won’t even have enough time to try them all. If you have more than one week of vacationing, allot at least 7 days just for Santorini before moving on to other Greek islands. But don’t just spend all of your time on the island. Greece has plenty of gorgeous islands that offer unique experiences. Try going to Crete, Naxos, or Ios next.