Best Time To Visit Crete

If your goal is to see the sites, know about the history, visit the wineries and taste the food, you can visit Crete starting from the end of March to the first week of November. But, you should be careful about the weather and take warm clothes.


Month-By-Month Weather in Crete

Weather In December (Crowded 20%)

You must prepare for Cloudy, cool and also a rainy season at this time of the year. Chania and Heraklion, the most popular destination will still be open even though most of the cities are closed and quiet. (Maximum temperature in average: 17°C. Rainfall on average: 89 mm)

Weather In November (Crowded 40%) 

The Winter starts, so the days are cooler. Though the first few weeks of November might still be warm and visiting beaches might be possible. Many tourist destinations are not open starting from the first week of November. So you might consider visiting the open ones if you are planning to visit in this time of the year. (Maximum temperature in average: – 21°C. Rainfall on average: 69 mm)

Weather In October (crowded 70%)

 October is found more likely to May but in opposing direction (weather wise). Huge difference can be seen between the early days of October and the late days of October. (Maximum temperature in average: – 24°C. Rainfall on average: 40 mm)

The Weather In September (Crowded 85%)

The climate starts to change from this time of the year so even if it is still Sunny and hot, things might start to get a little cooler from this time. Temperature of water might be a little cooler. The plus point is no wind. If you are looking for a less crowded time to visit the beaches then this is the best. As hotels are found to be busy, we recommend you to book your hotel rooms in advance. (Maximum temperature in average: – 27°C. Rainfall on average: 10 mm)  

The Weather In August (Crowded 100%)

Sunny and of course hot like in July. You might also see some occasional winds that are strong, leading to the cancellation of boats sometimes. Do the booking of the rooms a few months before your visit or even half a year before is suggested if you are planning to stay in a luxurious hotel. (Maximum temperature in average:  -29°C. Rainfall on average: 1 mm) 

The Weather In July (crowded 90%)

 Sunny and of course hot. Indeed one of the busiest of months in the island of Crete. It’s highly recommended to have your rooms booked a few months before you visit this place for local hotels and at least half a year before if you are planning to stay in the luxurious hotel. (Maximum temperature in average: – 29°C. Rainfall on average: 1 mm) 

The Weather In June (Crowded 80%)

 June indeed is a sunny hot month so appears as best season.  A large number of tourists do visit at this time of the year. (Maximum temperature in average: – 28°C. Rainfall on average: 1 mm)

The Weather In May (Crowded 70%)

 A lot more people are seen in the island around this time of the year, the difference is noticeable. Around the starting of the month the cold weather might still be present but till the end, it will be all warm and Sunny and sometimes hot. (Maximum temperature in average: – 24°C. Rainfall on average: 11 mm)  

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The Weather In April (Crowded 40%)

 A wonderful time of the year for sightseeing, hiking and visiting the wineries. If you are lucky enough then you might find open beaches at the month end. The town restaurants and hotels are open starting from the April end. (Maximum temperature in average: 20°C. Rainfall on average: – 21 mm)

The Weather In March (Crowded 30%)

 We can see changes in this month than the past months. Of course, the rent is less; the sun is out so it is warm in here. If you are someone who likes hiking and sightseeing then this might be the best time for you to visit. But, keep in mind to pack some warm clothes. (Maximum temperature in average: – 17°C. Rainfall on average: 52 mm)

The Weather In February (Crowded 20%)

 Unlike January the rain might be a bit less in amount. But all other things are almost the same as January. (Maximum temperature in average: – 15°C. Rainfall on average: 64 mm) 

The Weather In January (Crowded 20%)

 Damp, windy, and cold. Some tourist can be spotted in the tourist destinations. Many hotels and restaurants might be closed during this season but if you visit the busiest cities that attract tourists, then you will always find places all open. The towns whose main attraction is the beach are closed completely. (Maximum temperature in average:  -16°C. Rainfall on average: 64 mm)

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Best Months For Water Sports

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The end of May and earlier weeks of the October have perfect temperature in to swim. In the first week of September from the end of August, the water gets heated during the whole summer season. A lot of people are visiting on its beaches so if you want to be here then the first few weeks of May or the last week of October could be just what you are looking for. 

Best Months For Travel Deals

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 If you’re looking for inexpensive hotels then visit here on October, May, and April. But, there will be less to your visit than at the high time. 

 Excellent weather with cheaper hotel room then the end of May, the first half of June, the end of September or the first half of October might work for you. 

Best Weather Overall

visiting crete with family, crete travel advice, visiting crete travel and leisure

The season is for the shoulder (June, May, September and First weeks of October): Yes, warm and sunny. Everything around opens around September or June but some shops and hotels could be closed in the month of October and May. The climate couldn’t be suitable to swim in this time.

Best Months For Island Hopping

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Some perfect Islands like Ios, Paros, Santorini, and Naxos provide a short tour in the ferry. Traveling around these islands (hopping) may just be a perfect adventure. You can visit this place from the end of April to the first few weeks of November. But, be updated with the schedules of ferry. 

Peak Travel Season in Crete

peak season in crete

Everything is the most expensive at this time. It is indeed the most enjoyable time for swimming. The frequency of boats and planes is also high. The nightlife in the large towns is hyped around this time. 

Low Season in Crete

 End of April from the end of October. At this point of the Year, the skies are Grey, the weather is cold and it rains. But there are some towns like Heraklion, Rhythymno, and Chiana that never die completely as they have a huge population, even if the season is winter. Planes and boats are limited in number, at this time. But, you will definitely find one boat a day visiting Athens

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