Best Time To Visit Dubai

Glamorous, modern and a place to visit at least once in your life. Dubai is a miracle of architecture, a vertical city that has flourished in the desert and one of the best destinations to enjoy the sun all year round. Traditional souks and markets, the biggest shopping malls, theme parks… From the desert to the sea, and from shopping to skiing, Dubai offers you everything modern cities can only dream of.

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Mid-November and early December are considered to be perfectly fit to see and capture mesmerizing views of Dubai. The first half of March is also preferable as the weather appears lovely and peaceful. The period from December to February is the peak time of heavy crowd especially during January and near the beginning of February.

It is the time for a special and the most awaiting event called “the Dubai Shopping Festival”. The hot season of the climate never seems to be welcoming to the visitors especially July and August, when the scorching beam of the sun shows its effects on the atmosphere making it terrible for the people to spend even few hours outside.

Best Time to Visit Burj Khalifa

Do you ever wonder how would it feel if you see the fascinating sights from the top of the world? Dubai gives you the world’s largest platform to satisfy this desire. Burj Khalifa has proved to be the most captivating building in the world that allows you to engage your eyes by standing at the top. It allows you to capture breathtaking scenes of sunrise, sunset and even the gleaming lights of the night.

The summer season is said to be the best time to visit this place as it becomes less crowded these days. You can also book your tickets online in advance but make sure to come before your reserved slot. Since during the high season, waiting for lines on the entrance become longer and you have to rush for your turn. For instance, if you have planned to capture the sunset at 7 pm so, it is advisable to buy your ticket for the 5:30 to the 6 pm time slot. For a reason that you would not miss the beautiful chance to cherish the sunset.

Best Time to go Shopping in Dubai

Dubai greets shopaholics enthusiastically and offers exciting shopping festivals in certain months of the year with discounted prices-indeed the best opportunity! The Dubai Shopping Festival is organized in January where noteworthy discounts up to 75% on all products will make you give a shout-out, even though retailers at the Outlet malls already provide discounted items throughout the year. Mid of the July marks another interesting event named Dubai Summer Surprise where special promotions are being offered for the next 45 days. Happy shopping!

Best Time To Get Cheap Hotel Deals in Dubai

When the weather turns extremely hot and you prefer to stay indoors due to blazing heat, Dubai offers the least accommodation rates to draw visitors’ attention and win their hearts. Many hotels present brilliant deals in lesser rates and free meals at their restaurants. In contrast, the Best Dubai Hotels with luxurious facilities become expensive enough particularly between December and February when the peak factor rises and the booking gets occupied. So, hurry up to book your seat in the first place!

Best Time To Visit Beaches in Dubai

Beaches of Dubai are always ready to meet you on your every ‘hello’ all over the year. In the chilled atmosphere, people become indecisive to dive into the sea. Similarly, in July and August, when the seawater and sand reflect the effect of hot sun, people do not feel comfortable to plunge into the water. The most appropriate time to please you’re craving for swimming into the Arabian Sea is in April and May when the whole ambiance seems friendly and the temperature ranges around 25°C to 28°C. The aforementioned golden months are shown to be perfect to enjoy the beaches of Dubai.

Best Months to Travel to Dubai

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November to April: The time from late autumn through early spring is generally considered as High Season in which living rates and the crowd of people tend to be greater than usual. The surrounding atmosphere appears to be enjoyable and full of blue skies. The balmy effect of nature, slight rains and cool gentle evenings add more beauty to the charming ambiance of the city. The blend of sensational events during these months aids the travelers to enjoy the fullest.

May, September, and October: The temperature ranging from 23 to 36°C is believed to be nearly hot which is observed in May. May is spotted as the beginning of the summer season in Dubai. The weather is less hot than July and August when summer’s heat hit the highest point. The affordable time to take pleasure of swimming is as soon as the temperature of the water reaches 28°C.

The temperature begins to chill as autumn reaches. The accommodation rates are more or less similar to the rates of high season. It’s too hot and humid in September that is why it is suggested to visit the beaches in the late afternoon. When the temperature sets around 29°C, the month of October arises. People begin cherishing fun activities and dining. These months are regarded as Shoulder Season.

June to August: The summers in Dubai are categorized as Low Season. The month of June seems unlikable and sticky due to the hot and humid climate. People avoid carrying out their happenings in the open air. While July and August are generally hotter and unpleasant with elevated levels of temperature more than 40 degrees Celsius. The moistness in the air gets highly increased. Typically, such high temperatures become unbearable for the people and lead them to look for a colder environment to satisfy their living.

It is highly observed during the holy month of Ramadan (consists of probably 30 days for summer) that the cafes and restaurants are closed during the daytime. Also, eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited in public places even if you are not fasting. All the activities are held back in these days as it is not a suitable period for festivities. A religious and traditional wave roams around this month but hotels do offer discounted packages and dine in to facilitate the visitors. As a consequence, high and shoulder seasons are quite supportive and delightful for the sightseers of Dubai.

Dubai Weather Month-By-Month

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The month of January is supposed to be a warm summertime for many people with temperatures ranging from 19°C to 20°C, and sometimes at the great height up to 23°C in the hours of daylight. But, it is taken as the coldest month in Dubai. Whereas, the people of Russia and the United Kingdom, coming back from the equally heat climate consider it as chilly weather to have a dive into the sea. Moreover, it is good to bring your swimsuit as most buildings have warm pools.

The people of middle-east carry themselves in a covered manner having packed shoulders and knees. Similarly, the summer dressing is favorable for them as they seem to be modest. In general, it is less likely to cherish the rainy weather in January but you can dress in slight warm clothing particularly for chilly days. On average, just 10mm rain falls over six days. The rainy season in Dubai will not cost you more instead you can just put your sunglasses on rather than an umbrella. It is finer to keep your skin protected with the help of sunblock as the sun throws its blazing shine for almost eight hours a day. (Average maximum temperature is noted as 23°C and average Precipitation is observed as 10mm).


The temperature is noticed to be gradually increasing in this month for a level equal to 24°C that can be elevated up to 30 degrees Celsius and even higher has also come into consideration. While the rainfall heightens for about 40mm over four days, it is doubtful to place a restriction to your plans and hold them for later. The seawater may or may not be suitable for you, well, it greatly depends on your choice what you are used to having a preference. The salt water seems a bit warmer for a swim. However, do not forget to keep your swimsuit in case you get the chance in seawater but you can certainly have fun in your hotel’s swimming pool. (Average maximum temperature is noted as 23°C and 40mm is recorded as average precipitation).


The climb in temperature is detected in March at about 27°C. It also marks the beginning of the spring season. The rain probability becomes reduced to simply 10mm falling over six days. At the period, you can relish ideal weather for swimming at the beach with a comfortable temperature reaching up to 22°C. You can pass your entire time in comfy clothing specifically shorts and t-shirt unless you are planning to dine in a lavish building.

Major precautions you require to take to shield yourself from sunburn and tanned appearance include sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cocked hat. The heat of the sunshine increases for about 9 hours a day. These days become longer as the sundown an hour later as compared to January, immersing below the horizon a bit after 6:30 pm. (Average max temperature is noted as 24°C and average precipitation is 10mm).


If you think that you have not experienced a touch of hot summer in Dubai yet, then head towards this fine-looking place in April, when the temperature hits the peak point of 32°C and has also been recorded as high as 40°C as well. This month hardly faces a median of 10mm of rain over two days indicating that precipitation is less likely to occur. Sunbathing can prove to be alarming in this specific period and you are advised to be very careful in exposing yourself in the burning heat of the sun that seems to be the hottest these days.

A broad-brimmed hat with sunglasses may offer you an elegant look in this sunny weather. It is chiefly recommended to spread high SPF sunscreen on your skin if you wish to cause no harm to yourself with ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Amazingly; designer glasses are always appealing to the people with the fact that they are inexpensive in Dubai so you can easily pick those up in cheaper rates. Cool! Isn’t it? Moreover, sea temperatures at their best at 25°C tend to be affably inviting you to plunge into the deep sea. (Average Max Temperature is recorded as 32°C. Average Precipitation is noted as 10mm).


Beginning with the peak temperature of 32°C and infrequently go beyond 42°C designate your presence in Dubai in the month of May. Even evening gives the impression to stay warm by ranging low from 24°C to 27°C. The possibility of rainfall in this month is almost negligible and clear skies with no clouds hit the city. The intense heat of the sun remains on the climate for continuous 11 hours and stays up till 7 pm by the end of the month.

The clothing is normally loose and thin preferably cotton or linen fabric but seems to be respecting the native culture and religious values of Muslims. If you still desire to swim into the sea in extreme heat so, you should better keep yourself hydrated and take care of all precautionary measures of sunburn. (Average peak temperature is 37°C. Average Precipitation is observed as less than 10mm).


Contributing to the hot months of the year, June hits the temperature scale with the rise from 33°C to 38°C and even at the highest of 43°C afternoon. Precipitation is incredibly rare in June just like the last month and the temperature of the sea becomes hotter at an average of 31°C. Look forward to paying most of your time inside and enjoy the calm and freezing environment of hotels and shopping centers, you must wear a lightweight jacket to avoid a chill. Carry on loose and long cotton and linens if you feel to spend some time outdoors.

As the sun shines intensely for twelve hours each day, you would still need to use protective cream to avoid tanning. If you propose to pay time at the pool, you would be required to wear slippers or beach sandals as flip-flops to protect your feet from burning on the hot floor. (Average upper limit is recorded as 38°C. Less than 10mm is the average precipitation


The average temperature of about 40°C is observed in July, for that reason, it is regarded as one of the two hottest months in Dubai. Once again, there is an insignificant possibility of rainfall with only 1% chance of precipitation this month. The sea displays the temperature around 32°C that is actually hot. The evening after sunset hovers around 29°C indicating the warm atmosphere overnight.

When you plan your trip in the month of July, pack your bags according to June weather that includes loose and light wear if you stay outside. You must wear sweaters to tolerate the cold and ice-freezing temperature indoors to survive the burning heat out of the room. Additionally, the use of sunglasses, sunscreen, showering suit and beach-sandals are measured essential to beat the heat when you visit the pool area. (Average maximum temperature is noted as 40°C. Average Precipitations: below 10mm).


This month is examined as hotter than the previous month, with a median of 41°C. The low temperature hits 30°C even during the night. Whereas paying your time outside seems intolerable, happily several restaurants offer reasonable and pocket-friendly deals and also free meals to make your tour interesting.

Dive into the sea is not a first-rate option as the sea temperature lingers around 33°C, indicates that water must be hot during daytime. However, you can jump into the beach and pool in the middle of the night. Visiting Dubai in August does not seem a nice idea as a consequence of a hot climate but, this wonderful city never fails to entertain its visitors by providing lavish facilities indoors. (Average max temperature is observed at 41°C. Average precipitations are noted less than 10mm).


The atmosphere finally starts shifting towards cold; nevertheless it would still be hot like the preceding last two months. The average temperature reduces on three degrees to 38°C and becomes comfortable at lows of about 27°C on average. It is still having a low probability of rainfall like about 1% of the time. The days become shorter as September steps forward, with sunset after 6 pm by the end of the month. Early days of this month would remain hot and humid. It is advisable to be prepared for the heat but they become slight cold and peaceful in the late-mid of September as people come out of hibernation and roam outside. (Average Max Temperature: 38°C. Average precipitations: below 10mm).


Even though October stays hot, you can relish external dining and take the pleasure of an outdoor environment. The average maximum temperature arrives at 35°C with the ocean temperature slightly cooling up to 30°C, allow you to swim and dive into the ocean. The summer clothing is preferred here with full sun protection. In October, the sun shines for 10 hours every day and no precipitation is noticed. (Maximum average temperature is 35°C. Average precipitations: less than 10mm).


A much-needed relief from the warmth of atmosphere exists in the month of November when the climate change becomes favorable, with temperatures hitting the average around 25°C and the height decreases to 31°C that is indeed a massive fall. The rain is still found to be rarely happening like about 10mm of precipitation falls over one day in this month.

The living rates grow to be greater than before. People choose to stay longer outside especially in the pleasant afternoons as compared to hot sunny days. About attire, the summer-wears are also recommended here but you should be having some packed clothing to put up due to the cold inside. (Normal Maximum Temperature: 31°C. Average precipitations: 10mm).


The twelfth month comes up with beautiful weather with decreasing temperatures to 21°C and peak temperatures to 26°C at ease. The rainfall elevates to 20mm more than four days, it is still lesser, with most decline at the top of the December. As low centigrade begin to strike the climate, you would like to don full-sleeved shirts and covered clothing for chilly evenings. The beaches capture the visitors’ attention due to pleasant weather but, cold seawater limits the people to dip into the sea as the temperature hovers around 23°C. The long periods of daylight in December won’t let you take off your sunglasses, although it is currently middle of winters. (Average Temperature Limit: 26°C. Average Precipitations are recorded as 20mm).

Most Popular Events in Dubai

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New Year’s Eve: 1st January is celebrated as a legal festival in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates). Museums, government institutions, and other authorized organizations will be shut, while most retail and restaurants carry out their activities during this eve. Several eateries provide exceptional New Year’s Day feast, with the fact that the city appears to be quiet and peaceful, it is the best time to spend your day or evening on the shoreline.

Majestic Shopping Festival: It is considered as the most awaited festival that is held throughout January and generally at the start of February. It is the leading amusement carnival in the great grand city. Dubai Shopping Festival is regarded as shoppers’ paradise as people are offered products with incredible discounts. Moreover, it is known around the globe for its deals, celebrity performances, fashion show, and other exciting activities. Thousands of outlets in Dubai, take part in this huge festival with spectacular bargains on every item including jewelry, electric appliances, handicrafts – and it is all nontaxable.

Dubai Foot Race: Contestants join this event from all over the globe that happens in the middle or in delayed January. It takes account of the full marathon, 1Km, and a 3Km “fun run”. It is additionally known as a super-level course that produces exceptionally quick times.


Omega Golf Contest: It is a specialized golf competition played in the middle part of February has been on the European Tour Schedule since 1989. Played on this amazing Emirates Golf Club course, it attracts some of the well-known personalities of sports, including Tiger Woods and Stephen Gallacher.

The Feast of Saint Valentine: 14 February is celebrated in Dubai and numerous other parts of the world as the day of lovers. Bistros offer feasting choices particularly for two persons to celebrate their love for each other. Several sentimental bustles are being organized like special drinks, tourists balloon rides and prom night.

Free Tennis Title Fights: This Duty-Free Championship is held at Dubai Tennis Stadium over around fourteen days in overdue February. It opts high professional from around the world, like Rafael Nadal, Lindsay Davenport, and Maria Sharapova, who have all shown their skills here previously.

Dubai Ballet Festival: This gala took place at Dubai Media City in near the end of February covers up all sorts of Jazz, including funk, shake, modern, melancholy, trendy and fashionable.


Worldwide Boat Show: This boat show took place more than five days at the beginning of March brings quite 430 of the best ferryboats and relaxation yachts from around the planet. Live events, family amusements, and several exercises are being offered, comprising angling and cruising trips, stream ski stunts, match race sailing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Art Gallery Display: The four days in the mid of March are reserved for this grand art festival, features gallery from all over the world, verse and craftsmanship occasions.

World Cup Battle: It refers to as the world’s most extravagant race; this fascinating event created of eleven spirited races is controlled at the Meydan Racecourse on a Saturday in belatedly March, denoting the finale of the Dubai International Sports Carnival.

Camel-Race Festival: This is famous camel fair that takes place during the latter part of March invites numerous exceedingly prepared camels from crosswise the Middle East to contend to win their homeowners money prizes and high-dollar things.


Coastline Polo Cup: This is an event consists of two days towards the beginning of April in which proficient polo players from all over the world contend with each other in Dubai’s ideal shoreline spots.

Global Film Festival for Youngsters: This event held over 7 days in late April and near the beginning of May is programmed to motivate youthful talent in cinematography. It encourages neighborhood, territorial and intercontinental families to support their children’s inspirational and significant ideas to plot in a big picture. A portion of the popular and award-holder filmmakers screen their movies at the celebration.

The Most Experiential Tech Festival: The biggest school and intuitive get-togethers were planned over the earliest week in April in Dubai and influences over 6000 attendees. It provides diverse opportunities to financial specialists, new companies, media experts, performers and designers to connect at one place.

The Splendid Film and Comic Gala: The largest pop culture festival held at the skyscraper of Dubai-The World Trade Centre, gathers specialists, music, superstars, and exhibitors from around the world. It is the main huge-scale open occasion for admirers of the film, gaming, and funnies accessible in the Middle East.


Al-Ghaffal Customary 60ft Dhow Race: This yearly race that commences towards the beginning of May begins at the little unoccupied landmass of Sur Bu Na’air, 50 marine geographical miles west of the United Arab Emirates coast, wherever the precious armadas used to stop on their long passage to residence after months to meet up with their families and dearest friends. It ends on several renowned spots of Dubai. Roughly 100 conventional old version boats get involved in the race and typically draw 3000 contestants cruising the waters of the Bay. The most appropriate way to experience it is to take one of the Dubai RTA ship rides that go after racers at various spots around the harbor.

Miraculous Holy Event: It is marked among the sacred days in the Islamic schedule in a religious point of view. Isra and Mi’ra indicate the time when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) traveled from Mecca to the ground of the rock in the temple in the divine city of Jews in just one night. It is observed in the seventh month of the Islamic datebook, the specifically 27th day of Rajab. Some retails will close early the prior night, and many will be shut on the holiday. Prayers are being offered in this special glowing night.

Dubai Tango Festival: The tango lovers must hold their breaths as Dubai arranges 4-days Tango Festival in mid of the May. The merge of live music, performances, Tango workshops and the most interesting; an affair supper seems to be perfect for this event.


The month of Fasting: It is the ninth month in Islamic Calendar and considered as the divine period among all Muslim months. “The Holy Quran” was exposed in this holy month. It falls whenever among April and August relying upon the year and lunar estimation. For instance, in 2016, Ramadan was observed in the midst of June’s first week. It has an enormous impact on the daily life of Dubai, as this is the time when visitors feel the wave of religious values. Muslims are obliged to keep their fast between sunrise and the sunset, even tourists are expected to respect and they can eat and savor the security of your lodging. Alcohol is not served during the day time when Muslims observe fast, but it may be presented secretly in certain spots after dim. Eating, drinking, dancing, and smoking in open are all valid offenses to nearby Muslims. Live music is carefully prohibited throughout the month of Ramadan.

Night Bazaar: The night market is the huge shopping festivity during the month of Ramadan. It is held over ten days in delayed June and at the start of July. An extensive scope of brands and items are brought into the display from over the border, and few best deals are also available from more than 300 outlets. In general, it is believed to be an open market with a jovial ambiance, more like customary street markets.


Hot Season Surprises: Dubai Shopping Surprise (DSS) is one of Dubai’s summer calendar’s particular occasions, in a row for 45 days beginning in the mid of July. It always captivates the visitors with its lesser inn rates and discounted offers, drawing their attention to spend more time during the pinnacle of summer’s scorching heat. It is systematized as a complete package of fun and entertainment as children are ready for vacation, so families prefer to enjoy outdoors with kids. Electrifying entertainment is planned for the visitors that include, stage shows, global animation characters, funfair and much more and the majority of the shopping centers all through Dubai.

Muslim Festival: By the month’s end of Ramadan every year, an interesting festival waits for the Muslim community who fast all over the month. This occasion finishes the first line to sunset fasting with numerous other events all through Dubai. The celebration comprises of the dazzling show of fireworks to boost up the beauty of this auspicious event called Eid al Fitr.


South Indian Global Film Awards: The biggest names in south Indian entertainment are featured in the annual award show held more than two evenings at the start of August.


Amusement Expo: This fiesta is as fascinating as its name especially for the young ones who are fond of gaming. Eight-days of early September are reserved for this GAMES Expo. It provides you a platform to buy and observe probably the greatest games as well as the gaming merchandise.

Music Week: This music fest, based on five-days, is controlled at the Dubai International Convention Centre in the middle of September. It is regarded as the Middle East head universal music pageant. Concerts feature a variety of artists like urban, pop, rock and Latin, also the show incorporates VIP visitor speakers to make this event noticeable.

Universal Dance Festival: This exceptional dance festival marks the calendars more than eight-days in mid-September. It grabs the attention of understood dance organizations, youth ensembles, old-styled dance scholastics and music bands from all over the globe.


Islamic New Year: The start of the new Islamic time is considered as a national holiday in Dubai. There may be variation in estimating the exact date as it relies upon the moon sighing to a great extent. The working staff enjoys a three day weekend, however, no such other festivities would come into notice like other events, although you will expectedly hear people greeting others a “Cheerful New Islamic Year”.

Dubai Design Week: Let’s pour out your mind on a canvas and see what happens! The event of six-days in delayed October celebrates innovation and creativity locally and globally. It is particularly based on designs through more than 60 separate exercises and ventures. Studios, designers, iconic brands, architects, etc all contribute to this interesting event.

Racing of Camels: The beginning of October is planned for camel hustling season, with the scheduled timing between 7 am and 9 am on the 5th and 6th day of the week right through the season. Even people from far destinations, include Qatar and Saudi unite neighborhood proprietors with stables of camels and compete for prize cash.

Halloween: Well, the night of 31st October is not a high-rated event in the Middle East for what it’s worth in North America and numerous European nations. It is celebrated as the eve of All Saints’ Day. Many eateries over the city host parties with costumes. Halloween outfits, enhancements, and treats can be sighted on shops with no trouble.


Motor Festival: The Dubai Motor Festival is held for ten days towards the beginning of November, is a wide celebration of vehicles, featuring the Parade, the yearly Dubai worldwide Motor Show, Motor Town, and Dubai Global Rally.

Dubai World Tour Contest: The Race to Dubai is a component of the PGA European Visit and incorporates just about 50 tournaments, and terminates with the Dubai World Finals in delayed November.


Countrywide Festival: The Emirates’ freedom from Great Britain has celebrated annually on December 2. A considerable lot of city’s iconic monuments are made open and unique events held all over the sunlight hours.

Universal Film Festival: A great many on-screen actors, chiefs, makers, authors, and all others are appreciated to contribute in probably the best movies at one of the top international film festivals in the world.

Seven-a-Side Rugby: The Sevens Stadium sets for every three days near the beginning of December for annual rugby show, including diversity of entertainment and fun for the entire family.

December 25th: Though Christmas is not a vacation celebrated within the 7 emirates, it will still provide events. The best celebration is held in the Dubai Wintry Weather Festival, a three-day fiesta comprises of Santa Claus, an enormous evergreen tree and a magnificent lighting ceremony. Over the Christmas holidays, shopping malls’ Christmas advertise mark their occurrence by selling gifts. A Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mass are also observed during Christmas festival.

New Year’s Eve: December 31 is booked all through the city for Fresh Year Event’s parties, termed as one of the greatest merriments on the planet. Brilliant dance shows and firework over the Gulf’s horizon can likewise be delightful aboard the usual Dhow Cruise which glides the waters of Dubai yachting marina.