Best Time To Visit Los Cabos

Tourists from all over the world visit Los Cabos to relax and have a good time. The destination is one of the top tourist attractions in the world. If you plan to join the party, fly from May to June. No rain falls during this time. The weather is also pleasant. Another great time to fly in is October. The weather during this month is also friendly. The rain has ended, and no special holidays have begun.


Los Cabos Weather Overview

As stated earlier, visit from June up to the end of the 2nd week in July. If you can’t make it, visit from October up to the 2nd week of December.

If you visit on these two dates, you will experience pleasant weather. One can also see the sun. Warm water is another feature on the offing.

Cabos is a generally dry area. Residents say it’s warm throughout the year. The place gets rain in the last few weeks of summer. Another period is during the first weeks of fall.

If you fancy a rain-free month, then fly in April or May. These months experience insignificant or no rain. Avoid the months of July up to October. Thermometers record temperatures of up to 30˚C in these months.

Another period to avoid is from December to February. People freeze during the said months. However, sometimes thermometers record a temperature of 23˚C.

The time from the end of July to the 1st week of November sells due to warm water. Water temperature sometimes reaches 25˚C. Note that the water is cold from February to April.

Best Time To Travel With The Family

If you plan to visit with your family, then come in May. The aside window stretches to July. The weather during the said date is enjoyable. It’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Family tailored activities go uninterrupted throughout the year. However, I advise against these months: August and its companion September. Heavy downpours occur in these months. Temperatures also reach dangerous levels in these months. For safety reasons, some sites close down.

Ignore March and April. Spring break occurs in these months. Numerous individuals visit during this time, so expect crowds. You’re likely to experience Noise pollution late at night. Both nightclubs and bars operate until morning thus contributing to noise pollution.

Best Time To Avoid The Crowds

Many people travel when the weather is pleasing. Features such as heavy rains turn away lots of people — August and September experience torrential downpour. Many folks thus avoid these months.

In short, if you visit in August and September, you won’t be disturbed by any crowds. In these two months, hurricanes rarely occur. The sun also rises on some days. So don’t count out this month.

Tourists experience better rates during this period. You can happily tour adventurous places due to low numbers. Less noise pollution as nightclubs and bars operate until maybe 10 p.m.

You can also try visiting in May and June. Spring break has just ended, and rainfall does not exist. Avoid the peak season at all costs. It occurs in March and April.

Best Time To Get Travel Deals

Deals refer to lower or friendly prices on transport or accommodation. Budget travelers can rest easy. Read this carefully. Fly to Cabo from May to September. You’ll get the best travel deals during this period.

Tick the months of August, May, and September on your travel calendar as they have the best travel rates. I repeat, if you’re a budget traveler, jot down these months.

Many might fail to recognize this, but the weather is a great deal. The whole of May, up to the 2nd week of July, sells because of this. The temperature in these months is just right.

Discounts come easy in August and September. Luxury hotels cut their accommodation prices at this time. You get excellent services at a low price. However, this comes at a higher cost. Downpours occur during these months. A hurricane can also happen.

Best Time To Go Snorkeling

Other sports in Los Cabos include diving and snorkeling. Warm water is ideal for these sports. I advise on traveling to Cabos from the 1st week of October to the 1st week of November. It is during this time that water is ideal.

Another considerable period to make a move is from July to November. You can also see clearly through the water in November. In September, the waves in the ocean reduce.

Signs of the winter period should appear in November. During this time, tourists get a glimpse of ferocious sea creatures. Whales and sharks come in considerable numbers to the shore.

The good news is that you can snorkel and dive in all the 12 months. That’s if cold weather conditions don’t bother you.

Other sea creatures you can spot in Cabos include octopuses, guitarfish, and sea turtles.

Best Time To See Sharks & Whales

Seeing whales and sharks is a thing. The creature’s biology is a sight to behold. If you don’t agree, visit from January to March and see the magic.

There’s even a whale shark season. It starts from October to March. However, the operators that run the show have their stations in La Paz. Tourists have no choice but to drive from Los Cabos. Don’t worry. It’s just a 2-hour drive.

On the plus side, you get to Snorkel and Dive while on these trips. These enable you to get closer to the big fish. Warning, don’t come with scuba tanks.

Another season to look out for is the Humpback whale. It starts in the 2nd week of November to April. Adult whales give birth from the last week of December. They do this until the end of January.

Another whale season to check out is the Gray whale. The season starts in the 1st week of January. It goes on till the end of March.

It would be wise to book sea travel early in the morning. Here, you get to enjoy fewer waves. You won’t get seasick. Tour the seas in the afternoon. Whales get active at this time.

Best Time To Go Surfing

If you want to feel alive, then go surfing. Most young adults enjoy this sport. In Los Cabos, surfing activities take place from June to August. It’s during this time that unswerving wave’s aid in the game. All beaches have access to these waves.

These waves also visit the beaches found in the Sea of Cortez in April and October. Beaches located on the Pacific receive these waves in December. However, prepare as the water is icy.

Best Time For Outdoor Adventures

If you like to go outside, interact with others, and see new things, then fly to Cabos in December. You can access outdoor activities to May. Temperatures during this period can escalate up to 25˚C.

A rare occurrence in these months is rain. A place called the Sierra de la Laguna fills up during these months. Here, people camp, hike, and cycle. These events must happen on a Thursday. Winners get both zip lines and ATV’s.

Best Time For Sport Fishing

In this category, all who love the sport can rest easy. I say this because Sport fishing occurs throughout the year. The probability of one to catch a fish is close to one. However, certain fish occur during specific times in the year.

If you love Marlin, then tick January on your calendar. Yellowtail bites also occur from January to June. The sweet tuna hovers in the water from June to January. Another fish is Snapper; it’s available from May to September.

Fishing competitions get people going in these months. Winners get to go home with a load of cash. These competitions peak from October up to the 1st week of November. More events happen during the Summer Season.

Travel seasons in Los Cabos

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Low Season

Low season is concurrent with the summer season. It starts in July and ends in September. The noise reduces during this period. You enjoy without any crowds on your tail. You can also enjoy friendly accommodation deals.

Surprisingly, very hot, icy, and muggier days of the year exist found in this period. Temperatures escalate to 30˚C at times. Rarely do hurricanes occur during this period? However, there’s a higher probability of it happening in this season than in any other season.

There also exists a 0.2 chance of it raining. More so in August.

Shoulder Season

The shoulder season has two periods. The 1st period starts in May and ends in June. The 2nd season begins in October and ends in November. Tourists experience cheaper accommodation rates and pleasant weather. Few visitors arrive at this time, so no stretch in services.

Various discounts exist between May and June. That’s just after the peak period in Cabos. Sometimes temperatures reach dangerous levels. That’s higher than 25˚C. Note that May is dry than all other months in Cabos.

Don’t count October and November out. They both have lovely weather. Water tournaments happen in these months. The 2nd period has more functions than the 1st.

Quick tip, book earlier, and reserve your spot.

High Season

In this season tourists flock to Los Cabos. The season is concurrent with both the spring and winter periods. In simpler terms, many folks travel Cabos at these times.

The winter period starts in December and runs to February. You should experience a little bit of sun. Sometimes temperatures reach 23˚C.

Humpbacks begin to calve this season. All the sharks in the sea migrate. If you plan to visit Los Cabos with your family, then make a move in this period.

Students that reside in the U.S. and Canada visit in March. They spend their spring break in Cabos. You must dig deeper into your pockets as prices skyrocket.

Los Cabos’s weather by Month

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It’s relieving to know that Cabos has warm temperatures throughout the year. Los Cabos divides into two areas, that is, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Note that Cabo San Lucas has higher temperatures compared to San Jose del Cabo.

August takes the award for the hottest month in Cabos. The coldest month in Cabos award goes to January. The 1st few weeks of February also rank as cool.

The months of August and September have the most rain. April leads in the dry months. Warm water is another feature to look out for in Cabos. Ideal water temperatures exist from the last week of July to the first week of November. Try flying to Cabos in September and experience the wonders of warm water.


January opens the year in every country. Los Cabos is no exception. It ranks with some of the coldest months of the year. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a happy month.

It has average highs of almost 25˚C. In the night it records average lows of up to 19˚C. Minimal or no rain occurs during this month. Few clouds that occur this month translate into insignificant rain.

However, you should always prepare for anything. Carry some heavy clothing for those icy evenings. The water temperatures reduce in this month; this attracts Gray Whales.

The precipitation rates in this month stand at 12 mm. The temperature in the ocean stands at 23˚C.


I know you know, but this is the 2nd month. It is an equally cold month on matters of weather. Just like January, minimal or insignificant rain falls. However, the rain this month is lower than that of January. The aside fact translates to reduced clouds.

Again, come with some heavy clothing, just in case of frosty nights. The temperatures in the ocean take a slight deep in this month. The plus is that Humpback whales thrive.

The mean high stands at 25˚C while the mean low stands at 19˚C. Ocean temperature stands at 22˚C. 10 mm represents precipitation levels.


The dryness starts to appear in March. Temperatures can get as high as 26˚C. That is in the afternoon. Rain doesn’t fall. It happens only once. Clouds disappear; the sky looks clear. Outdoor temperatures reach hazardous levels.

However, the temperatures in oceans reduce; it rarely exceeds 21˚C. Only wild people can swim during this month. March ranks as the coldest month in Cabos.

The mean high temp stands at 26˚C while the mean low stands at 19˚C. The precipitation levels reach 1 mm.


The temperatures experienced in the day increase. Those at night also follow this trend. People enjoy their afternoons as the max temp recorded is 27˚C.

In the night, temperatures rarely exceed 20˚C. April experiences no rain. Compared to the months mentioned earlier, it has minimal cloud cover.

It’s a very dry month. Ocean temperatures stay chilly. Note that, it’s in this month that we celebrate the final period of Humpback season.

April has a mean high of 27˚C and a mean low of 20˚C. Ocean temperatures stand at 21˚C while precipitation rates reach an all-time low of 0 mm.


It’s without a doubt, the thirstiest month. The probability of it not raining is one. No clouds float this month. If there’s any, it’s insignificant.

Sales of sunscreens skyrocket in this month. Humidity reaches insane levels. No need to be alarmed, one can still have fun on the 1st two weeks of the month.

It’s warm during the daytime. The evenings seem enjoyable. You don’t need to put on a jacket.

There’s good news, ocean or sea temperatures increase. Tourists get to surf during this period.

The mean high temp stands at 29˚C while the mean low temperature stands at 21˚C. Sea temp stands at 23˚C while precipitation rates stand at 0 mm.


The trend of temperature rising continues this month. It is a delightful month. Summer is just around the corner. Clear skies exist this month. Sometimes you can’t spot any clouds.

However, the wind is humid. Let me repeat once more, buy sunscreen. No clouds translate to no rain.

The trend of rising sea temp continues this month. Most surfers love this month.

The mean high temp sits at 30˚C while the mean low is at 23˚C. The ocean temp stands at 24˚C.

Precipitation rates stand at 3 mm.


July marks the beginning of summer. The sun’s rays hurt us; the temperature reaches above 30˚C. Each day is humid. Rainfall still doesn’t fall. However, cloud formation is visible.

The probability of big storms occurring is close to zero. However, the hurricane period starts now.

Surfing peaks this month. The mean high temp stands at 34˚C while the mean low stands at 26˚C. Sea temperatures also average 26˚C. Precipitation levels stand at 15 mm.


The rainy season picks up in August. Most of the days have clouds. Mathematically, 75% of the total days can be called cloudy. Precipitation rates stand at 44 mm.

However, the place is still dry. Averagely, it pours for like four days. Humidity levels stand in insane positions. Thermometers record the uppermost temperatures this month.

People don’t rest easy this month. The temperature is intolerable. Storms rarely occur; however, hurricanes can still happen.

Seawater is warm; hence, surfers get to have a good time. However, many businesses close this month.

The mean high temperature stands at 35˚C while the mean low stands at 27˚C. Sea temperature stands at 28˚C.

The levels of precipitation stand at 48 mm.


Heavy downpours occur during this month. A lot of precipitation falls on the 1st 21 days of the month. Just like August, it rains on only four days this month. However, the amount of rain received is 100% more than that of August.

Both Humidity and temperature levels skyrocket; hence, people have a sore time outdoors. Sea temperatures also reach an all-time high.

The chance of a hurricane occurring is almost nil. The mean high temp stands at 32˚C while the mean low temp stands at 27˚C. Sea temperature stands at 29˚C, while precipitation levels stand at 92 mm.


The outdoor temperatures in October stand at 31˚C. Humidity levels also reach insane levels. The probability of it raining approaches zero as the month continues. Rain occurs once or twice; this is in the 1st week.

More clouds appear in the 1st week. The month also has ideal sea temperatures. Tourists and residents get to snorkel this month. The visibility of the water aids them in this activity.

Whale sharks begin to appear during this month.


Temperatures reduce in this month. Humidity levels also dip. Both residents and tourists can now get comfortable.

Rainfall disappears. It may rain only once in the whole 30 days.

Just like October, we have favorable sea temperatures. The visibility of the water also aids in snorkeling. Residents enjoy themselves. Tourists pay top dollar to snorkel.

Humpback whales start appearing this month. Tourists get to see this.


In this month, people get to relax. Both outdoor and indoor temperatures favor relaxation. The levels of humidity also reduce. The weather is also comfortable, be it night or day.

According to statistics, December is the busiest time for tourism. Rain only happens like once in the 31 days. However, lots of clouds appear on most days.

Sea temperatures reduce. Swimmers, don’t worry, you can take your occasional swim in the ocean.

Many baby Humpbacks arrive from their mother’s wombs in the last week of the month. Surfers, get ready, now’s your time.

The mean low sits at 24˚C while the mean high temp stands at 29˚C. Sea temperatures reach 27˚C. The mean precipitation rate of the month stands at 11 mm.

Events and Festivals in Los Cabos

Festivals in Los Cabos, Events in Los Cabos

January’s Events & Festivals

La Ventana Classic

The event takes place for five consecutive days. Participants get to race and surf competitively. Workshops exist. Here participants learn from the best.

The profits generated benefits children in schools.

Feast day of San Antonio de Abad

The above feast happens for the animals. When the day of the feast arrives, the animals get to enter into the church. They receive blessings in abundance.

Over thousands of individuals take part in this month. Many decorate their pets using ribbons before bringing them to church. The priest then places his hands on them and blesses them.

Animals to find in this feast include chickens, dogs, horses, and cats.

February’s Events & Festivals

San Jose Jazz Weekend

Music heals the soul. Residents of Cabos understand this very well. That is why the above event occurs.

It happens for two evenings. Jazz fanatics get to look at live jazz performances. Both local and international artists featured in this event.

The event happens at Plaza del Pescador. You don’t need to pay anything to attend this event.


The event takes place for six consecutive days. That is before the start of fasting. Families have a great time at this event. The game features dances, floats, and cultural showdowns.

Many people go to downtown Cabo to celebrate the event. La Paz attracts thousands in this day.

Todos Santos Open Studios Tour

The event is famous for its art and boho panache. It takes place for two consecutive days. Artists showcase their talents to locals and tourists.

Budget spenders can enjoy this as it’s free to attend. The profits go towards running student art curriculums.

March’s Events & Festivals

Festival of San Jose

The event is done to honor San Jose. The event takes place for 11 consecutive days. In the opening days, people party and listen to music. As days pass, parades, rodeos, and carnivals take shape.

You get to taste some impressive Cabo dishes. So expect a lovely time.

Gala de Danza

The event takes place every year. Talented musicians, brilliant dancers, and choreographers come together during this event.

They collaborate to give viewers classic ballroom flairs. Advise, purchase your tickets before they sell out.

Festival de Cine de Todos Santos

The festival began in 2004. Talented producers get tasked to screen for the best dramas, short films, and documentaries. More attention is on local content.

It takes place in Teatro Marquez de Leon.

April‘s Events & Festivals

Dia de Los Ninos

It happens on the 30th of April. Residents get to know the importance of a child.

Kids also share in the fun as they get to stay at home. Their parents take them to fun events. They also get gifts.

The town is busy during this day as various shows happen.

Paws n Claws Open Golf tournament

As the name suggests, participants compete in a golf contest. When the games end, participants share a barbecue at a local restaurant.

May’s Events & Festivals

GastroVino Food and Wine Festival

The event takes place for three consecutive days. It happens in Todos. Luxurious events in the city handle this event.

Wine fanatics get to taste various brands. Pros also pair some old wines for residents and tourists to taste.

The best brands survive; only the highest bidders can take them home. The proceeds help the needy.

Cinco de Mayo

Note that this’s not the day that Mexico got its independence. However, it’s the day they beat France in the famous battle.

The holiday happens only in Puebla. However, hotels and clubs in Los Cabos do events to attract American tourists.

June’s Events & Festivals

Fiesta de la Musica

The event occurs on the 21st of June in more than 100 countries. The event occurs in many locations.

They allow any music or style.

Los Cabos Open of Surf

As the name suggests, individuals get to surf competitively. Both genders get included in the tournament. The event attracts thousands of fans worldwide.

Concerts occur late in the night. Budget travelers, don’t worry, entry is free. Famous bands take part in these concerts. Numerous dishes hit the scene.

The Stars and Stripes Tournament

The event takes place every year. Participants get to fish and play golf. Music is another highlight of this event.

The profits sponsor vital issues in California and Mexico.

July’s Events & Festivals

Festival of St. James

How did Catholicism reach Mexico? It’s believed that St. James brought it. He traveled from Spain.

Residents set aside one day in July to celebrate him. Pictures of him riding a horse exist.

The day starts with a procession. People also recreate encounters that happened ages ago.

Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen

Most people in Los Cabos belong to Christianity. They believe that the mother of Jesus is their protector. They dedicate one day in July to their protector.

Earlier in the day, artists present residents with their cultural artifacts. In the evening, all the people come together.

Fishing and bullfighting tournaments make the day lively.

August’s Events & Festivals

Los Cabos Open

It’s a tennis competition in Mexico. It goes on for six consecutive days.

Winners take home a cash prize of $800,000.

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament

As the name suggests, it’s a tournament involving water. It takes place for five consecutive days. Participants compete in fishing.

Expect to catch the following fish: Dorado, Marlin, and Tuna.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

It’s a religious festival. Christians in Cabos remember how the mother of Jesus arose to heaven. They flock to San Lucas and San Jose.

The places of worship look stunning, with numerous flowers. Music is also typical in this day. A lot of dishes move around town in trucks.

September’s Events & Festivals

Mexican Independence Day

The event happens in both San Jose and San Lucas. It occurs on the 15th of September. The party is wilder in San Lucas. The one that occurs in San Jose is traditional.

Expect awesome dishes, beer, mariachis, and folk dancing. Residents utter their famous line of independence at 11 p.m.

Celebrations go on up to the next day.

Charro Day

The day opens with parades. Everyone dresses in their traditional attires. Residents serve delightful dishes.

Events that occur during the night include dances, bullfights, and rodeos.

October’s Events & Festivals

Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament

It’s without a doubt, the biggest fishing tourney in Cabos. Winners get to go home with a large sum of money.

Participants go at it for three days straight. Spectators get entertained through these competitions.

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

The event goes on for five days. In the 1st three days, participants get to fish.

Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas

The above holiday occurs on the 18th of October. It’s done to honor St. Luke.

Most streets in Cabos close down. They do this to create space for parades. Musicians and food vendors play a huge role in this holiday.

November’s Events & Festivals

Dia de Los Muertos

The festival takes place on the 1st two days of November. It is done to remember the people that died. People meet in cemeteries and in town to remember their loved ones.

Most people celebrate by wearing costumes, building altars, and painting their faces.

Revolution Day

The above event happens on the 20th of November. It commemorates the period that the Revolution began.

Activities that occur include rodeos, eating, and fiestas.

Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

The event runs for four days straight. Participants get two days to compete in fishing.

Tourist gets to experience wild evenings with mariachis and parties.

Winners go home with a lot of money.

December’s Events & Festivals

Sabor a Cabo Restaurant and Food Festival

It’s without a doubt, the biggest food festival in Cabos. It involves more than 50 hotels.

Both local and global chefs get featured in the event. They also serve alcohol.

The profits accrued to aid the less fortunate.

Christmas Posadas

It is a religious festival. It goes on for nine consecutive days. That’s from the 16th to the 18th of December. It is a way of remembering the journey made by Jesus’s parents. That is from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

They reenact lit candles and move them from one house to another. Celebrations climax on Christmas Eve, at midnight, they jump up and down with joy. That symbolizes the birth of Jesus.

They then proceed to churches, eat their delicacies, and give out presents.

The Virgin of Guadalupe

The feast happens on the 12th of December. It is done to celebrate Mary’s apparition.

All areas of Cabos celebrate this occasion. People attend masses, light fireworks, and also go to parades.