Best Time To Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is not only the largest and most popular island destination in the Aegean sea, it’s also fast becoming one of the most notable holidaying spots in the world. With it’s stunning white and blue architecture dotting the cliff sides and the turquoise sea surrounding it, Mykonos is now known for its eclectic mix of laid-back beach scenery, culinary delights and busy nightlife. Here is a month-to-month breakdown of the tourist year in Mykonos, based on tourism rates, weather, nightlife, budget, and accessibility.

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Whether you want to go when it’s quiet, when it’s busy, or when the weather’s at its best, some thorough research is needed before you book our tickets.

December – February

Being the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, this period is by far the quietest time on the island. This may be the best time to travel if you prefer your own space and want to avoid the throngs of tourists in warmer parts of the year.

However, it isn’t the ideal time to visit Mykonos as many businesses are closed and flights to the island are limited. The winter weather isn’t severe but you can expect wind and rain. Swimming isn’t really a possibility during these months.


Spring is coming in and the island is slowly opening up. It’s still low season but there are more hotels and businesses reopening for tourism, so things will be a little more comfortable.

There will be ferries running from Mykonos to islands like Athens and Styros, but unlikely to be running to other, smaller places. Expect the weather to be fairly cold still.


April is the month where ferries begin again between Mykonos and Santorini, a hugely popular destination and one of the gems of the Greek islands. In winter months (and March) you’ll otherwise need to take a flight to the island.

Come the end of April, much of the tourist sector will be up and running again, so you’ll have access to everything you need. Keep in mind most bars and clubs will still be shut with a few exceptions.


Finally, the holiday weather has returned and it may almost feel like summer on the island. It’s warm enough to swim, all tourist businesses should be open again and visitors are beginning to stream back into Mykonos. Beach clubs and bars will officially reopen this month and there should be a very present nightlife.

This is shoulder season, so it will be the closest to a quiet month until October. By the end of May, you can expect it to be significantly busier, reflecting the travel destination that’s advertised.


The beginning of peak season. Thousands of people will be milling around the Greek islands and most will be in Mykonos. Expect summer weather. This will also be the beginning of the hottest period of the year, so it’s ideal for swimming and general beach activities. In late June the island’s famous DJ parties in the clubs and on the beaches will begin kicking off.

By now there should be open ferry access to all of the other surrounding islands such as Paros, Naxos and Ios. These beautiful places are one of the main attractions around Mykonos.


While July is going to get busier than June, the island doesn’t quite reach the heights of mass-tourism as it does in August. The weather is at its hottest so it’s the ideal time for swimming. Make a point to remember that July is the start of high season, so it’s going into the most expensive period of the year for tourists in Mykonos (July to September). If you’re on a budget this is probably not the time for you.


The busiest time of the year, this is the month to arrive if you want to see the island at its absolute peak for tourism. At this point, people are flooding in and the nightlife is at its best, so if you want to party this might be the time to book a flight. And it won’t be hard, as more flights run to Mykonos in August than any other time of the year. The weather will be wonderful, but a little windier than June and July.


September is the last of the good weather and the end of high season. Things are starting to quieten down in Mykonos and its neighbouring islands, but you still have access to everything and the clubs and beach parties are still happening. The ocean water is also warmest in early-September, making it a pleasant time to swim before everything cools down.


This is the other end of shoulder season. There are still all of the amenities of peak season, but as October comes to a close things are beginning to shut down. Most of the DJ parties have ended, and tourists are heading home.

However, the weather is still nice and it’s still a good time to swim. Ferries to Santorini and other neighbouring islands are running. By the end of the month, low season is clearly beginning.


Between shoulder season and low season, by now all of the ferries besides those that go to Athens have closed and business is shutting down. There is very little going on, so again if you want peace and quiet, this is a good time to visit.

Another benefit is the low hotel prices during this period. And although the weather is cooling down you can still catch some warm days, so swimming is in your reach on certain days.

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