Crete or Santorini- which is the best place to visit?

If you are looking for one of the most enchanted places in the islands of Greece, then its Santorini. If you  have got only one chance to visit Greece and can only visit one spot. The answer is clear. Obviously it’s Santorini. 

Breathtaking and stunning, that is how you can also describe Crete– a vast island that needs more than a couple of weeks to explore.

Crete has many activities for outdoors fans. Santorini has a variety of tours for you to choose from.  And both boast delicious local food and wines.

In terms of beaches, Crete has more fantastic beaches though the distance from each other is quite big and will need time in order to visit all of them. While in Santorini, since the island is quite small as compared to Crete, going around the marvelous beaches is fairly easy.

If you crave for traditional spots (not quite touristy), Crete is the best choice. 

For honeymoons and those looking for romance with an equally romantic atmosphere, look no further for Santorini has it. 

In terms of hotels, there are lots of unique and sophisticated ones in Santorini. Crete and Santorini have one of the longest running of tourist season compared to all other islands in Greece. If you like beaches, then the best times are from late weeks of May until the early weeks of October. For sightseeing, from March until November are the best choices. For an all-year-round tours, month of December up to month of February are your best bet because of the cool albeit a little rainy weather. 

Crete and Santorini- Your most enjoyable Activities

Caldera’s exquisite beauty is one of the most sought out attraction in Santorini. There are also tours by boat if you love wines, volcanoes, enchanted villages on top of a cliff, and sunsets.

For Crete, the stunning traditional Chania Townis a must-go destination. There are also Agios Nikolaos, the Elafonissi Beach, Knossos, Samaria Gorge, and the Rethymnon.