Where To Eat in Isla Mujeres

There is a lot to visit in Isla Mujeres, and of course, a lot to eat. The local food scene is vibrant, interesting, delicious and always growing, so on a second visit you might find a new restaurant.

Where To Eat in Isla Mujeres

Of course, in our search for some of the best places to eat on the island it will be convenient to divide our search between breakfast, lunch and dinner. A few snacks and desserts wouldn’t be bad either, and these options we recommend will have you covered.

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La Esquina: On Isla Mujeres new places to eat keep appearing, so we can find a new restaurant around La Esquina. This restaurant is literally on a corner, and it is a great new option. A strong point is that they make their own bread, and for breakfast, meals like croissants with freshly baked bread are simply delicious. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly, so if you’re on a vegetarian or vegan diet, you’ll be able to eat without any problems.

La Lomita: For a more traditional and welcoming option, with the best attention from the wonderful women who prepare the food, La Lomita is a great choice. A cheap breakfast, very Mexican, and of course, really delicious, with the tortillas included.


In Isla Mujeres, after a good breakfast, we will probably want to spend the day on the beach, swimming or doing activities on the shore or in the sea.

Therefore, Mayan Beach Club is a great option to have on the beach, where we can go to recharge our drink, go for a drink. And of course, eat the best seafood. In addition, they serve crepes and their desserts are delicious.

Besides, La Lomita, La Esquina and the trendy Lola Valentina will not leave us bad at lunch either.


What to eat is a mixture of how we want to spend the night, what we did and ate during the day and whether we want to enjoy the best drinks. For this, two options stand out.

Lola Valentina: Lola Valentina is one of the most trendy restaurants on Isla Mujeres. The atmosphere is excellent, its Caribbean gourmet food is organic and the straws are biodegradable. Also, the drinks are excellent.

Xantolo: For a restaurant with an aesthetic and gastronomy that mixes the most Mexican with the modern. Xantolo and its incredible paintings of the day of the dead. They also have vegan and vegetarian options. We are lucky to have Xantolo in the world of the living.

Food is one of the biggest links we have with the places we visit, besides the people we know! Every restaurant, whether large, franchised or small and run by a family, has its own special things and brings history and culture to the place.