Italy or Greece

Italy is home to a plethora of extraordinary works of art, gastronomy and landscapes that everyone has ever dreamed of. Greece has kilometers of aquamarine coast, sun-washed ruins, strong feta and even stronger ouzo. The landscape of Greece is exciting and people are passionate about politics, coffee, art and gossip. So how do you decided whether to go to Italy or Greece?

Note: Visiting both Italy and Greece needs at least  2 weeks.

Italy vs Greece

•Italy has better Cuisine

•Greece has the best nightlife

•Greece has the best beaches

•Greece is better for a honeymoon

•Italy is better in terms of History, Culture and sightseeing

For Family Vacations

Both Italy and Greece are kid-friendly, welcoming them wherever, so the two nations are magnificent family goals. Italy has more historical resources. Greece has many shorelines, pools, slower pace, and the awesome Greek islands

Better Tour Packages

Both Italy and Greece have many fabulous hotels and eateries. Italy has progressively top end lodgings and high end food yet no place beats Mykonos and Santorini for liberal extravagance. 

Here are some tour packages for Italy

Here are some tour packages for Greece

Travel on a budget

Greece will in general be somewhat less expensive than Italy yet there’s not a colossal distinction in costs.

Better Weather

Greece and Italy have fundamentally the same as season and climate. Warm and radiant from the month May to the month of October, wet and cool from the month of November to the month of April. Greece has a marginally long summer and shoreline season. Furthermore, amid the overly hot  August and July, the islands in Greece are invigorated by chilly breezes. 

Best Beaches

The Islands in Greece are stacked with brilliant shorelines (a huge number). Italy features a lovely coastline and a lot of spots to swim, however, not a ton of incredible sandy shorelines here. 


Both Italy and Greece are recognized for their remarkable sustenance and eateries, so there’s no reasonable victory, however you will observe more assortment and scope of appeal in Italian cooking. There are unquestionably more number of cooking-classes in Italy. 

Honeymoon And Romantic Getaways

Santorini Honeymoon

Italy is marginally better for a special night with sightseeing, touring, and numerous goals. Greece is superior for a sentimental special first night

Sightseeing And Its Ancient History

The two nations are verifiable diamonds yet Italy has unquestionably more to really visit and observe.


The two nations have dynamic bars and clubs. Greece’s nightlife is increasingly outfitted towards vacations and is along these lines less demanding to discover and appreciate for a guest. 

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