Rain in Georgia May Dampen Your Travel Plans


Watch Out for Wet Weather in Georgia

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Georgia for vacation, you may want to keep the wet weather season in mind.

I have been living in Georgia for over 5 years now, and one thing I have discovered is that whether you’re living here or visiting, you need to be prepared for heat and rain. Sometimes the weather here in the South can really put a damper on anyone’s plans for outdoor activity.

Over my years here in Middle Georgia, I have seen the same thing happen every year. From April through August the local meteorologist puts the same thing on the weather guide: Hot & Wet. Every day for weeks on end this is what you see on the morning and evening news. You either have to plan to deal with the rain, or just plan to stay inside.

If you’re a tourist coming to see the state, you might be better off waiting until fall or winter to visit any part of Georgia. You’d be able to escape the heat, and you could avoid the rain. Even though Georgia doesn’t have quite the change in seasons that you can see in more northern states, the winters are milder, and you can actually enjoy a good deal of outdoor activity in comfort. If you live in a cold northern or eastern state, you may welcome the warmer temperatures Georgia has to offer.

If you decide that you want to take your southern vacation in the spring or summer, you’ll have to take the wet weather into account. The general weather report won’t do you a lot of good. As I mentioned, the forecast typically stays the same for months on end. However, if you keep a close eye on the radar, it can make planning for outdoor activities much easier.

By keeping an eye on the radar, and checking it throughout the day, you can plan your events during the dry points. Future predictions can also help you to choose the days that are most likely to be dry, and schedule any outdoor plans for that time. Unfortunately, “popcorn” storms can crop up at any time, and in Georgia they often do, so you’ll want to be prepared for anything.

I suggest always keeping umbrellas and other wet-weather gear in your vehicle wherever you go. Don’t forget to keep shoes on hand that you don’t mind getting wet. Soggy sandals aren’t always comfortable, and heels might not be good for trudging through puddles. You’d also be doing yourself a favor if you always have an indoor backup plan available in case the weather gets too bad to stay outside. Those Georgia pop-up storms can be just a sprinkle, or a complete downpour. If you have nothing to do indoors, your vacation might be ruined.

Now, for some people, the wet weather might be right up your alley. Some of you will love the idea of feeling the rain and experiencing the storm season. For the rest of you, you’d best be prepared for rain at any time if you visit Georgia between April and August. As long as you come prepared for the likelihood of rain, and you have indoor backup plans, you’ll be able to enjoy a summer vacation in the south.

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