Rhodes Travel Guide

Rhodes is a Greek island famous for its splendid white beaches, its medieval town (the largest in Europe) and its archaeological sites. Touring the island is easy and allows you to discover picturesque small Mediterranean villages, whose prices are affordable and reflect a truly welcoming local culture.

Rhodes Travel Guide

Rhodes enjoys an enviable historical heritage and incredible natural landscapes. The legendary Colossus of Rhodes, the ruins of the Church of the Virgin of the Castle, the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, the beautiful town of Lindos and the nearby island of Symi are among the attractions of Rhodes.

Along with its traditional and recognizable charm, Rhodes offers a pleasant, friendly and positive atmosphere, as well as such amazing attractions as the 9D Throne of Helios and St. Nicholas Fort.

Top 5 reasons to visit Rhodes

The Clock Tower

Clock Tower

To admire the view from the top of this tower from the Byzantine period, built in the 7th century, is spectacular. A devastating earthquake destroyed the original in 1851, so the current one is a reconstruction. The entrance fee is 5 EUR.

The Valley of the Butterflies

Valley of the Butterflies

Walking along the paths bordered by the trees of this valley, in the direction of the monastery located at the top, allows you to admire countless native butterflies.

Epta Piges or The Seven Springs

Epta Piges

Located about 30 kilometers southeast of Rhodes, this magical place is unparalleled for relaxing amidst pine and palm trees. The lake, its main attraction, is composed of seven springs.

Gennadi Beach

Gennadi Beach

This is a well-maintained beach area, very popular with surfers looking for waves, wind and an inspiring atmosphere.

Mount Attavyros

Mount Attavyros

Attavyros is one of the most striking natural enclaves in Rhodes. Located at 1216 meters of altitude, it includes interesting hiking and mountain biking routes. Do you dare to walk the almost three hours necessary to reach its summit?

What to do in Rhodes

Here is our detailed guide about the Things To Do in Rhodes.

Visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

Palace of the Grand Master

Located at the end of the Street of the Knights, this palace is one of the best treasures that Rhodes has to offer. It was built in the 14th century, on top of an ancient British citadel, by the Knights of the Order of St John and was used as the residence of the Grand Master and seat of government. The original building was destroyed in 1856 by an ammunition explosion, but was rebuilt during the Italian period, becoming the holiday residence of King Emmanuel III and later of the dictator Mussolini.

Admire the Acropolis of Rhodes


Actually, Rhodes has two acropolises. The best known is located in Lindos, although the one in Rhodes, located 3 kilometers from the medieval town, also has a great attraction. It is located on Mount Smith, the highest point of Rhodes, and allows one to see the remains of buildings from the Hellenistic period (2nd and 3rd centuries BC). Sanctuaries, facilities, public buildings, temples such as that of Athena and Zeus Polieus or that of Apollo Pitius, an odeon, an ancient gymnasium and a sports stadium are among its most outstanding elements.

Marvel at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum

Rhodes is an island with history. Many cultures have passed through it and various treasures from various periods have been found. Visiting this museum allows you to discover this history, to become familiar with its past and to understand how it has been influenced by the people and civilizations that have settled in its lands. Located in one of the most striking buildings in Rhodes, the Knights’ Hospital, it includes the sculpture of the Aphrodite of Rhodes and impressive mosaics. The entrance fee is 6 EUR.

Immerse yourself in the Rhodes Aquarium as a family

Located on the north coast of the city, we suggest you get there by taking a short walk. It is located in an imposing building that will make you feel like you are inside an underwater cave. Its content allows you to learn everything about the rich marine life of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The interior corridors of the building have been designed as underwater tunnels, are encrusted with sea shells and have curves like eels. Unforgettable, educational and fun, the Rhodes Aquarium is a must-have family pastime.

Tour the Rodini Park, the oldest park in the world

Rodini Park

Rhodes has the oldest garden park in the world. Located about 3 kilometres from the city, it enjoys a dreamy, almost fairytale, landscape. It stands out for its dense vegetation and idyllic surroundings, dotted with bridges, water lilies and placid little paths on which to relax.

When to visit Rhodes

The summer months, between June and September, are the best time to visit Rhodes. The temperature is pleasant, between 27 and 30°C, and cultural activities, outdoor shows and sightseeing tours are at their best.

How to get to Rhodes

By plane

Rhodes-Diagoras International Airport is located on the west side of the island, 14 km from the capital of Rhodes. One-way flights from London to Rhodes cost around 90 EUR. To get to the centre, take one of the buses of the RODA and KTEL companies, whose tickets cost 2.60 EUR. Travel by taxi, however, costs about EUR 22.


There are plenty of cruise lines and ferries that include in their routes the port of Rhodes, from Turkey (Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum…) and other Greek islands. The return fare from the Turkish town of Fethiye is 33 EUR.

Airports near Rhodes

RHO Rhodes International Airport Rhodes-Diagoras
KGS Kos International Airport Kos-Hipocrates
AOK Karpathos

Where to stay in Rhodes

The In Camera Art Boutique Hotel is a highly recommended option, located near the old town and with breakfast included from 120 EUR per night. In general, as a reference, the average price of a double room ranges from 60,17 EUR in the Agla Hotel to 403,11 EUR in the Esperos Lindos Villas – Adults only.

Best Hotels in Rhodes
Family Friendly Hotels in Rhodes

Interesting neighborhoods in Rhodes

The Old Town is the historic medieval centre surrounding the old palace, just at the northern end of the island. A tourist enclave to immerse yourself in the beauty of the heritage and the environmental charm.

Prasonisi is located in the southwest corner of the island. It is a very popular island peninsula, especially in summer, for its sandy beaches, such as the wild Prasonisi beach, and its water activities.

Lindos is a modern beach town with many bars and restaurants distributed along the bay. Among them, moderately priced Lassu, Byzantine and Ktima Lindos.

How to get around Rhodes

Public Transport

There are a lot of buses that travel around the island from the main terminal of Néa Agorá. Tickets can be purchased when boarding the bus itself, bearing in mind that a single journey costs 2.3 EUR.


Taxis on Rhodes are dark blue, so it is very easy to identify them. Their fare is fixed at 3,5 EUR and for example a ride in the centre of Rhodes will not cost you less than 4 EUR.


A good option is to rent a car at the airport port of embarkation or, if you prefer, in the centre of Rhodes. You can choose from branches of companies such as Avis, AbbyCar, Car Rentals or Budget. Renting a car will cost you from 20 EUR per day.

Cost of living in Rhodes


Ceramic bowls, folk art, locally made wine and handmade jewelry are available in the Old Town, which is filled with small shops with longtime owners who know how to treat their customers well. But don’t be afraid to haggle for a better price.

Groceries and others

Among the main establishments for buying food in Rhodes are the Ilisia, abc and Carrefour supermarkets. To give you an idea of the prices, a dozen eggs will cost you 3.5 EUR, while a half-litre beer in a bar will cost you the same: 3.5 EUR. However, in a supermarket you can buy it from just over 1 EUR.

Where to eat in Rhodes

The gastronomic offer of Rhodes is spectacular, especially if you go off the beaten track. A good example of this is Jivino, which offers a splendid variety of Mediterranean dishes and, above all, a delicious choice of fresh seafood.

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Other attractive restaurants are Artemida Taverna, Ostria Restaurant and Ambrosia Restaurant. The average prices of the meals are about 20 EUR per person.

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