Rome Travel Guide

Rome is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The capital of Italy has it all: nightlife, shopping, fine dining and entertainment. And of course, some of the most famous historical and artistic monuments in the world.

Rome travel guide

Moreover, Rome is a very open city. The Romans will be happy to help you with anything, whether it’s showing you the way to Piazza Spagna or just chatting over a good coffee.

Known as the Eternal City, Rome was the capital and founding site of the powerful Roman Empire. That mythical past fascinates visitors, who also come here for romantic getaways, family vacations and shopping.

Built on seven hills and on the banks of the Tiber River, the city is dotted with evocative ruins, spectacular palaces, lively squares, picturesque cobbled streets and magnificent green areas.

Best Hotels in Rome

Here’s our detailed post about the Best Hotels in Rome and Rome’s Top Neighborhoods.

1. 9Hotel Cesàri (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This hotel is one of Rome’s oldest places to stay and boasts a wonderful location in the center of Rome. Its rooms, decorated in traditional styles, treat its guests with rooftop terraces which provides a beautiful view. +39 06 674 9701

2. Hotel Campo de’ Fiori (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This hotel just beside Campo de’ Fiori is a decent four-star accommodation if you’d like to be near the sights and sounds of the city. Its decor gives off a classical feel with unique accents and features a terrace on the rooftop to give you a breathtaking view. +39 06 6880 6865

3. Hotel Eden (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

A historic five-star hotel, Hotel Eden is one of the best accommodations in Rome. It features an elegant design, a rooftop restaurant that boasts a beautiful view, and includes amenities such as a spa. +39 06 478121

4. Hotel Lancelot (Monti & Ancient Rome)

This affordable accommodation, conveniently located near the Colosseum, is run by a friendly family. They also offer wonderful service by English-speaking staff. +39 06 7045 0615

5. Hotel de Russie (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

Celebrities frequent this well-known five-star hotel. Hotel de Russie is loved for its modern, minimalist decor, garden bar, together with one of the best spas in Rome. +39 06 328881

6. Inn by the Roman Forum (Monti & Ancient Rome)

This quaint inn makes a perfect romantic getaway, and comes with its own piece of history: a tunnel constructed more than two millennia ago. Other tourist spots like the Colosseum and the forums are nearby as well. +39 06 6919 0970

7. JK Place (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This cozy hotel is full of modern styles, decor, designs, and picturesque aesthetics, yet still maintains a comfortable feeling of home. It is located near Via Dei Condotti, a popular shopping strip. +39 06 982634

8. Nerva Boutique Hotel (Monti & Ancient Rome)

Although this boutique hotel has limited amenities, it offers a delicious breakfast, a homey environment, modern decors, and welcoming staff members. It can be found in a small building near the Imperial Forums. +39 06 678 1835

9. Palazzo Cardinal Cesi (Prati & Vatican)

The biggest advantage of this hotel is its proximity to St Peter’s Basilica. It also has a comfortable interior and is furnished with classical styles. +39 06 684 0390

10. Palm Gallery Hotel (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

The Palm Gallery Hotel is found in a quaint villa decorated in Liberty-style within a lovely residential district. Here, you can enjoy its beautiful interiors and a small, relaxing outdoor pool. +39 06 6478 1859

11. Portrait Roma (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

Portrait Roma is a 14-suite luxury guest house nestled in a swish shopping district. This hotel is iconic in its modern styling since it is owned by the Ferragamo fashion house. +39 06 6938 0742

12. Relais Le Clarisse (Trastevere)

Within the colorful Trastevere neighborhood lies this quaint accommodation. Relais Le Clarisse is complemented by a courtyard, and orange and olive trees. Even better, plenty of restos and bars can be found nearby. +39 06 5833 4437

13. Residenza Cellini (Termini Area)

This little hotel is a perfect romantic hideaway that is still accessible from Piazza Repubblica. Nestled within two apartments, its large rooms feature elegant parquet flooring and beautiful antique furniture. +39 06 4782 5204

14. The St Regis Rome (Termini Area)

This hotel is located in a 19th-center palazzo accessible from Piazza Della Repubblica. Its grand and luxurious rooms are frequented by pop stars, and offer classical interiors and services such as butlers and a relaxing spa. +39 06 47091

15. Villa Spalletti Trivelli (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

Located near the presidential Quirinal Palace, the Villa Spalletti Trivelli has a rustic edge to its traditional decor and features beautifully maintained gardens as well. +39 06 4890 7934

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Best Restaurants in Rome

best restaurants in rome for families, best restaurants in rome with a view

1. Armando al Pantheon (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Because of its popularity, we recommend making reservations for a meal at this traditional trattoria found in the Pantheon area. Despite the cozy environment, here you can enjoy delicious authentic Roman cuisine. +39 06 6880 3034

2. Casa Coppelle (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Located conveniently near the Pantheon, this swanky yet romantic restaurant serves Italian-French fusion dishes. +39 06 6889 1707

3. Colline Emiliane (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

This restaurant is where you can find authentic dishes originating from the Emilia-Romagna region. These dishes include delicious meat sauces on top of handmade egg pasta, Parma ham, and parmesan cheese. +39 06 481 7538

4. Da Felice (Ostiense & Testaccio)

Within the food-filled Testaccio area is this very well-known trattoria. Its specialty is traditional Roman dishes which cook from head to tail, including tripe and oxtail. +39 06 574 6800

5. Emma Pizzeria (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This restaurant takes your typical pizzeria to another level with its modern decor and authentic wood-fired pizzas. As one of the few pizzerias that offer pizza at lunchtime, the serves pizzas topped with southern Italian mozzarella, fresh seasonal veggies, cured meats, and more. +39 06 6476 0475

6. Giulietta Pizzeria (Ostiense & Testaccio)

You can find this stylish pizzeria in an old car showroom in Testaccio. Their rich wood-fired pizzas are done in either thin-cut Roman or Neapolitan thick-cut crust, complemented by fresh and exciting toppings. +39 06 4522 9022

7. Glass Hostaria (Trastevere)

Boasting Michelin-starred dishes, this restaurant comes alive with its modern decor and clever cuisine against the background of the rustic Trastevere district. We booking a reservation. +39 06 5833 5903

8. L’Asino d’Oro (Monti & Ancient Rome)

This popular restaurant in Monti harbors regional Umbria cuisine. Here you can enjoy handmade pasta, filling meat dishes, and exquisite tiramisu. +39 06 4891 3832

9. Metamorfosi (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

Found in the Parioli neighborhood, this restaurant is home to Uovo 65° carbonara, an innovative recreation of the classic pasta, and Metamorfosi’s signature dish. You will want to book ahead for this Michelin-starred restaurant. +39 06 807 6839

10. Ristorante L’Arcangelo (Prati & Vatican)

Within the Prati district is this well-loved bistro. Their must-try Roman dishes include carciofi alla romana, or Roman-style artichokes cooked in anchovies, garlic, mint, and white wine. +39 06 321 0992

11. Salumeria Roscioli (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Despite its small capacity, Salumeria Roscioli is a popular deli and in-house restaurant. Here you can find high-quality food, of both traditional Italian and international variety. You can accompany your meal with a choice from their extensive wine list. +39 06 687 5287

Best Bars and Clubs in Rome

 Best Bars and Clubs in Rome, best nightclubs in trastevere rome, best nightclubs in rome italy

1. Alexanderplatz (Prati & Vatican)

If you’re a fan of jazz, be sure to stop by this intimate and legendary jazz club. Here you can enjoy regular gigs performed by popular Italian and even international musicians. +39 338 394 4110

2. Co. So (Around & Termini)

Found in the modern yet grungy Pigneto district, this hipster cocktail bar pays homage to Rome’s well-known pasta through its signature drink, the Carbonara Sour. +39 06 4543 5428

3. Etablì (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This rustic-styled bar and restaurant is located near Piazza Navona, in a palazzo several centuries old. Fashionable and aesthetic, you can enjoy wine, cocktails, and aperitifs among iron chandeliers, wooden tables, and worn but comfortable couches. Recommended for evening enjoyment. +39 06 9761 6694

4. Freni e Frizioni (Trastevere)

Built within a former garage, this popular meeting place is a relaxing bar in Trastevere. By evening, young drinkers and diners fill the outside piazza, enjoying great aperitifs and cocktails. +39 06 4549 7499

5. Goa (Ostiense & Testaccio)

This famous Rome club located in the Ostiense district is where you can dance the night away to well-known DJs, house and techno music, and crowded dancefloors. Come by any time from Thursday to Saturday! +39 06 574 8277

6. Jerry Thomas (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Make sure to book ahead for the private and exclusive speakeasy. This intimate Prohibition-style speakeasy is well known for its innovative cocktails. To enter you will get a password through booking and through paying €5 for membership. +39 06 9684 5937

7. Open Baladin (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

If excellent craft beers and quality burgers are your pleasure, be sure to check out this independent pub with a casual and relaxing environment. +39 06 683 8989

8. Salotto42 (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Dine and lounge among a crowd dressed to the nines, in this vintage and retro-styled bar found on a wonderful central piazza. Come here to enjoy a wonderful aperitif! +39 06 678 5804

9. Stravinskij Bar (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

This glamorous dolce vita bar resides in the Hotel de Russie. Its upscale and luxurious courtyard is a great place to enjoy warm summer evenings. Make sure to dress up for the occasion! +39 06 3288 8874

Best Cafes in Rome

best cafes in rome, best cafes in rome for breakfast

1. Antico Caffè Greco (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

Visit a blast from the past with Rome’s oldest café. This café was also frequented by Casanova, Goethe, Byron, Keats, and many more historical figures. Despite its prices, you can find an affordable drink at their bar. +39 06 679 1700

2. Barnum Café (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

The Barnum Café is where you can enjoy an Italian croissant, also called a breakfast cornetto, accompanied by a cappuccino. Throughout the day, you can also enjoy a great, light lunch, or cocktails and jazz within this shabby yet stylishly furnished café. +39 06 6476 0483

3. Caffè Sant’Eustacchio (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Many would consider their espresso as Rome’s best. Found conveniently between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, this café is better for a quick beverage than a long lounge. +39 06 6880 2048

4. Caffetteria Chiostro del Bramante (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This café has a prime location within an elegant cloister built in Renaissance style. Come here for a calming beverage or a pleasant lunch. It is also conveniently near Piazza Navona. +39 06 6880 9035

5. Caffetteria Musei Capitolini (Monti & Ancient Rome)

Enjoy a marvelous view alongside your coffee. This café within the Capitoline Museum is smartly situated on a terrace, offering a wide view of Rome. You can relax in this café just off Piazza del Campidoglio even without a museum ticket. +39 06 0608

6. Canova Tadolini (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

This busy café was once a studio of the sculptor Antonio Canova. Between the café tables are marble sculptures and busts. Their food may be overpriced, but their drinks are worth enjoying. +39 06 3211 0702

7. Roscioli Caffè (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Come here for their must-try maritozzi, which are sweet buns with whipped cream inside. Although this isn’t a place full of seats, there is a small back room where one can relax and enjoy their wonderful coffee, sandwiches, and delicious mini-pastries. +39 06 8916 5330

8. Sciascia Caffè (Prati & Vatican)

A homey, traditional café decorated with wooden walls and a neat bar, you can spend a relaxing day sipping their house specialty, a caffe al cioccolato. This wonderful beverage is a tasty espresso served with melted chocolate. +39 06 321 1580

9. Tazza d’Oro (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Located near the Pantheon, this café featuring a long wooden bar is also considered a landmark. This is a fabulous place to visit in the summer, with their granita di caffè, warm coffee blends, and crushed ice with whipped cream. +39 06 678 9792

10. Libreria Caffe Bohemien (Monti & Ancient Rome)

This laidback café is decorated with books, bold colors, mismatched furniture, and brick walls. This is another great place for beverages such as wine, cocktails, or tea. You can find it in the quaint Monti neighborhood. +39 339 722 4622

11. Bar San Calisto (Trastevere)

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth neighborhood café, San Calisto is the ideal place to go. Here you’ll find locals playing cards, gruff service and cheap beer, alongside foreign students, tourists, and travelers. +39 06 583 5869

Best Street Food and Gelato in Rome

best street food tour rome, best gelato in rome 2019

1. Fatamorgana (Trastevere)

Rome is full of gelaterias, but Fatamorgana is one of its best. This gelateria serves organic gelato which, despite its limited variety, is both high quality, and unique in its flavors. Luckily, you can find many branches in the area. +39 06 580 3615

2. Forno Campo de’ Fiori (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Yet another popular restaurant and bakery, Forno Campo de’ Fiori is known for its white pizza, called pizza bianca, and simple yet delicious seasons pizza base. This is an easy place to pass by if you’re looking for a quick meal. +39 06 6880 6662

3. Mercato Centrale (Around & Termini)

Rows are rows of stalls housing pizzas, pastas, salads, shakes, sushi, and even veggie burgers are what you can find in this food hall residing in Termini Station. +39 06 4620 2900

4. Mordi e Vai (Ostiense & Testaccio)

If you’d like a bite of slow-cooked beef stuffed into panini, you can pass by this market stall in Testaccio. It also offers all sorts of Roman street food, making it a crowd favorite during lunch times. +39 339 134 3344

5. Pizzarium (Prati & Vatican)

This takeaway is well known for its delicious sliced pizza, or pizza al taglio. You can enjoy their artisanal cheeses, fresh veggies, and cured meats all on top of fluffy and light dough. Even better is its proximity to the Vatican Museums.

6. Supplizio (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

If you’ve never tried supplì or fried rice croquettes, this gourmet takeaway is the best place to do so. With its charming brick walls, it serves both classic versions and diverse arrangements of supplì. +39 06 8916 0053

7. Venchi (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This delicious gelateria is nestled near the Pantheon. It is well-known for its chocolate ice creams, drinks, and sweets (dolci), so anticipate a crowd. +39 06 6992 5423

Best Shopping Places in Rome

best shopping places in rome, best affordable shopping area in rome

1. Bartolucci (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

This store carries tons of assorted handcrafted wooden goods. These include Pinocchios, rocking horses, wooden games, model planes, cuckoo clocks, and fun door signs. This place is also considered a landmark near the Pantheon. +39 06 6919 0894

2. Campo de’ Fiori Market (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

A very popular produce market in Rome, here you can shop the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. Consider it a vibrant tourist spot within the historical Roman piazza.

3. Eataly (Ostiense & Testaccio)

Eataly is exactly where you can eat Italian food. It is a massive four-story building of restaurants, stalls, stands, snack bars, and shops, all offering Italian gourmet. +39 06 9027 9201

4. Confetteria Moriondo & Gariglio (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

If you love chocolate, then Rome’s oldest chocolate shop is a must-visit. Come see its brick walls and various handmade chocolate recipes from the 19th century! +39 06 699 0856

5. Fendi (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

Found by the 18th-century palazzo, the main branch of the Rome-originated Fendi fashion house is full of branded bags, leatherware, watches, accessories, and ready-to-wear fashion. +39 06 3345 0890

6. Ibiz Roma (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Specializing handmade, soft leather with a velvety feel, you can buy anything from belts to purses, wallets, sandals, and bags. It is also found by Campo de’ Fiori. +39 06 6830 7297

7. La Bottega del Marmoraro (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

On the quaint street Via Margutta, near the former residence of film director Federico Fellini, is this small yet high-quality work room where you can order inscriptions on marble plaques, busts, and statues. +39 06 320 7660

8. Marta Ray (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Located in the quaint and cobbled Via dei Coronari street and surrounded by antique shops, this little boutique offers leather bags, ladies’ sandals, and ballerina flats among its wares. +39 06 6880 2641

9. Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Located near Piazza Navona, this is a Roman branch of a 17th-century pharmacy chain founded in Florence. Here you can shop perfumes, cosmetics, herbal infusions, and natural remedies. +39 06 687 9608

10. Porta Portese Market (Trastevere)
This market is one of Rome’s most populated Sunday flea markets. You can find this in Trastevere, around the Piazza di Porta Portese. There are tons of merchandise, such as vintage clothes, craft jewelry, leather jackets, antiques, prints, books, posters, and bicycles.

11. Salumeria Roscioli (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Salumeria Roscioli is Rome’s most celebrated deli restaurant. Here you can find over three hundred varieties of cheese, assortments of conserves, pastas, wines, Balsamic vinegars and olive oils, as well as 150 cured meats. +39 06 687 5287

12. SBU (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

The Strategic Business Unit has a wonderful selection of men’s casual fashion, shoes, and accessories. It has a contemporary feel and is located in a former draper’s shop on Via del Governo Vecchio. +39 06 6880 2547

13. Sermoneta (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

Boasting pairs of gloves for any occasion, the Sermoneta is Rome’s most famous glove seller in Piazza di Spagna. +39 06 679 1960

Best Neighborhoods in Rome

best neighborhoods in rome to stay, best neighborhoods in rome for tourists

1. Monti & Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is your historical playground, with its Colosseum and city ruins, located southeast from the historic center. A little way away from the Forums is the modern yet peaceful Monti, which offers cafes, boutiques, and restaurants.

Must see: Bocca della Verità | Caffe Bohemien | Caffetteria Musei Capitolini | Capitoline Museums | Colosseum | Hotel Lancelot | Inn at the Roman Forum | L’Asino d’Oro | Nerva Boutique Hotel | Roman Forum & Palatine | Victor Emmanuel Monument

2. Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center

Everything iconic and historical is found here: churches full of art, baroque-style piazzas, designer bars, fashion boutiques, cafes, trattorias, and especially the Pantheon.

Must see: Armando al Pantheon | Barnum Café | Bartolucci | Caffè Sant’Eustacchio | Caffetteria Chiostro del Bramante | Campo de’ Fiori Market | Casa Coppelle | Confetteria Moriondo & Gariglio | Emma Pizzeria | Etablì | Forno Campo de’ Fiori | Hotel Campo de’ Fiori | Hotel Cesàri | Ibiz | Jerry Thomas | JK Place | Marta Ray | Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella | Open Baladin | Pantheon | Piazza Navona | Roscioli Caffè | Salotto42 | Salumeria Roscioli | SBU | Supplizio | Tazza d’Oro | Venchi

3. Southern Rome

Within Southern Rome is the Appian Way, also called Appia Antica, as well as the popular rationalist architecture of 1930s EUR district.

Must see: Via Appia Antica

4. Around & Termini

Centered around Rome’s main station, Termini Station, this area is vast and fun to explore. East of here is the San Lorenzo student neighborhood, as well as the district of Pigneto full of boho restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Must see: Co.So | Mercato Centrale | Residenza Cellini

5. Ostiense & Testaccio

Although Testaccio isn’t as popular a tourist spot, it has some great places for food trips among its trattorias. South of here is Ostiense, which used to be an industrial zone. At night, this place lights up with its parties and clubs.

Must see: Da Felice | Eataly | Giulietta Pizzeria | Goa | Mordi e Vai

6. Trastevere

These vibrant buildings, cobbled roads, and beautiful piazzas will remind you of idyllic medieval times. At night, however, the neighborhood comes alive with parties joined by expats, locals, students, and tourists, held within its numerous bars, cafes, pizzerias, and restaurants.

Must see: Bar San Calisto | Fatamorgana | Freni e Frizioni | Glass Hostaria | Porta Portese Market | Relais Le Clarisse

7. Trevi Fountain & Tridente

This extravagant shopping district is among the swankiest in Rome. Tourists come here to stay at luxury hotels, lounge in smart cafes, shop at designer boutiques, and see the sights.

Must see: Antico Caffè Greco | Canova Tadolini | Fendi | Hotel de Russie | La Bottega del Marmoraro | Portrait Roma | Sermoneta | Spanish Steps | Stravinskij Bar | Trevi Fountain

8. Prati & Vatican

Lying northwest from the city center is The Vatican. Despite being the smallest country in the world, it boasts St Peter’s Basilica and its very own Vatican Museums, which houses the Sistine Chapel. The classy Prati district nearby has great shopping choices, as well as various bars, restaurants, and takeaways.

Must see: Alexanderplatz | Castel Sant’Angelo | Palazzo Cardinal Cesi | Pizzarium | Ristorante L’Arcangelo | Sciascia Caffè | St Peter’s Basilica | Vatican Museums

9. Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini

Although Rome’s central park is harbored here, you could also take time to visit the country’s presidential palace, as well as their many museums.

Must see: Colline Emiliane Palm | Gallery Hotel | Hotel Eden | Metamorfosi | Museo e Galleria Borghese | Villa Borghese | Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Best Landmarks in Rome

1. Bocca della Verità (Monti & Ancient Rome)

Also called the Mouth of Truth, a known Roman legend tells that if anyone were to place their hand in it, the structure would close its mouth upon their hand. This landmark can be found near Circo Massimo, at the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

2. Capitoline Museums (Monti & Ancient Rome)

With its signature Etruscan bronze piece of a wolf standing over Remus and Romulus entitled Lupa Capitolina, this museum is among the world’s oldest collections of classical art. +39 06 0608

3. Castel Sant’Angelo (Prati & Vatican)

This gorgeous Roman castle houses frescoed interiors, beautiful décor, and offers a wonderful view from its rooftop terrace. +39 06 681 9111

4. Colosseum (Monti & Ancient Rome)

The Roman Colosseum is world-renowned as the largest gladiator arena. If you want to skip the long lines, book a ticket online, or buy one at the Palatine nearby. The tickets at Palatine cover the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and the Palatine itself. +39 06 3996 7700

5. Pantheon (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

Come and visit the most well-preserved historical building of Rome. Now officially a church, this structure hosts the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. +39 06 6830 0230

6. Piazza Navona (Rome’s Jewish Ghetto & Historical City Center)

The gorgeous baroque piazza located in central Rome features the opulent Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi or the Fountain of the Four Rivers. This piece was created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a notable 17th century artist. The best time to visit is before the daily crowd, around early morning.

7. Roman Forum & Palatine (Monti & Ancient Rome)

Historically, the Forum was the city’s commercial, religious, and political center, boasting its temples and basilicas. Above these is the Palatine, which was the exclusive and elite neighborhood and residence of the Roman emperor. +39 06 3996 7700

8. St Peter’s Basilica (Prati & Vatican)

The best-known Basilica of the Vatican, this proud structure contains various wonders. Among these is the hallowed Pietà sculpture by Michelangelo. Although you can visit for free, you can also pay €5 to climb the massive dome, or €8 to take the lift. +39 06 6982

9. Museo e Galleria Borghese (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

This museum holds with it a curated collection of baroque and Renaissance art. These include Antonio Canova and Bernini’s sculptures. Since the museum is considered the best museum in Villa Borghese, you should book a ticket early by phone or online to enter. +39 06 841 3979

10. Spanish Steps (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

This gorgeous staircase in Rome is prime for photo opportunities and photoshoots, especially from mid-April to mid-May, when vibrant azaleas decorate its steps.

11. Trastevere (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

This photogenic neighborhood is a wonderful area to wander around, given its various historical churches. Among these is the Basilica di Santa Maria, which well-known for its golden mosaics, built way back in the 12th century.

12. Trevi Fountain (Trevi Fountain & Tridente)

This massive and extravagant fountain is a wishing place for tourists to toss their coins in for a wish to return to Rome. So many do so that €3000 are collected from it nearly every day, and donated to the charity Caritas.

13. Vatican Museums (Prati & Vatican)

Some of the most significant spots to visit within this legendary museum are the Museo Pio-Clementino, the Michelangelo Sistine Chapel, and the Raphael rooms. If you would like to skip the long lines, book tickets online. +39 06 6988 4676

14. Via Appia Antica (Southern Rome)

While they say all roads lead to Rome, the Appian Way has to be the most popular among them. This road is where Christians would bury the dead, above ground or in the catacombs. Guided tours are offered to explore these interesting sites, or to show you the pastoral scenery. You may also hire a bike at one of its points.

15. Victor Emmanuel Monument, aka. Altar of the Fatherland (Monti & Ancient Rome)

This site is actually a monument dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy. This massive structure of white marble houses many museums and galleries. It also offers a panoramic view of Rome from its top, which has a special lift for you to ride. +39 06 0608

16. Villa Borghese (Villa Borghese, Quirinale & Barberini)

Rome has its own central park, in the form of this 80-hectare expanse of foliage and peaceful greenery. Within the area are several museums, the romantic Pincio balcony, the city zoo, and paths to bike around on.

Best Tours in Rome

Here are the Top 45 Things You Should Do on Your Roman Holiday and Rome’s Top Activities That Kids Will Love.

1. A Friend in Rome

Here you can avail of tours to museums and historical sights. They also offer private walking tours, bike or scooter rides, trips out of town, and wine and food tours. +39 340 5019201

2. Bici e Baci

You have several vehicle options for this tour, mainly a Vespa scooter, a Fiat 500, a Segway, or just simply go on foot. The tours will take you to the ancient centers and sites around the city. Among these are the Villa Borghese park and the Via Appia Antica. You could also rent a bike or scooter. +39 06 482 8443

3. Context Travel

Context Travel is great if you just want to join a small group, and be led by archaeologists, chefs, and art historians. If you’re traveling with family, you may want to try their Vatican and Ancient Rome tours made especially for kids. +1 800 691 6036

4. Open Bus Cristiana

This tour offers the open bus experience. They will take you to the Vatican and Termini, and you can drink in the sights at St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon. A single point-to-point route costs €12, while a get-on get-off deal is €20. +39 06 698 961

5. Rome Boat Experience

Pay €15 for a round trip along the river Tiber over the course of 80 minutes. If you’re feeling more luxurious, you can opt for their dinner cruise with live music at €65. +39 06 560 00178

6. The Roman Guy

You can choose to travel via a car, on foot, or electric bike with this professional guided tour. If you avail of their packages, you can skip the tourist lines, go straight to the Vatican Museums and Colosseum, and enjoy food trips within Trastevere and Testaccio. +39 342 876 1859

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