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San Antonio Hotel, Santorini (Review)

The San Antonio Hotel is one of the premier hotels in the northern edge of Imerovigli, Santorini. The hotel is sitting above a concealed part of the volcanic landform, which houses a very pristine bay. Every room within the hotel is inclusive of a personal balcony, while most have jacuzzis inside or outside.

San Antonio Hotel, Santorini

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It also boasts a full-service spa, an infinity pool for everyone to share, and a romantic view over the caldera. A huge jacuzzi and Vichy showers are also available at the private spa, providing an extensive experience for couples that have checked in.

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Room with private pool

In San Antonio also resides The Cliffside, its in-house restaurant that serves exquisite Greek and Mediterranean delicacies. The restaurant perfectly showcases the local tastes of Santorini through delicate and exceptional flavors. The overlooking romantic view of the Aegean Sea from the restaurant also complements and completes the experience.

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Area: The hotel holds a gorgeous view of the Northern Imerovigli Village. Placed at a very remote and serene location, and it is only 7 minutes away from most attractions and 17 minutes away to the village of Oia.

Transportation/Commute: Buses, taxis, and rent-a-cars are available on the island. Buses are available every hour per ferry arrival. The buses usually only stop at Fira, but you can board another bus there to Imerovigli. Also, the bus can take you from the ferry port straight to San Antonio’s unofficial bus stop; remember to inform the operator in advance. Taxis, on the other hand, would cost you 25 euros for the airport to hotel trip and the ferry port to hotel trip costs 30 euros. There is usually a long wait for taxis given that there are only roughly 25 servicing the entire island. A more comfortable and faster option for this would be to rent a car, as San Antonio provides free parking as well.

It also should be known that the hotel is a minute walk away from bus stops around the island along with the Oia-Fira Hiking Trail.

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Things to know

Age for Occupancy: Only guests of ages 13 and above are allowed; it is an adult-only hotel. Couples celebrating occasions, families with teenagers, and groups are usually the guests catered by the hotel.

Beach: Both the Koloumpos Beach (4.5km northeast) and the Exo Gialos (7km to its northern tip and 9km to its south tip) are relatively near the hotel. The Exo Gialos boasts cliffs that are sculpted by the wind and is also near amazing beach bars. A 12-minute drive from the north tip will take you to Yalos, a lovely restaurant-cum-beach bar. But the best in the area is East Breeze, which is a 16-minute drive from the cliffs.

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View: The hotel maximizes the caldera; providing an excellent view from every room.

Hot Tubs/Personal Pools: All rooms except for the Suite is inclusive of jacuzzi baths. An indoor and outdoor private jacuzzi bath is available for the Master, Honeymoon and Superior Suites. Only the indoor jacuzzi bath is possible for the Senior Suite. On the other hand, only some rooms have jacuzzi baths for the Classic Double Rooms and Junior Suites.

Parking: There is free parking provided by the hotel. You can either have a valet or park on your own at the empty grounds across the hotel.

Extras: The hotel can provide valet, a maid (twice daily), and a butler service. There is also wedding planning, private dining, and yoga available.

Booking Time: It is best to reserve 4 to 6 months before the designated date at peak season (June to September). At the low season, it is best to book at least two months prior. Please note that the hotel is only operational from April 1 to October 31.

Booking Process: allows for easier access while giving the most excellent rates, but you can also contact them through the cell (+30 28860 24388), electronic mail ([email protected]), or online (


Swimming Pool: Placed on the cliffside is the hotel’s infinity pool. Its position showcases a majestic view of the volcanic landform.

Health Spa: Reservations are required in the spa because the services are private per guest. They offer a full-service experience that is considered best for couples. The massages can either be done in a volcanic cave or somewhere that showcases the caldera. The cave has a body jet shower and a large jacuzzi.

Fitness Center: There is no gym available at the hotel. But if requested, yoga classes may be executed.

For PWDs: The building only installed stairs given that the establishment is sitting atop a caldera. There are no elevators nor rooms accessible for disabled guests.

For Families: There is a 13 and above age restriction at the hotel. Given so, attractions for children are not available. The maximum residency for the Senior and Superior suites is 3. For all the other suites, maximum residency is 2.

Other Facilities: The hotel also has a pharmacy, chapel, and an in-house convenience store.

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Food & Drink

In-House Restaurant: The Cliffside Restaurant serves an extensive offering of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, but is only available at dinnertime. They showcase the freshest ingredients found only around the area. Also, they hold a majestic selection of wine to complete the Santorini experience.

Lounge/Bar: Open 24 hours, The Sun Lounge bar serves cocktails and drinks together with Greek and Mediterranean starters. They allow serving in the room, at the bar, or by the pool.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet is available and inclusive to rooms booked by guests. It offers a menu of Greek and Continental grub, delicately prepared by experts. Along with this is a menu of eggs served a la carte available every day.

Room Service: The Sun Lounge Bar provides 24-hour room service with its exquisite menu.

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rooms in San Antonio

Room Types: There are seven room types, all having a spectacular view of the sea. These are the rooms in order of increasing size and number of amenities:

Classic Double Sea View Room
Junior Suite Sea View
Suite Sea View
Senior Suite Sea View
Superior Suite Sea View
Honeymoon Suite Sea View
Master Suite Sea View

Rooms for Smoking: Hotel rooms do not tolerate smoking. Guests are only allowed to smoke at common outdoor areas or private terraces.

Best Room: The largest room the hotel offers is the Master Suite. It is 30 square meters large, enough for two people to enjoy themselves. The suite is inclusive of a king-sized bed, a terrace for sunbathing, a private garden, both dining areas inside and outside the room, and also hot tubs inside and outside the unit. All these are placed around the 30 square meter spread, having no smaller rooms inside the suite.

For Families: The hotel requires only to have guests aged thirteen years and above. Hence, there aren’t many attractions suited for children. The rooms are set up in an open plan format, unable to leave adequate privacy for larger groups. A 3-guest group shall likely choose the Senior and Superior Suite. A group more abundant than that should book two rooms instead.

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Getting around

On foot: The establishment is situated in a very remote and serene location. Reaching the Imerovigli village requires a 50-minute walk south. The village houses most of Imerovigli’s restaurants, boutiques, and other attractions. The hotel sits somewhere on the Oia-Fira Trail, at the northmost part of Imerovigli. The location is actually near the actual mid-way between Oia and Imerovigli.

Bus: An unofficial bus stop is situated across the street of the hotel and is considered the closest. Even if it is informal, boarding seems to be no problem at all. The drivers are informed that people board and alight at the location. If you are returning to the establishment from the outside, always remember to update the driver of your stop. If you don’t, the driver would consider going straight ahead. Tickets at daytime cost around 1.80 to 2.50 euros per person, and 2.30 to 3.10 euros at night. There are fewer buses at 12:30 am to 5 am, so it might take a while to board. The island has only 23 buses roaming around, so it would be wise to expect a more difficult commute when it is peak season on the island.

Taxis: It is wiser to book a taxi in advance despite a small surcharge because only 25 taxis are roaming the island. These taxis are shared by around a thousand vacation rentals such as Airbnb, villas, and hotels. The average rate of taxis for a trip from Imerovigli to Fira is about 10 euros. A journey from Imerovigli to the airport or the ferry port may cost you around 20 euros. The nearest taxi stand from the hotel is at Fira. The Stathmos Taxi stand at Fira is too far to reach through either walking or the bus, rendering it impractical.

Scooters/motorcycles: The terrain around the island is quite rough, so traveling via two-wheeled vehicles is not encouraged. Along with the dirt and potholes, the road stands quite unruly. The hilly zigzag of the route is made more dangerous by having no guardrails on the steep dive beside the road. Despite being the local’s primary mode of transportation, it is perilous if you are unfamiliar with the terrain. Along with this, some areas have little to no streetlights.

ATVS: The ATVs appear to be more apt for solo travel around the island. It is more popular with tourists, and it gives better control rather than scooters and motorcycles. Despite being a tourist favorite, the locals do not appreciate the vehicle. The ATVs tend to go about slower than two-wheeled vehicles and tend to take up a lot of space. It has been a primary cause of traffic for the area, and it does not help how hard it is already to go around the island. The authorities are looking forward to a full ban of the vehicle, already having the ones with the smaller motors be illegal to drive around.

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What’s nearby?


OVAC: A 6-minute drive from the hotel. They serve Mediterranean-Asian fusion, and the entire menu is just plain perfect. Although the food is questionably expensive. Also, the restaurant boasts a romantic and spectacular view of the sunset.

Anogi: A 7-minute drive from the hotel. They cater both local and Greek cuisines, as the diners are treated to an al fresco experience. The food is both packed with flavor along with large servings.

Le Moustache: An 8-minute drive from the hotel. They showcase high-class Greek and Mediterranean dishes paired with exquisite cocktails. The restaurant is perched atop the caldera, with a panoramic sight of the sunset to complete the experience.

Avocado: An 8-minute drive from the hotel. Features a more ancestral menu, serving Cycladic dishes. They also feature a fantastic spread of wines local to Santorini.

The Athenian House: A 9-minute drive from the hotel. Features Greek dishes that incorporate delicate flavors and techniques. With their resource of local ingredients, they make use of gastronomy to create dishes both familiar and deviant.

La Maison: A 9-minute drive from the hotel. They feature a more current selection of Greek dishes. The restaurant makes its guests experience fine dining while overlooking a gorgeous sight of the caldera — overall pleasant experience.

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Buddha Bar Beach: A 7-minute drive from the hotel. It features a fantastic view atop Skaros Rock and the caldera. The bar also has a shisha lounge and a restaurant. Despite being considered pricey, it is very able to make up for your money’s worth.

Domaine Sigalas: An 11-minute drive from the hotel. It is the most exceptional vineyard considered in Santorini. A tour package can be availed, but they also have tapas and tastings.

Volkan on the Rocks: A 12-minute drive from the hotel. Located at Firostefani, they offer a gorgeous view together with an outdoor cinema. All of this in the convenience of an excellent brewpub.

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Hlios Bakery: A 7-minute drive from the hotel. They have a pretty basic and standard selection. The price point is relatively low. They are available for deliveries but only accept payment in cash. The coffee is okay, so are their pastries and deli sandwiches.

To Briki: A 9-minute drive from the hotel. They offer a view of the sunset to enjoy together with their fantastic breakfast. Considered the best café to experience traditional Greek coffee.


Pegasus Boutique: A 9-minute drive from the hotel. It is located beside the Pegasus hotel, hence the name of the boutique. It features work of Greek designers; spanning from shoes, swimwear, clothing, and accessories.

Under A Fig Tree: A 9-minute drive from the hotel. It is mounted along the Oia-Fira trail. The place showcases Greek-design fashion. It is a place that is meant to cater to people that are willing to cash out.


Oia-Fira Hiking Trail: A 1-minute walk from the hotel. Considered as one of the best attractions in the whole island. The 10.5km hiking trail is a battle against sidewalks, dirt trails, and cobblestones. Despite the hardship, the hikers are rewarded with a fantastic view of the vistas along the path. From the hotel, it takes an hour and 10 minutes to Oia Castle.

On the contrary, the path from the hotel to the end of the trail at Fira takes an hour and 15 minutes. The trail ends at Fira is relatively near Keti hotel. If you ever think of detouring to Skaros Rock along the path, add 15 more minutes to the hiking time.

Imerovigli Basketball Court: A 7-minute drive from the hotel. Considered to be the main parking area of Imerovigli, but not considered an attraction.

Anastasi Church: An 8-minute drive from the hotel. It is a blue-domed church that sits atop Skaros Rock. Despite being such a work of art, it also boasts a fantastic view of the caldera. It is usually used for photo shoots, especially that of weddings.

Skaros Rock: An 8-minute drive from the hotel. Existing since 1207, it is an outstanding volcanic rock formation that circumvents a town that holds a medieval castle. The only active part of the attraction is Panagia Theoskepasti, a monastery located at its base.

Agios Georgios Church: It is an 8-minute drive from the hotel. The view from the church boasts an incredible, panoramic sight. It indicates the starting trail that leads to Skaros Rock. It is easy to spot given that it is a small white church overlooking a part of the caldera.

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Jimmy’s Market Cava: A 6-minute drive from the hotel. They have a fantastic offering of sandwiches, breakfast, and coffee that might be compared to Hlios. The only advantage of Hlios is that it delivers. They have a wide selection at the deli and market, and their choices for wine is known to be exceptional.

Supermarket Nissi: A 7-minute drive from the hotel. They are known to have the best prices in all of Imerovigli. Tourists say that it is the friendliest market within the vicinity.

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