The Atlantis Bookstore in Oia

If you’re in Oia, and you’re looking for a cool place to visit, Check out Atlantis bookstore. It’s a small but interesting bookshop located near the end of the Fira-Oia Footpath. If you’re walking towards the direction of the sunset, it should be on your left. There are many interesting books in this store about a myriad of things. If you have a particular genre or title in mind, feel free to ask the staff. They’re very accommodating and so willing to converse that you can ask them anything. You can even ask for restaurant recommendations. The store is pretty known in the area so if you’re having trouble finding it, just ask around. It accepts all major credit cards. Don’t worry about being low on cash. 

Learn more about this bookstore at If you have questions about their books, shoot them an email at [email protected]or call them at +30 22860 72346. You can also visit in person if you’reOia, Santorini in Greece. The store is open from 11 in the morning until 8 at night, but it varies depending on the season. 

Visit Oia’s Atlantis Books

Find interesting books in Oia, Santorini. 

Atlantis Books in Oia. 

Atlantis bookstore offers books from a wide range of genres available in many languages. 

Find good books in Santorini.

Atlantis has a roof deck that is not off-limits to guests. 

Buying Books in Santorini

The store is riddled with good quotes from many different people. 

Great books in Oia. 

The Quotes are all over the place, even outside. 

Where to get good books in Santorini.

It’s even found on the wall and the stairs. 

Get the best books on the island

The store doesn’t waste space. Good books are piled up all over the place. 

Read while in Santorini

Even the top of the shelves are covered with books. 

Read helpful guides for your vacation. 

Of course, they have a number of great books about the country’s famous mythology and history. 

Find books in Santorini, Greece.

Books in the store are carefully selected by the people who run the place. You won’t find a single bad or boring book in Atlantis. 

Bookshop in Oia, Santorini

There’s more than one way to the top deck so wander around the store and try to find it. 

Here’s a fast but detailed tour of the place. 

Here are some hangout places near the Atlantis Bookstore.

A famous bar in Oia is located near the shop.

Crash into Mary Kay for a drink after visiting the bookshop. 

The shop is also near restaurants with great views. 

The Lotza restaurant is really close to the Atlantis. If you’re hungry coming out of the bookshop, it’s a good place to eat lunch in. 

There’s also a cafe with caldera views near the store. 

Just across Mary Kay’s, stands the Meteor Cafe. If you can’t wait to sit down with your new book, grab a coffee and enjoy it at this cafe.