Since very little crimes happen in Santorini, it is very safe for travelers who travel by themselves. In fact, you don’t have to be worried about anyone who will try to steal your stuff. Of course, you should still watch your stuff when it’s at night because you may lose them. There are some nice hotels that are nearby cool nightclubs like Tropical, Enigma and Koo Club like Cosmopolitan Hotel and Petini’s Place. Be sure to book those places several months in advance though because they get fully booked rather quickly.

Tips for Scooter and Motorbike Riders

A lot of people get injured because they want to explore Santorini by riding a motorbike or a scooter. Unfortunately, learning these two things does not take overnight so you will risk a lot when you decide to ride a motorbike to explore the island. In fact, a lot of travelers ended up paying more than what they imagined because they were confined in the hospital due to a motorcycle accident. Therefore, you should really just take a bus or a cab when going to the major tourist spots.

Is it alright to visit Santorini in 2018?

The island is very safe as there have been only a few reported accidents on this place. The few accidents concern vehicles but that is usually the case with any other place. There can be many causes for vehicular accidents so always fasten your seatbelt. When you are riding in one, always be alert because you never know when a commotion may happen. Just like other countries, don’t drive when you’ve had a few drinks. Also, don’t rent a motorbike if you’re not that familiar with using it.

Is it safe to wander off at night in Santorini?

You rarely see fights happen at night in Santorini. Of course, you can’t avoid having people get into crazy moods after getting drunk so it is generally pretty risky to go to bars as you never know what may happen. The most important thing to remember is to not get yourself too drunk so drink moderately. If you feel a little sleepy then it is time to go bed. You may fall asleep somewhere far from home and when you wake up, all your valuables are gone. When that happens, you have nobody to blame but yourself.