Availing bundled vacations in Santorini

How can I get one of those Santorini Vacation Bundles?

You probably shouldn’t.

While it’s admittedly stressful to get a plane ticket and a Room in Santorini, It’s better to go through with it than getting pre-arranged packages. Check out this helpful Holiday Guideif you need help in booking either of the two. 

Pre-arranged deals are so popular. Mainly because the hard part has already been done for you. While it seems convenient that you can get ready made vacation plans, they’re far from unique. Unlike if you book your room yourself, you get to choose which hotel you want to stay in and what view your window will have. Same with plane tickets, choose which seat you want, and when your flight is. Vacation packages will give you generic seats and unimpressive rooms. They’re preparing it for so many people that quality is not high up on their list.  

There might be a chance that you only visit Santorini once, make sure to fuss over every little detail to make sure it’s perfect. 

Here are some sites that could make your vacation to Santorini so much easier:

For plane schedules and tickets, go to Kayak.comand search for cheap flights that will get you  from many European cities like Amsterdam, Rome, Athens, Paris, and London directly to Santorini. If you can’t find a direct flight, and you really have to go to Athens, fly with Easy Jetor Ryan Air

If you’re looking for a hotel in Santorini, visit Booking.com. They have amazing rooms at great prices. 

If you need to board the ferry in Greece, get your tickets online. Go to GTP.gr, browse through ferry schedules, and reserve your ticket days in advance. Since ferry tickets aren’t as in demand as plane tickets, you don’t really need to stress yourself trying to secure them early. 

If your ferry trip is on the peak tourist season, and you want to secure your seat months in advance, try the website Ferryhopper.com

Reserving online is easy and convenient. 

If you’re looking for known and legitimate travel agencies to help you plan your trip to Santorini, look for Fantasy Traveland Dolphin Hellas.