Seattle Nightlife – The Best Bars in Seattle

Looking for something to do in Seattle after dark? Check out our guide to the best nightlife in the city! From trendy bars and clubs to live music venues and more, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to dance the night away or relax with a cocktail in hand, read on for our top picks.

What are the best bars in Seattle? The best bars in Seattle are:

  • Theo’s Chocolate in Fremont: This bar is unique because it doubles as a chocolate shop. They have a wide variety of chocolate drinks and desserts, as well as beer and wine.
  • Rhein Haus in Capitol Hill: This German biergarten has a huge selection of German beers on tap, along with traditional German food.
  • Diller Room in Belltown: This speakeasy offers an impressive selection of cocktails, plus small plates to share.
Seattle Bars

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down on Seattle and visitors will be delighted to discover that the city offers a lively and varied nightlife. From theaters, opera and performing arts, to bars, nightclubs and many other entertainment options, in the city of Seattle there are alternatives for all tastes.

Here are the best clubs and bars in Seattle.

Seattle Nightlife

Seattle’s bars and nightclubs are grouped in the city areas of Pioneer Square, Belltown, Ballard and Capitol Hill. Pioner Square offers a little bit of everything and is popular with college students. Belltown is home to some of the city’s most famous nightclubs, while Capitol Hill is known for its gay scene. Ballard has a quiet atmosphere ideal for a casual night on the town.

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Downtown Seattle

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In the center of the business district is Radiator Whiskey that’s centralized in barbeque dishes, however, Alibi Room is a force to be reckoned with, dishing out small plates and pizzas. In general, the two places serve delectable meals.

Russell’s. The front-runner situated in a snug neighborhood joint between the borders of Fremont and Wallingford and a 10-minute Uber ride from downtown. It’s never overlooked among other bars as it’s esteemed as a go-to place for locals and tourists alike looking for a crowd late at night.

The bar also boasts a great mix of local beers, cocktails, wines, and foods that includes meat and cheese plates, chicken pot pie, and sliders. Russell’s is located at 4111 Stone Way N. Reachable via 206-547-1653.

Recommended Bars in Seattle

Tractor Tavern in Ballard

Crocodile in Belltown
Shorty’s in Belltown

Pine Box in Capitol Hill

Von’s 1000 Spirits located downtown
Purple Wine Bar located downtown

George and Dragon Pub in Fremont
Russell’s in Fremont
Alibi Room in Pike Place Market

Radiator Whiskey  in Pike Place Market
Murphy’s Pub in Wallingford
Sea Monster in Wallingford

Union Saloon in Wallingford


 Ballard Nightlife, ballard seattle nightlife, best ballard nightlife

Moving away from the city proper, between 17th Avenue and Market Street is Ballard Avenue with its prominent old-school ambiance and tree-lined walkways. Though it’s among a hodgepodge of not so wide avenues, various bars, restaurants, and live venues are scattered around which is consistent with Seattle’s streets.

Going to the northernmost section will lead to the neighborhood’s business district, Market Street. It takes about 15 minutes on foot if you could walk past the street attractions. (Bars, restaurants, and street performances)

17th Avenue NW is the best way to start your journey, going up towards Market Street. It’s hard to miss the fascinating Kolstrand building which houses The Walrus and the Carpenter owned by renowned restaurateur, Renee Erickson won the 2016 James Beard Foundation award.

The place opens up to a bright, rustic environment serving a great selection of shellfish; among others, local clams and mussels, and the must-try oysters. Like so with other famous restaurants, there’s always a line outside, pass the time by making a reservation and look up a water hole nearby.

You don’t have to go far with Walrus and the Carpenter’s sister bar, Barnacle just behind the building they serve good drinks and small plates. Beer, wine, or maybe cider with a slice is Ballard Pizza Company’s specialty. Bad Albert’s might look bedraggle from the outside, nonetheless, they serve great food and drinks.

Ballard Ave doesn’t end there, continue going north and you will find a plethora of business establishments, to name a few, Macleod’s Scottish Pub offers single malt whiskeys and scotch cocktails. The nautical bar that serves Guinness, The Lock & Keel. Listen to live music? You can choose from The Sunset rock-and-roll bar or Tractor Tavern’s folk and blues. A stone throw away, Hazlewood with its mysterious, and gloom setting and their popular eponymous cocktail.

Explore and decide what suits you. Choose from the various medley of Ballard Ave’s bars.

You can reach Ballard through public transport like: 40 Bus. From downtown, it’ll go straight to Leary Avenue NW, and will drop you off a block away to Ballard Ave. It will drop you off near Ballard, though it’s rather slow. Through D line “Rapid Ride”. Although it’s a bit faster than 40 Bus, it won’t get you closer to Ballard. Don’t miss the stop on the corner between 15th Avenue NW and Market to Street, head straight to 17th, take the right turn and walk straight until you find the lines of clubs and restaurants. Through Uber. From downtown, it will cost around $10-$15.

Ballard’s Recommended Nightspots

Bad Albert’s at 5100 Ballard Avenue NW

Ballard Pizza Company at 5107 Ballard Avenue NWBarnacle at 4743 Ballard Avenue NW

Hazlewood at 2311 NW Market StreetMacLeod’s at 5200 Ballard Avenue NWThe Lock and Keel Tavern at 5144 Ballard Avenue NWThe Sunset at 5433 Ballard Avenue NW

The Walrus and the Carpenter at 4743 Ballard Avenue NWTractor Tavern at 5213 Ballard Avenue NW


belltown nightclubs seattle wa, nightlife in belltown seattle

Going closer to the central district Seattle, Belltown is a stylish neighborhood along with 1st and 2nd Avenues with a profusion of restaurants, shops, clubs, and bars. Ever since the area’s face-lift, it has been one of the most densely populated places and new recreation areas, facilities, and activities are flourishing.

Take Blanchard and 2nd, toward Bell Street, for example, a tiny pub from the outside, but is a well-known pizza-and-booze Mecca is Rocco’s, a rather magnificent, metal-and-brick-lined space. Pinxto dishes out tasteful tapas and superb cocktails.

Queen City Grill in their well-worn oak booths has been serving customers with scrumptious seafood entrees and of course grand cocktails for decades. Besides, you’ve got to taste Wakefield Bar’s fried chicken to judge if it should receive more recognition.

Looking for a place to sober up? Drop by some of the more popular music venues nearby. While a couple of these venues are small-scale, they are no doubt acceptable and not to mention functional.

Get to watch live performances at the Theater Schmeater, also known as The Schmee, or listen to live music at The Crocodile Café formerly owned by Peter Buck of REM’s. The Rendezvous Grotto is an underground bar that doubles as a performance space. It also has a mini Theater called Jewelbox.

Into Jazz music? Tula’s Restaurant and Jazz Club, performs a range of jazz styles from Bebop to Bossa Nova all day of the week. The surprise never ends at 2312 Gallery with their unpredictable act of choice whether a live performance, an art opening, or simply nothing.

Let your curiosity and mood lead you to your next destination. Take to the road and explore. There’s always something new to discover around Belltown.

Belltown’s Recommended Bars and Nightspots

Pinxto at 2219 4th Ave

Queen City Grill at 2201 1st AvenueRocco’s at 2228 2nd Avenue

The Crocodile Cafe at 2200 2nd AvenueThe Rendezvous at 2322 2nd Avenue

Theater Schmeater at 2125 3rd AvenueTula’s at 2214 2nd AvenueWakefield Bar at 2318 2nd Avenue2312 Gallery at 2312 2nd Avenue

Pike Place Market

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The second most famous place in Seattle is a major draw both for locals and tourists. Aside from generating fresh produce and goods, Pike Market is still dynamic yet easier to delve into at night.

For food options, Café Campagne the region’s prime classic French restaurant with their slogan “A classic Parisian in the heart of Seattle”. El Borracho Radiator Whiskey has barrel-aged bourbons and their famous pig’s head. It’s so popular that you have to order a week in advance. El Borracho might be famous for their shredded rabbit tacos, but they also offer a vegan version of burritos, tacos, and nachos.

For your amusement, The Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret never fails to deliver, they have a theater, comedy, and burlesque shows. Its Absinthe and Craft Cocktail is open every Wednesday to Sundays from 5 pm to closing. Experience Improv at its best at Unexpected Productions. Jazz to hip hop, The Showbox has a variety of music from its local artists.

If you want to learn about the usually overlooked dark history of the public market, join the night tour called, Market Ghost Tour which starts at Ghost Alley Espresso.

Take a small moment to appreciate the scenic view atop Virginia Street where you can see Puget Sound’s several islands and Alki Beach’s shoreline. On the north end of the market is Victor Steinbrueck Park overlooking Elliott Bay where Seattle’s Great Wheel is located.

Having said that, there’s more behind the gum wall’s colorful display, my go-to bar in Pike Market, Alibi Room is hidden to the unfamiliar tourist. Alibi Room serves their must-try prominent brick oven pizzas.

Heads up, the area near First to Third on Pine is usually safe. However, just to be on the safe side, be cautious when mingling with people there on your way to the business district.

Recommended Bars and Nightspots along Pike Place Market

Alibi Room at 85 Pike StreetCafé Campagne at 1600 Post AlleyEl Borracho at 1521 1st AvenueRadiator Whiskey at 94 Pike Street, upstairsThe Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret at 94 Pike Street, downstairsUnexpected Productions at 1428 Post AlleyThe Showbox at 1426 1st AvenueMarket Ghost Tour at 1499 Post AlleyGhost Alley Espresso at 1499 Post Alley


wallingford seattle nightlife, wallingford seattle juice bars

Seeking for a nighttime diversion? Wallingford’s difference among others is it’s unfrequented by tourists, ergo the local vibe. An iconic Japanese izakaya called Issian has grown into the heart of Wallingford serving their famous grilled meats better paired with low-priced Sapporo beer, noodles, sushi, and a sensational happy hour small plates that ends at 6:30 pm.

One of the bars that showcase interiors with character is Union Saloon. If you’re into a more interactive night out, Murphy’s have live music and trivia nights. Visit Sea Monster that features local bands where you can sway along at the dance floor. Super Bueno, a relatively new restaurant that caters to children. Russell’s, my favorite restaurant is near from all these places.

Recommended Nightlife in Wallingford

Murphy’s Pub at 1928 N 45th StRussell’s at 4111 Stone Way NSea Monster at 2202 N 45th StThe Octopus Bar at 2109 N 45th St

Union Saloon at 3645 Wallingford Ave N

Capitol Hill

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From grunge music and famous musicians, Seattle has come a long way. Where else is it more defined than on Capitol Hill? With its diverse and rich community, the area is a distinguished place of restaurants, bars, art, and, counterculture. This receptiveness stepped up the advancement, though some start to question the dramatic transformation of the area.

Both young and old converge at the corner of 10th and Pike. From the typical bar crawling chiefly on the weekends, dining in various restaurants, or checking out theaters and movie houses. It also hosts among many, block parties and the Pride parade.

Tired and hungry after all the partying and craving for Scotch Egg and Roasted Bone Marrow? Quinn’s chic gastropub theme is right up the alley.

Quality seafood? Try Momiji’s mouthwatering sashimi and sushi or go to Bar Melusine for champagne and oysters. Beer and great food with a twist? The Pine Box’s unique history and colonial-style bar is your go-to-place.

The “City of music” offers clubs and venues playing live music. Neumos live indie music, just beneath is Barboza, a small club that hosts local and national talents.

For plays and movies, the Northwest Film Forum located on 12th Ave screens independent movies and documentaries, along with foreign films that almost exclusively play in LA or New York.

Curious or fond of plays and musicals? Check out the wide-range, whimsical, and noteworthy works of local artists in The Annex. For bowling and billiards with a 1920’s theme to boot, The Garage offers a fun night.

There’s just a long list to do in Seattle and wandering around assures you of the many possibilities to party the night away. Even the mundane queuing for the famous “Seattle dog” gives the opportunity to socialize with the community, you might just be awed by simply people watching, and that’s how entertaining one of Seattle’s hippest neighborhood might just be.

With all the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood, parking is one of the obvious complications, but with Capitol Hill’s walk score of 86, you just don’t need your car. If need be, there’s Seattle’s transit system, the Link light rail or Uber and taxi services that are quite cheap from downtown. Seattle is very walkable, though mainly steep.

Capitol Hill’s Recommended Bars and Hangouts

Annex Theatre at 1100 E. Pike Street

Barboza at 925 E. Pike Street

Bar Melusine at 1060 E. Union Street

Momiji at 1522 12th Avenue

Neumos at 925 E. Pike Street

Northwest Film Forum at 1515 12th AvenueQuinn’s at 1001 E. Pike StreetThe Garage at 1130 Broadway

The Pine Box at 1600 Melrose Ave

Lower Queen Anne

 Lower Queen Anne Nightlife,  Lower Queen Anne Nightlife seattel

Pass the north downtown near Space Needle, you can find a collection of trendy restaurants to have your meals and have some shots. These restaurants and bars are walking distance from each other which allows you to jump from one place to another conveniently.

If ever you find yourself at Queen Anne Avenue or Mercer Street, you can your adventure in almost any direction. You can easily get there by booking an Uber or hailing a cab. You also have the option of taking the bus that passes through these roads: D Line.

I would recommend starting at Toulouse Petit and be greeted with its lively scene. They specialize in creole food, what’s more it’s affordable. Actually, everything on the menu is affordable. Plus, happy hour’s menu is a bit longer here compared to other places.

Around town, you will see the signage of Pagliacci which has established themselves as a favorite go-to for the locals. One of their branches is just up the road. If you ever feel like diving in an upscale pizza restaurant, you have The Masonry to try. You’ll surely enjoy your wood-fired pizza in their open-air dining motif.

If you want to be entertained, there’s SIFF Cinema Uptown if you want to see a movie on the silver screen. For people who are into play, there’s Seattle Repertory Theatre. And you can spend your nights at Ozzie’s singing to your favorite songs in one of their karaoke rooms.

These already mentioned activities are suitable for any extrovert, but if you want a laid back vibe you can walk your way to MarQueen Hotel. This historic landmark is the home of Tin Lizzie Lounge that is popular for its elegant vibes.

You might also be interested in a wine bistro, The Sitting Room. You can walk from the hotel to this bistro which looks like it belongs to a Parisian alley.

After all the eating and drinking, take a walk and visit Kerry Park. The way up won’t be easy since there are steep blocks on the way but you’ll think it’s worth it when you take in the sight of Seattle with center and front of the Needle.

Recommended Hang Outs and Afterhours at Lower Queen Anne

Toulouse Petit at 601 Queen Anne Avenue

Pagliacci at 550 Queen Anne Avenue N.

The Masonry at 20 Roy Street

SIFF Cinema Uptown at 551 Queen Anne Avenue N.

Seattle Repertory Theatre at 155 Mercer Street

Ozzie’s at 105 W. Mercer Street

The Tin Lizzie Lounge at 600 Queen Anne Avenue

The Sitting Room at 108 W. Roy Street

Kerry Park at 211 W. Highland Drive

Pioneer Square

pioneer square bar, pioneer square bar, pioneer square seattle nightlife

Pioneer Square is similar to Pike Place Market in a sense that both places are unrecognizable when the night comes. Going here during the day and during the night is a must because the place completely changes its vibes. Strolling during the day, you’ll see sandwich shops and tech startups lined up to accommodate tourists. When the night falls, witness the contrast between new glitz and old grime. This blend certainly characterizes modern Seattle.

Damn The Weather is the place to go to for craft cocktails. It’s a relatively new establishment and can be reached on foot. It’s a good place to start on an early evening. It’s an upscale establishment that occupies an area in a room.

The Square also boats some art galleries, but you have to go there early to find them still open. The number of artists exhibiting their works here has been dwindling because rental fees have been increasing. While this location is still the center for exhibits, some artists have found other places within the city.

Stonington Gallery is one of the reputable galleries in the city. They feature unique pieces that are derived from the Northwest. The city also holds Art Walk scheduled on every first Thursday monthly.

Art lovers will surely appreciate walking in and out of lofts, selected private residences, and galleries who participate in the event.

After sipping cocktails and appreciating art pieces, you might want to check out Comedy Underground. It’s the comedy club that has everyone laughing and in good moods. They have a superb line-up and the discerning taste of booking agents guarantees that you’ll be leaving with a smile or a tummy ache from laughing too much.

And to end with a bang, visit grittier spots on the city.

In 1852, Henry Yesler decided to put up a lumber mill and since then Pioneer Square has been set a place with shady backrooms, hazy parlors and a place that houses dumps and dives. You can still see the remnants of its shady ambiance. Better yet experience it yourself.

J&M Café and Central Saloon still offer stiff drinks up to this day. Step on their sticky floors and breathe in the atmosphere. If you want to have a test of courage, you can wander and see what things you might encounter. However, considered yourself warned if you have a weak heart because it is said that ghosts still walk on the streets. This might also be a good chance to make some friends and explore the city at night together.

Recommended Hang Outs and Afterhours at Pioneer Square

Damn the Weather at 116 1st Avenue S.

Stonington Gallery at 125 S. Jackson Street

Comedy Underground at 109 S. Washington Street

Central Saloon at 207 1st Avenue S.

J&M Café at 201 1st Avenue S.

Our Top Picks

Twisted Theaters

twisted pair theaters, twisted theatre tulsa

Movie dates with your partner or friends may seem very exciting, and yet Seattle is considered as a movie city. Try one of the local theaters and you might find yourself in a theater that is a tourist destination in its own right. Menus have drinks and foods that are served to you while you’re still on your seat with your eyes on the screen.

Central Cinema has its signature brick walls and television and offbeat revivals. Hecklevision is films that involve the audience for livelier and more fun shows. Snacks include pizza and cocktails in its extensive menu.

Big Picture is another getaway that is specially designed to accommodate couples on date night. The stairs lead to a room that is furnished with plush couches in the corners. You can be holding a martini in one hand lounging while waiting for the show to start rolling. Enjoy a small talk before the movie.

For cinephiles, Cinemara is a highly recommended place. This movie house is has been designed with cutting edge technology. Paul Allen has made sure to equip his movie house with upgrades that he can afford. Catch with the latest releases while sipping wine or chugging a beer.

Meanwhile, Northwest Film Forum which can be found at Capitol Hill and SIFF Cinema Uptown Theater located in Lower Queen Anne has great selections of foreign and local films. You can also have alcoholic drinks while watching here.

Recommended Movie Houses in Seattle

Central Cinema at 1411 Twenty-First Avenue (Central District)

Big Picture at 2505 First Avenue (Downtown)

Cinerama at 2100 Fourth Avenue (Belltown)

SIFF Cinema Uptown at 551 Queen Anne Avenue N. (Lower Queen Anne)

Northwest Film Forum at 1515 Twelfth Avenue (Capitol Hill)

Radiator Whiskey

radiator whiskey happy hour, radiator whiskey beast feast, radiator whiskey seattle menu

Put this on your lists that you have to visit if you are into good meat and booze aged in barrels. It’s not really a problem if you couldn’t make a reservation for dinner. Anyone can drop in during the happy hours which starts at 4 and ends at 6. They have chosen to specialize and promote meat cuts that are usually ignored. Smoked pig head is a highly recommended dish, and you can’t find this dish in just any restaurant.

If you think you can take on this challenge, you’ll have to put in your order a few days before the actual challenge day. If you have the guts to chew and swallow the eyeball, you’ll win yourself a free whiskey as a reward.

Vegetarians are also in for a treat when they order grilled cheese from goat and soup. They’ll soon be singing praises for it. The menu has been designed to be paired with the vast bourbon and whiskey selection they have.

You can find your new favorite on their list. Desserts, as one might expect, also include alcohol in their ingredients. Choco chip cookies served warm or try the pecan pie served with bourbon-flavored ice cream.

It’s advisable to wear fewer layers even during the winter season as the room tens to get stuffy. You’ll also find wine and beer on the menu, but it’ll be such as waste t past of a fine collection of bourbon and whiskey. The Radiator is found at 94 on Pike Street.

Purple Wine Bar and Café

purple cafe and wine bar downtown seattle

This establishment might be the best bet whatever you’re celebrating over dinner. They maintain American standards while also having modern elegance plus a good number of bottles in their wine collections.

Reservations are welcome for date nights, pre-theater and small talks, business dinners, and entertaining guests coming from different towns. Lunch doesn’t call for reservations, so we can just walk in. It’ll be hard to miss that wine tower, and you’ll be glad to know that you can actually have a sip or two.

They have a huge collection of wines. You’ll be presented with a 100-page catalog. If you’re not really up to browsing the list or if you find it confusing to choose one, the in-house sommelier will be more than happy to assist you. The food menu is also extensive, and even includes meals for kids.

Have your wine while your kid enjoys a glass of milk or soda. Just make sure that you don’t bother the other dining guests if you decide to tag your kids along. An entrée costs $15 at a minimum, and they don’t have happy hours. Lunch is a tad cheaper, too. If you decide to come for a meal, you’ll have to prepare yourself when you see the prices.

Aside from that matter, please be warned that noise-sensitive dinners might find the noise distracting. Despite these precautions, it’s still worth a shot to experience the best multi-purpose dining place in Seattle. They can be found at 1225 Fourth Avenue.

Club Contour

club contour events, club contour reviews, club contour seattle wa united states

Bollywood enthusiast, Metal Heads, Goth, and anyone who’s down for a small plate that costs $6 at most. They have these “bites” menu that offers a variety of feasts. The floor is divided between diners and dancers. Come between 3 and 8 PM and enjoy the happy hour.

This establishment proves that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. The atmosphere is different depending on which day you drop in. Sundays are reigned by bass and drums. Tuesdays are when punk, metal, and glam appreciators come in.

Come on Wednesday nights for NuDisco, Thursdays are scheduled for Industrial and Goth genre. The weekend is taken over by videos from the 80s and Bollywood vibes. These atmospheres are usually extended during the after-hours from 2 AM to 7 AM where nonalcoholic drinks and Red Bull are served.

Warm weather would prompt a fierce competition to win the seats on the patio.

A block away to the east is a high-end restaurant: Metropolitan Grill. 2 blocks to the north are Bookstore Bar and Café for mid-priced meals. Or go south and you’ll find Kraken Congee that is a Korean restaurant # blocks away. Club Contour is found at 807 on First Avenue.


shorty's pinball bar seattle, shorty's seattle happy hour

One look and you’ll know that this place was inspired by Coney Island. Come for the hotdogs and a game or two of the classic Pinball. Anthony Bourdain might have had high standards, but even he was impressed. Vinyl booths are perfect for lounging, sipping alcoholic slushies, and chowing on hotdogs and cheesy nachos. You should definitely try that nacho with a serving of chili. The Pinball cove has not a dozen but sixteen machines.

Get nostalgic with Atari arcade games such as Centipede, Ms. Pacman, and Galaga. If you didn’t prepare coins beforehand, there’s also a machine that can change your money for smaller bills. The establishment keeps a relaxed policy for smokers.

A stone’s throw away is Rocco’s which is popular for terrific pizza. The List is also nearby if ever you’re in the mood for Italian tapas. And there’s Local 360 which features New American cuisine. Shorty’s is at 2222 on Second Avenue.

The Diller Room

the diller room yelp, the diller room happy hour, the diller room seattle

Looks can be deceiving. This place might be mistaken as a shabby bar, but walk in and you’ll discover a sophisticated bar. Seattle has a number of blind pig establishments, but the owners of The Diller Room has got this incredible story of how they struggled to maintain the elegance to get a vintage look.

The place was used as a luxury accommodation for prospectors who flooded the place when gold rush was at its height. What served to be a hotel lobby in the past is now a stylish and luxurious lounge. It’s been redesigned with booths that offer privacy.

A Chinese Laundromat in the past is now where the bar stands. It refurbished with a neon sign, unique wallpaper, parts with bricks, and a chandelier that has actually been salvaged. They have also hung up a portrait of Old Man Diller who now watches the bar over. They have also employed mixologists who are experts at preparing prohibition-era cocktails.

I would recommend the Dillericious which is a vodka-based drink with cucumber, blueberry, and lemons. And expect to get discounts when you come in from 2 to 7 every day. The Diller Room is at 1224 on First Street.

Hula Hula

Hula Hula is the best starting or ending point for bar hopping. They have the famous flaming booze, all night karaoke, and is bigger than Big Island. Regulars who are familiar with the 9 pm singing schedule on weekends take advantage of the pristine setup. Visitors can also have a chance to sing by signing up online.

Drinks are as lively as the venue, they come in different colors too. In able to have a taste mac & cheese with spam, Kahlua pork, and musubi, one must indulge in drunkenness first. This is in line with the Hawaiian heritage. Though pizza and hummus don’t require any prerequisites.

The abundance of tropical fruits garnishes from the drinks like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas can also be made into your own meal. Look for a partner to taste their Flaming Volcanos and Gargantuan Zombies served with a straw that’s 18 inches.

Come on Happy hour daily from 4 -6 pm to enjoy a $4 off on tiki drinks and a $5 off on all snacks. If you like a less crowded place, come during the weekdays, better yet, for $75/hour you’ll have the whole join by yourself with your handpicked 300 guests.

There’s also a Mexican restaurant called Plaza Garibaldi is located on 1st Ave, or visit the Boat Street Kitchen a French fine-dining brasserie. Hula Hula is located at 1501 East Olive Way.


canon seattle menu, canon seattle happy hour, canon seattle best bar

Whiskey Pilgrimage it is. You don’t have to transfer to other bars if you’re in search of the best whiskey. This establishment has lined up a couple of walls with whiskey bottles. They have 3,500 labels in their selection. In fact, they claim that they are in possession of the biggest spirit collection in the hemisphere.

Canon might also ring a bell since they have bagged a number of “Best Bar” titles in and outside the country. Campfire in Georgia is a signature drink served in a platter. The drink has been infused with both actual smoke and hint of mescal. Once the domed lid is taken off, the smoke is released consequently.

D.C Crack is another excellent choice. It’s a combination of an herb-based plum liqueur and rye (High West). It’s definitely worth trying to get seated in front of the bar where you can watch mixologists do their thing. Seats at the bar will give you a better view of the effort put into the bar. Aside from their extensive spirit collection, they also offer tasty food.

People usually come to this place for the drinks though. Just order a small serving to munch on and transfer to a nearby restaurant for food. Cannon is located at 928 on Twelfth Avenue.


honey hole menu, honeyhole sandwiches

HoneyHole is a haven for fresh juice cocktails and sandwiches, it is where hard drinkers and nurses get their booze fixed. They offer sublime hot or cold toppings stuffed in fine bread. Got to try the Gooch that features hot sliced tri-tip beef, with horseradish mayo. A side of au ju on a half-sized baguette. The Dude with grilled flank steak, tomato relish, mix greens on a half-sized baguette. The Corleone with cured pastrami and sauerkraut.

HoneyHole also offers five vegan and gluten-free sandwich alternatives.  There are Happy hours twice a day at 5- 7 pm and 11- 1 am. HoneyHole is located at 703 E. Pike Street

Knee High Stocking Company

knee high stocking company seattle, knee high stocking company reservations

The forerunner of Seattle’s speakeasy-themed bar. A secret word given for entry is obtained through sending a text to the company, reserving a table, then searching for the brass plaque in the premise and ringing the bell. Hidden behind black curtains is a dimly lit elegant representation of an ancient generation where every person upholds responsible conduct.

Knee High Stocking serves various concoctions from the Bees Knees, Absinthe Pacifique, and the Mint Julep to their cocktail menu, a custom creation based on seasonal ingredients. The food selection is an excellent pair with the drinks. Some of the other must-try is the goat cheese and caramel popcorn. Drinks costs around $10-15.

There are many more reasons to be impressed by when you visit Knee High Stocking Company. Knee High Stocking Company is located at 1356 E. Olive Way.

Linda’s Tavern

lindas tavern happy hour, linda's tavern brunch hours

Linda Derschang’s opened in 1994 and was the last place Kurt Cobain stayed in. Linda’s continues to be that place with a cowboy hipster vibe. The old jukebox remains intact, along with the collection of CDs from the past and some additions from the present. The place also displays some game taxidermy and cowboy murals.

Prices haven’t been affected by the inflation. Nightly happy hours from 7 to 9 pm offers a $3 wells, same with trio of sliders, and a pitcher of a local microbrew is at $7.50. Weekend brunch that runs until 3 pm is under $10 including nachos and burgers.

If you come early, take a patio seat and try their sell-out, Bullrider which is a chicken steak. For breakfast, they serve the basic breakfast, eggs benedict, and huevos rancheros that costs $4.95. Linda’s is located at 707 3. Pine Street.


I might as well say that Witness has made drink and food the religion in its premises. And there’s just one commandment: Treat yo’self. Witness has adopted a church theme. The pews are reclaimed and the menu emphasizes more on the motif.

The service is genuinely enthusiastic and unobtrusively friendly. Gregg, who’s the owner, preaches about indulgent sustenance. These preaches will get your tummy full. Chicken and Waffles served with bourbon syrup, beignets, poutine served with bacon gravy are served all day.

You can try one of their house cocktails that can only be found in Witness. Or try Divine Intervention which is actually an alcoholic session by the bartender. Elvis sandwich as you might have heard is made with peanut butter, banana, and bacon. It might sound odd, but it’s one of their popular menus.

If you’re not convinced to give it a try, go for the seasonal fritter and “libations”. Some libations are only at $6 during happy hour which starts at 4 and ends at 6 PM every day without a miss.

Tag your friends, order different menus, and share food and opinions at the table. Witness is at 410 Broadway Avenue E.

Rock Box

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The convenience of karaoke in Rock Box is endless. Before it was a take it or leave it situation of singing in front of a disinterested audience, now you can rent a private room and have the sole decision to invite your own spectators or you can rent a solo room to have your own space to boost your confidence.

There’s a tablet installed with a broad song selection from Japanese pop to crowd favorites. Inputting your song choice got easier, just queue it up without barging into anyone’s jam.

For weekend evenings, make sure to reserve in advance. The rental fee is excluded if you come by for a quick tune. It’s $7 per person/hr and $4 during happy hours, variations are posted on the website. Check out the nearby restaurants, Hot Mama’s Pizza and/or Rancho Bravo. Rock Box is located at 1603 Nagle Place.


unicorn/narwhal seattle, unicorn narwhal bar seattle

A single entrance to two worlds, both have the carnival theme going. The place might look colorful, but it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

On the upper floor Unicorn’s unique décor of bursting colors and pink striped walls is complemented by the peculiar menu. They have 7 choices of corn dogs that have a surprise inside like cream cheese, sriracha, or poutine. Deserts range from deep-fried sandwiches to cakes. Try one of their most famous themed cocktails, the Southern Sasquatch.

On the lower floor to Narwhal’s arcade games, and the darker side of the Unicorn’s. This place just gets better the drunker you get. Happy Hour that includes well booze and lager that costs $4, Unicorn’s balls which is their take on fried pork, and Narwhal’s balls that’s mashed potato balls runs from 2 to 6:30 pm.

A more classy option is their Truffle popcorn that costs $2.50. Start the day with a corndog breakfast paired with the house’s extra spicy Bloody Mary. It’s always a Unicorn Time. Unicorn/Narwhal is located at 1118 E. Pike Street.

Sun Liquor Lounge

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Famous for using their own concoctions and garnishes to conceive drinkable art. Since their drinks are different, they offer a cocktail tasting to assist those struggling. Good things take time. Same with the lounge’s service, although part of the allure is to watch them assemble your drink. They serve burgers, seasonal waffles, sandwiches, and brunch at 3 pm.

The place has a café like ambiance, inviting and cozy. There’s a daily Happy hour at 5-7 pm. Check out some nearby restaurants. Café Barjot with an American menu, or Single Shot’s farm-to-table restaurant. Sun Liquor Lounge is located at 607 Summit Avenue E.


A phallus decorated bar. I can’t think of anywhere else around Seattle much gayer. The place is quite small, but the outdoor seating accommodates some of the customers, enough space to flaunt your dancing styles.

They have DJ’s, Karaoke Tuesday where you’re welcome to introduce your kind of music, girl groups that perform soul every first Wednesdays, goth and techno-pop on last Wednesdays, psychedelic music every third Thursdays, and disco on Sundays. Come by Wednesdays for an all-day cocktail hour.

They receive you in whatever mood you are and they assure you, you’ll leave drained and happy. Drop by the neighboring restaurants. Café Presse with their grand charcuterie. Skillet Dinner with their famous glazed wings. Pony is located at 1221 E. Madison Street.

Georgetown Liquor Company

Georgetown Liquor Company, georgetown liquor company menu

A vegetarian bar in Georgetown that is underappreciated. They use a punk haunt to serve liquor. The Cucu-Racha-Kazi is a mix of UV Sriracha vodka, cucumber, and muddled lime and their Clockwork Orange Martini baffles are even popular among staunch carnivores. They also used Field Roast, which is a protein alternative, in their outstanding sandwiches.  

The Picard which is a French dip that has field roast and Darth Reuben are the most popular options, though their Chicken Caesar is not lesser than the two. Real cheese is also still used as with other vegan options.

Georgetown’s also have a weekend brunch that serves chicken steak, biscuit and gravy, and a vegan eggs benedict. For drinks, you can make your own Bloody Mary at the Bar. Foods and drinks cost around $10. They also have happy hours on weekdays. Wells cost $3, fancy cocktails at $8, and from 4-7 pm off draughts at $1. Every Thursday they give out prizes. There’s also an infrequent live music.

The icing of the cake is that you are free to use the old Nintendo. Georgetown Liquor Company is located at 5501 Airport Way S.

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery

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Into Retro? Emerald City Soul Club still plays the 60s and 70s music every second Saturdays, followed by 90s pop every third Saturdays. The first Fridays are lively with obscure funk, and live music on other days. The Gallery has two bars and dance floors to accommodate people who want to boogie.

People are generally easy-going and don’t mind the eventual collisions even during weekends when the place is packed. Aside from dancing, you can also sit out in the lounge, appreciate the murals displayed around, or have a try at their arcade options. There’s also some dance-offs, and a photo booth to commemorate the night. Around $7-10 is enough as cover and foods and drinks are cheap.

For parking space, you can go to Eastlake or behind Lo-fi Gallery’s building. Some restaurants nearby are Feierabend that serves German dishes, located 2 blocks west. Lunchbox Laboratory is only 4 blocks away, they serve shakes and burgers. Osteria Rigoletto an Italian Restaurant located 3 blocks west. Lo-Fi Performance Gallery is located at 429 Eastlake Avenue E. (South Lake Union)

Monkey Loft

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Monkey Loft is just a 12-minute away from downtown through Uber. It’s the only underground rave in the SODO area which also has a rooftop deck, atop that cheap covers, friendly staff, and hospitable patrons. They don’t really have a routine aside from the Drum and Bass every Friday. They also keep their Facebook page updated about events and parties.

If you plan to go, make sure to bring along your choice of energy drink, as you’ll do nothing else but to party until sunrise, that’s when they keep the tables rotating with mimosas and bloodies. They frequently keep going until 10 am on Saturdays. There’s also wide free parking.

The neighboring restaurants are: By’s serving burgers, Sodo Deli is just 2 blocks south and is serving meatloaf sandwich, Blue Water Taco Grill serves breakfast taco, Maison Tavern serves flatbreads and sliders on the same block to the south. Monkey Loft s located at 2915 1st Avenue S.


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This is where Nirvana revealed the announcement of their song “Nevermind”. This is where Dina Martina chooses to perform every Christmas. Dan Savage wouldn’t have met his husband if Re-Bar didn’t exist. It’s also where future stars are honing their talents.

Everyone from old to young, rich or broke converge to party. Just some of the reasons how this bar was a witness to changing times. On Sundays, they play house music, every third Saturday is 80’s wave, on Fourth Fridays are for West Coast Bass and indie nights on the first Fridays hosted by KEXP. Sometimes they reenact classic films, like their hilarious play of Brown Derby. The bar has a cash-only policy.

The neighboring restaurants are: Saley’s Classic which serves crepes, located 5 blocks southwest. Some restaurants uphill are: La Cocina Oaxaquena an excellent Mexican place, Ristorante Machiavelli an Italian place, Taylor Shellfish Farms for your seafood cravings, and Li’l Woody’s burgers. Re-Bar is located at 1114 Howell Street.

To sum it up, these are just some of the recommendations, but remember to wander around. There are just some places words cannot accurately describe.