Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Cancun, Mexico, is not just about cocktails, sun and beach (although). Cancun is also history, adventure and magic. If you want to know what to visit in Cancun, don’t go too far!

Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Discover a land full of contrasts where sun, sea, adventure and nature offer endless possibilities whether you travel alone or with the whole family.

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Escape to paradisiacal beaches

Without a doubt, one of the places to visit in Cancun is Playa Tortugas. It is one of the most popular beaches in Cancun for its calm waters and lively atmosphere. Jump off the pier and then relax with a cocktail in hand in front of the impressive ocean views.

Also, from Playa Tortugas you can take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. It is a privileged place full of virgin beaches where you can swim with dolphins. In Isla Mujeres you can enjoy authentic Mexican food at any of the picturesque stands that dot the area.

Relax on Playa Delfines

Cancun is known for its turquoise waters and endless white-sand tongues. If you are looking for the best beach in Cancun, Playa Delfines is your destination.

Grab a book and a hammock, and enjoy the sun and beach, it’s been said. But don’t relax too much because you might miss the chance to see the flamingos making an appearance on the beach.

An underwater museum

Visiting this museum is one of the most fascinating things to do in Cancun. It consists of some 500 statues, the work of Jason deCaires, strategically placed at the bottom of the sea to each one more surprising. The MUSA’s main objective is to protect the coral reef by offering these figures as a base for the settlement of species. If you have the Dive Certificate you will be able to admire this surreal place. An unforgettable experience!

A natural amusement park

And if you don’t have a Dive Certificate, but want to live an equally surreal experience, come to XCaret. It is an eco-archaeological park where you can walk underwater like a real diver without the need for water tanks or any certificate. But in this park the fun doesn’t end at the water (or under it). Enjoy a traditional Fiesta Charra and play Mayan Ball on dry land.

Surf in Puerto Morelos

Do you feel like catching a wave? Then come to Puerto Morelos, a small fishing village at the beginning of the Rivera Maya, where you can practice your skills on a surfboard.

When your day on the waves is over, visit the Colectivo de Artesanos de Puerto Morelos. This is a market for local artists where you can buy jewelry, ceramics or handmade clothing – a great way to support local commerce while doing some sightseeing in Cancun!

Archaeological visit

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is the only archaeological zone in the country that is located next to the beach. The Mayans built this magnificent city on a cliff that has remained practically intact to this day. It is, without a doubt, the ideal destination to visit in Cancun if you are looking for the best views.

More Mayan ruins

And since there is not one without the other, here goes one of the most important enclaves of the Yucatan Peninsula and also of Mexico, Chichen Itza, some ruins that you have to see in Cancun yes or yes. From this archeological area, where the Mayan Civilization erected powerful constructions more than 1,000 years ago, the pyramid of Kukulcan stands out, recognized as one of the new seven wonders of the modern world.

Route through the Cenotes

If you are fed up with salt water and are willing to explore the terrain, dive headfirst into the incredible underground waters that Cancun hides, rent a bike and ride the Cenotes route. Discover the best natural freshwater pools under magical caves. A must see in Cancun? The Cenote of Boca del Puma, Siete Bocas, Chilim Balam and La Noria. The Mayans believed that the cenotes were the gateway to the underworld, so be careful not to go too deep…

Snorkeling in Xel-Ha

Between magical cenotes and turquoise sea beaches it is more than clear that in Cancun any corner is good to put on your diving glasses and start snorkeling. Although if you are looking for the best of these places you will have to head to Xel-Ha.

Considered the largest natural aquarium in the world, swimming in this lagoon will be one of the things to do in Cancun. This place combines fresh water from the mouth of several canals and sea water. Dive into its waters and discover all kinds of marine fauna and flora. Here you can also swim with dolphins. What are you waiting for to get to know Xel-Ha?

A little bit of walking in Coco Bongo

And since it wasn’t all going to be history and nature, here’s a little party to brighten up the summer nights. But, instead of going out to the typical bar, we strongly recommend you to stop by the Coco Bongo. Incredible acrobats and Elvis impersonators will make all the other party rooms you have visited in your life pale in comparison. Note: this venue is especially popular on weekends, so if you want to avoid crowds, you should consider visiting on a weekday.

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