Things To Do in Zakynthos

Welcome to the Ionian Island of Zakynthos! This island paradise is a dream destination for many tourists coming from all over the world. It is not only famous for the shipwreck in the smugglers’ bay, in this article you will find the most beautiful places on the island of Zakynthos.

Things To Do in Zakynthos

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Villages of Zakynthos

The villages on the island of Zakynthos have nothing to do with those we saw on the Cyclades Islands.

We miss those squares with the lights of the nightlife, those narrow streets, those whitewashed houses with coloured doors, the bougainvilleas and that close and traditional atmosphere.


The capital of the island is Zakynthos. It is located in a semicircular bay and on its hill there is an old Venetian castle. It is a fairly modern town with a very touristy atmosphere. You can climb its hill and visit the Venetian castle.


We stayed in a very quiet village in the northwest of the island and very well located for all the sights and things we wanted to see and do in Zakynthos.

In this village we found the Monastery of St. Dionysius, the protector of the island.

Zakynthos Beaches

We liked the beaches north of Zakynthos very much, located on cliffs and with waters so turquoise and crystalline that they looked like swimming pools.

Navagio Beach

A secluded cove between heart-stopping cliffs, crystal-clear turquoise water, white sand and a boat stranded on the beach. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Panagiotis was a boat smuggling tobacco and drink from Turkey that sank in this cove on October 1, 1980. The locals say that when the shipwreck occurred they could see the crew swimming away, fleeing from the maritime police.

In addition, the citizens of the island had tobacco and alcohol for several months. The truth is, it’s a unique place in the world. It’s worth visiting and like you, many people think the same. It’s a pretty crowded excursion.

The price is 30 Euros per person.

Porto Vromi

In this natural bay we can rent a boat to visit the caves and swim. From Porto Vromi the boats leave for Navagio Beach. The departure is supposed to be every hour, but until they are full they do not leave.

Limnionas Port

This natural cove of stones with turquoise and crystalline waters, is a real wonder where we spent the whole afternoon. You have a tavern if you want to eat there.

Xigia Beach

This small cove is considered a natural spa because of the sulphur contained in its waters. They say that salt is rejuvenated from the water.

Agios Nikalaos

Agios Nikolaos is the port from which excursions to the Blue Caves depart.


This beach, located in the south of the island, is quite wild compared to other beaches such as Laganas. The south of the island is quite touristic, full of apartments, bars, discos and many people.


If you don’t like overcrowding and English madness, please avoid this beach. We went there because we wanted to go to Cameo Island and we were amazed at the atmosphere.

As it was so hot and there were so many people we left without visiting Cameo Island, a small island that can be reached by a footbridge.


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Visits and excursions in Zakynthos

The next point in the Things to See and Do post on Zakynthos, are the excursions and visits we can make on the island.

Navagio Beach

As we have already told you in the previous section, the excursion to Navagio Beach is a must on the island of Zakynthos. The important thing is to have an expert captain because the waters are rough, in fact there are days that, if the sea is very rough, they cannot reach the beach.

Blue Caves

The excursion to the blue caves includes a trip around the rock formations found on the north coast of the island, where we could enter and bathe in its turquoise and crystalline waters.

Boat rental in Keri

One of the most fun experiences of the trip was to rent a boat in the port of Keri to tour the southern coast of Zakynthos.

Keri Caves

With the rental boat we toured the Keri cave area and we really loved the place. We stopped several times to swim in those incredible waters.

I have to say that the experience of renting the boat was amazing and there was no better way to say goodbye to this great trip around Greece.


Another famous excursion in Zakynthos is the one to the island of Marathonisi. They sell excursions to visit this small island, which is located right in front of Keri harbour. They sell it to you with the possibility of seeing turtles, since it is in this island where the loggerhead turtles reside, being a protected Marine National Park.

But to see turtles is really difficult, you have to be lucky that just the day you go you can see them.

Navagio Beach Viewpoint

And the finishing touch to our visit to the island of Zakynthos is the viewpoint of Navagio Beach. I still see the picture and I think this place is unreal. It’s really amazing.

The viewpoint is marked on the map and you can leave the car in a parking lot. There’s a walkway so you can look out and see the beach from above. But the best view to see the beach right in front of it, is at the top of the mountain. You have to walk between stones and bushes until the end.

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