Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

The easiest way to get a Vietnam Visa for US Citizens is to get your Vietnam visa online. It only takes 2 minutes to fill in and you can have your visa emailed to you within a few days. Click the link above to find out the visa requirements, fees and Vietnamese travel information for American Passport holders.

Are you a US citizen looking to travel to Vietnam? You may believe that the process is difficult. However, the loosening of visa regulations in the recent future has made it easier than ever for all US citizens to visit the breathtaking country of Vietnam.  You will need a travel visa if you’re a tourist or someone looking to conduct business. The visa process is now very easy for all US citizens. 

Vietnam is a fantastic country to visit. It has a variety of sights, tons of history, and many beautiful beaches. In recent years, it has become a popular holiday destination for US citizens. It is relatively simple for a US citizen to get a visa in order to visit Vietnam. However, some aspects of the visa process can seem complex for US citizens. In this article, we will give you the details that all US citizens should know when applying for their Vietnam visa. You can then start planning for your dream holiday to Vietnam. 

Applying for a Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

There are two ways for US citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa. There are visas available for different time periods and also for multiple entries. The most common method for obtaining a Vietnam visa is through an online agency. This method can be done completely online and requires no physical documents to be sent. The other method involves applying directly from the Vietnam embassy based within the USA. This method involves sending your passport to the consulate. We explain both of these options below so that you can make an informed decision. 

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Residents

US residents can benefit from Visa on Arrival. The application process for this type of visa is done online through an agency. All US citizens are eligible to obtain a visa through this method. We highly recommend this method for the majority of US citizens. It is the easiest way to get your visa, and you can apply from the comfort of your own home. The online application is easy to understand and can be done even by those who are novices to technology. It is also the best method because it doesn’t require you to send important documents in the post. There can be instances where post is lost, and it is also highly inconvenient to send these documents. 

The application is done completely online through an agent. Upon completion of the application, it is emailed to you. You then have to print out a hard copy and present it when you are at a Vietnam airport. This visa method is viable for all of Vietnam’s international airports. But, it does not cover any land or sea crossings. 

The application fee for a Vietnam Visa is usually around $20 for US citizens. The exact fee will depend upon the agency you choose to go with. We highly recommend a reliable agent because they provide a fast and reliable service that you can count on. 

Visa on Arrival Application Process for US Citizens

Overall, the application process is fairly straightforward for US citizens. However, some aspects can seem a bit confusing or complicated. Additionally, there have been cases of US citizens being denied entry to a small mistake in their visa application. Below, you can view a list of everything you need to do to ensure that your application process goes smoothly.

  1. All visa on arrival applications is made online. This means that you will need a basic understanding of how to use a computer. For older residents, you can get a trusted family member or friend to assist you with the application. But, the application is generally straightforward and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an approval letter which will go directly to your email address. You must ensure that you enter the right address. The email itself can take around 3-5 days to arrive. The time can be reduced if you choose an option for faster processing, however, this will be more costly. 
  2. There will be no physical documents sent to you and you will not need to provide any documents for your application to be approved. Once you have your approval email, you will need to create a hard copy by printing it out. The approval letter does not function as an e-visa, and therefore a paper copy is essential. Alongside this letter, you must bring two passport sized photos. You must also have the cash ready to get your passport stamped. 
  3. Once you have the approval letter, the photos, and the cash, then you will be ready to go to Vietnam. The staff at the airport will check all of these documents. They will match the information in your visa application to the information in your passport. They may ask a few questions about your travel plans. Finally, your passport will be stamped and you will be free to explore Vietnam for the period which is stated on your visa. 

Things to Keep in Mind for US Passport Holders

You must be careful with the visa application and ensure that all information given is accurate. Additionally, you must also be sure of the validity of your US passport. It must have over 6 months remaining after the end of your planned trip. It must also have two blank pages to be stamped. You must also note that the stamping fee for the visa cannot be paid by card or any other payment method. Only cash is accepted at the airport. If you are traveling with Children, then they also must complete the visa application. They will also have to pay the same fee. As mentioned above, you must remain cautious of any service who claims to be official government representatives for visas. Such a service does not currently exist. Also, there is no exclusive visa for US citizens. It is the same visa as other countries, and the application is also the same. All US passport holders are eligible to apply for the same type of visa. There is no discrepancy. 

Vietnam Business Visa for United States Citizens

As well as a typical tourist visa, Vietnam also offers an exclusive business visa for US citizens who wish to conduct business within the country. In recent years, many US businessmen have taken advantage of the bustling economy, and unique business opportunities. There are some key things to be aware of if you are applying for the business visa. Firstly, you should be aware that all types of business within the country will require this visa. The tourist visa on arrival does not cover business activities or any form of employment. Additionally, the business visa is intended for short-stays up to a maximum period of 12 months. There are a wide variety of activities covered in the business visa and they include things such as organizing meetings with businesses in Vietnam. As is the case with the regular visa, you must have 6 months remaining on your passport as well as 2 free pages. 

Vietnam Visa Fees for Business

There are specific fees depending on how long your intended stay will be. There are typical stamping fees which start at $25 for stays of 1 and 3 months. They include only one entry into the country. The cost for multiple entries is $50. Additionally, there is a 6-month business visa available which allows multiple entries into the country. The cost of this visa is $95. All of these stamping fees can only be paid by cash at the airport. You can use an agent to apply online. They have experience in handling business visas, and they have been proven to be reliable. You can expect to receive your business visa confirmation email in around 5-7 working days. However, you can also make a specific emergency request and get an urgent business visa delivered in 2-3 working days. If you make an application through an agency then there is no need for a sponsorship letter. However, if you have applied through the Vietnam embassy in the US, then you will need to provide them with an official sponsorship letter. Therefore, the visa on arrival method is preferred as it is more convenient for US citizens who need to conduct business in Vietnam. 

Business Visa through Vietnam Consulate in the USA

The alternative method towards attaining a business visa is applying through the consulate. There are a total of five consulates located within the USA. You can apply through any of them. The cost of this method will be higher, and the processing time will also be longer. Additionally, you will need to send your passport to the consulate. You should always leave plenty of time if you aim to apply using a consulate. The processing times can be unpredictable depending on which specific consulate that you choose to go with. Therefore, we only recommend this method as a last resort. The visa on arrival is far more suitable and convenient for US citizens. 

Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens

One new development that has been introduced by Vietnam is E-Visas. Currently., they are only available for a few countries and the USA is included. In practice, they do appear as a convenient and easy method of attaining a visa. The application can be done completely online. It requires a clear photo of yourself. E-Visas only have one type of stay which is 30 days and they are only valid for one entry. The applications can be made on here.

Vietnam Visa Extensions for US Citizens

Vietnam allows US citizens to extend their visas while they are inside the country. This gives you ample time to explore the wonderful country. There are agents spread across the country that will be able to assist you. However, the process is made easier if you use an agent based in the city that you arrived in. Extensions of 30 or 60 days are available. 30-day extensions have a fee of $40 and the cost of a 60-day extension is $60. You will also have to pay a separate agent fee which is usually around $10. 

Which Airports are Accepted?

This visa is only accepted at the international airports within the country. The following airports will you access. 

Noi Bai International Airport 

This airport is located in Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. It is the second busiest airport in the country and there are many US flights to this airport. 

Cat Bi International Airport 

This airport is located in Hai Phong. It is less busy when compared to the other airports in the country, however, there are plans to expand the airport. It will have a new runaway developed and the existing infrastructure will be upgraded. 

Da Nang International Airport 

You can find this airport in Da Nang, which is the largest city in central Vietnam. This airport is also fairly busy and is used as a connection to the central part of the country. 

Cam Ranh International Airport 

This airport is the main hub of Vietnam. It has many flights daily and is the fourth busiest in Vietnam. It handles more international passengers than domestic customers. 

Tan Son Nhat International Airport 

The busiest airport in Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh City which is a sprawling metropolis. Many US citizens prefer to travel to this airport due to its location. The airport serves the south-east of Vietnam. 

US Flights to Vietnam

There are many flights that operate to Vietnam from all across the USA. They run through every month, and you will find a number of carriers. Additionally, there are prominent USA expat groups within the USA so you will feel right at home. The country of Vietnam offers an array of wonderful delights to take in. The local population are very welcoming to all types of tourists. You can fully immerse yourself in the Vietmanese culture.  Just be sure to respect the local customs. This means always wearing appropriate clothing when visiting important and religious sites. By having the visa process done, you can begin to relax and plan your journey. There is no need to stress about your visa. You can have your application done within minutes online.