Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong

Getting a Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong is very easy and all Hong Kong passport holders and residents are eligible to apply for a Vietnam visa in Hong Kong. The application is very simple, and you can complete it right now online.

Vietnam is a beautiful country. It has so much history and culture to be enjoyed. It has never been easier for Hong Kong residents to visit this magnificent country. You can make your application online and receive your visa within days. 

How To Get Your Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong

There are two main ways for Hong Kong residents to apply for a visa. The first involves applying online, and the second involves applying through the embassy. 

We highly recommend applying for the visa on arrival since it is cheaper and far more convenient. You will have to pay a stamping fee at the airport which is $25 USD for single entries and $50 for multiple entries. This must be paid in cash and handed directly to staff. 

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Procedure For Hong Kong Residents

The Vietnam Visa on arrival application is done completely online. You will not need to send any physical documents. The application process is simple to understand. You must be sure to enter your details accurately. 

After completing the application, the visa will be emailed to you within 3-5 days. There are also urgent services available which can reduce this time to 48 hours.  The immigration staff at the airport will closely compare the visa details to your passport details. 

At the airport, you will simply need to hand in your printed out Vietnam Visa letter alongside two passport size photos. The stamping fee will also need to be paid in cash. You will then be allowed entry into the country. 

Apply For A Vietnam Visa Through The Embassy in Hong Kong

Alternatively, you have the option of applying through the Vietnam embassy, which is located in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Wan Chai Rd, 230-230A號, 
Great Smart Tower, 15f
+852 2835 9318

You can apply directly through the consulate, and they can provide you with more information. This method is more expensive, and the processing time can also be longer. Furthermore, you will have to physically send your passport to the consulate. This can be highly inconvenient. It also means that there is a chance your passport may even get lost in the mail. 

Therefore, we recommend applying online. There are no documents to send, and you can complete your application within minutes. 

Types of Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong

You may also want more information on the other types of Vietnam visas available for Hong Kong residents. One other key type is the Vietnam business visa which is tailored exclusively for business people. The business visa comes in many forms. It allows Hong Kong businesses to do dealings with Vietnam businesses. There are many business opportunities within the country and you can easily take advantage. There are a variety of Vietnam business visas available which include 1,3 or even 6 month stays. Additionally, there is the option of adding multiple entries so that you can go back to Hong Kong and then return. 

If you want to extend your stay in Vietnam, then it is very easy for Hong Kong residents to apply for an extension whilst in the country. You can apply for a 3 month or 1-month extension at a physical agency. The cost of a 1-month extension is $25 USD and the cost of a 3-month extension is $40. The maximum time that a Hong Kong resident can spend in Vietnam is 90 days with this visa. You will also have to pay the agency fee in cash, as they will not accept credit or debit cards. 

Vietnam Travel Guide

One of the best things about a Vietnam visa is that it lets you arrive at any Vietnam international airport. This gives you full flexibility to explore the beautiful country of Vietnam. You have the choice of arriving in Noi Bai International Airport, Cat Bi International Airport, Da Nang International Airport, Cam Ranh International Airport, and Tan Son Nhat International Airport. All of these airports provide exceptional service for international arrivals. You should note that the visa is not applicable for land or sea crossings. Additionally, it is important to always follow customs when visiting a traditional or religious place. Appropriate attire should be worn.  

Start planning your Vietnam trip today. You can get the hassle of the Visa out of the way by applying here right now. The application only takes a few minutes, and you can have your Vietnam visa within days.