Where To Eat in Madrid

Madrid is the gastronomic capital par excellence of Spain but where can you eat cheaply in Madrid? There are establishments for all tastes and pockets, although in this article we want to show you 8 restaurants where you can eat in Madrid without getting a bummer when it comes to paying.

Where To Eat in Madrid

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8 restaurants to eat in Madrid


With barely two years in business, it is one of the most fashionable places to eat cheaply in Madrid and its waiting list extends to several months to book on weekends. Vicente de la Red, Gabriel Zapata and Carlos Langreo are the three cornerstones of this business that merges the best of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

Their menu features nigiris, usuzukuris, tiraditos, ceviches or tartares, as well as such original creations as black pudding ravioli with pine nuts and apple and piquillo pepper sauce with kimuchi or Japanese sweetbreads of veal, chimichurri, mint, cucumber and yellow pepper.

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Celso y Manolo

The story of Celso y Manolo goes back to 1965, when Manolo began working as an apprentice at La Tasca de Pepe, in Libertad, 1. After Pepe retired, he decided to rename the establishment as Hermanos Argüelles and to continue a business that has not lost any freshness since then. Now in the hands of the Zamora family, it has become one of the most sought-after places to eat in Madrid.

Historical sandwiches such as squid or veal nuggets shake hands with its acclaimed salad, Iberian pork products, 100% homemade pâtés, organic veal, fried foods, salads or village bread. And to whet your appetite, there’s nothing better than a proper vermouth at your own bar, an original from 1965.

Chuka Ramen

Chuka is the Japanese adaptation of Chinese gastronomy, which fuses dishes as symbolic as dim sum or ramen, that restorative delight like few others based on noodles and thick broths prepared over a low heat for more than 24 hours. B

ao buns of roasted bacon, fried chicken or tiger prawn; gyozas of matured cow, pork or edamame and ramen, from 13 euros and in generous bowls, as well as some seasonal proposals such as a tonkatsu of Iberian prey or Thai mussels triumph in a cosmopolitan space for eating in Madrid that has been filling up every day since its inauguration. You can find it at Echegaray, 9, in the Barrio de las Letras.

El Huerto de Lucas

Where to eat organic food in Madrid? If you are concerned about your health or simply love organic food, your place is in Chueca, where the Huerto de Lucas canteen offers a sustainable cuisine of simple preparations and low and fast cooking that is gaining more and more followers.

Roasted pumpkin with spiced quinoa and seeds, false zucchini noodles with cashew nut pesto and parmesan, Sicilian caponata with free-range eggs or chicken taco with curry roasted at low temperature are some of its proposals.

The ingredients used in its preparation are available for sale in its own shop-market, with over 450 square metres dedicated to health and environmental care. In addition to take away, they offer a daily menu for 12 euros which makes it one of the most interesting restaurants to eat in Madrid.

La Musa de Malasaña

Inaugurated in 1996, in the heart of Malasaña, it has been a classic for eating in Madrid for more than two decades. It is almost always overflowing, so be patient, give your name to be written on a blackboard and wait to be told as soon as a table is free.

From Monday to Friday, they offer a daily menu for 10 euros with a light and appetizing starter, such as leek and potato cream with pesto or crunchy brie salad with cherry tomatoes and fig vinaigrette, to which you can add a ‘Josper dish’: charcoal-grilled carrots with rosemary or mustard-fried beef cheeks with cassava, or the ‘Wok of the Day’: noodles with turkey, stir-fried vegetables and teriyaki or sweet and sour pork with stir-fried rice. It includes bread and drinks and will become one of your favourites to eat in Madrid.

El Porrón Canalla

The good work of Juanjo López, from La Tasquita de Enfrente, together with the artisan bread from Viena La Baguette, the sausages and hams from Salamanca by Arturo Sánchez and the preserves from Frinsa, have given as a result El Porrón Canalla, where the “mother’s sandwiches” are claimed.

In Ballesta, 2, within the so-called TriBall madrileño, we can enjoy bars, molletes and sticks with sardines with fresh onions, bonito with olives and mayonnaise, Mallorcan sobrassada with honey or pickled mussels with chips. To wash them down, nothing is more traditional than a traditional “porrón”, with beer, summer red wine, white wine, red wine or manzanilla, in another of the restaurants where you can eat in Madrid that you should not miss.


They are sexy and increasingly fashionable, but where can you eat in Madrid if you love vegetables? The motto of MyVeg, in Valverde, 24, states that a ‘low-calorie, healthy and balanced diet, with 5 vegetables a day, activates the longevity gene’. Although its menu also includes fish and meat, fresh vegetables from the vegetable gardens of Navarre are its main ingredient.

From Monday to Friday, they have a menu of the day for 16 euros which includes an appetizer, starter, main course and dessert, with such suggestive dishes as peas in cream with poached egg, fresh vongole pasta with clams and natural tomato, avocado, onion, tomato and tuna tartar or chicken and rib rice. And, at the bar, an express menu for 12 euros, with first and second, or first and sandwich.


The artists from Sudestada or Chifa expanded their chain of establishments a couple of years ago with Picsa, at number 76 in Ponzano, Madrid’s trendiest street. What to order in one of the cheap restaurants where to eat in Madrid? Argentinean pizzas with thick dough and ingredients that are out of the ordinary, such as Iberian dewlap, dried figs or duck confit.

Although the price of each piece is around 25 euros, they are generous and big enough to share between two people. To open your mouth, some of their ‘starters of the world with an Argentinean touch’, such as marinated aubergines or Armenian peppers. And then, an Aladdin, with parmesan and cow matured for 60 days, or the one with blue cheese and mushrooms, with gorgonzola and death trumpets.

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