Where To Eat in Miami

With so many different options, it can be a challenge to choose where to eat in Miami. In the last few years, the number of charming places and restaurants in the city has increased and it has become a gastronomic pole in Florida. That’s why we’ve selected a list of 10 of the best restaurants in Miami, from the most sophisticated to the cheapest and fastest. Take a look at them!

Where To Eat in Miami

Breads, pizzas, Japanese food, French cuisine. Don’t miss this delicious list of the best places to eat in Miami, with some of the best restaurants in town.

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Mandolin Aegean Bistro: one of the best restaurants in Miami

Mandolin Aegean Bistro is the ideal restaurant for those who want to eat without hurry and experience the best of Greek and Turkish food. The menu features a variety of fish, fresh salads and condiments picked directly from the garden at the back of the restaurant and can be seen from the little tables in the outside patio. The main course is reserved for grilled octopus accompanied by Greek wine. Dishes range from $10 to $30 (4312 ne 2nd ave, Miami).

Taquiza Tacos: fast and delicious food

Fast food in Miami is synonymous with Mexican food and Taquiza Tacos is definitely the best in town. The best thing about this place is the blue taco dough, which is handmade with organic ingredients and also has the gluten-free option. The fillings range from the traditional chicken with Americanized avocado, with bacon and pork. Prices range from $10 to $23 (1506 Collins Ave, Miami Beach).

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La Sandwicherie: good, nice and cheap restaurant in Miami

The Sandwicherie is a quiet place to go at any time of day and eat cheaply in Miami. The house specialties are sandwiches made of croissant and fresh salads, with prices that do not exceed $ 12. He is open in extended hours, closing at 5 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends (229 14th Street, Miami Beach).

Blocks Pizza Deli: for eating pizza in Miami

Another option for good and cheap food in Miami is the Blocks Pizza Delhi. In addition to the pizzas, which are rectangular in shape, the place serves sandwiches, salads and appetizers, with values ranging from a slice US $ 3.75, 40 dollars a full pizza that reaches 6 people (1447 Washington Ave , Miami Beach).

Lokal: hamburger restaurant on the beach in Miami

The American art of burger making has a more tropical face at Lokal restaurant in Coconut Grove in South Miami. Everything from the meat to the sides are made by Florida producers, which gives the place an original touch. The menu also offers salads, children’s options and vegetarian dishes, with prices ranging from $9 to $20 (3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove).

Palme D’Or: an award-winning French restaurant in Miami

French cuisine is represented in Miami by the award-winning Palme D’Or restaurant, located at The Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables. Chef Gregory Pugin’s creations transport visitors to France, using fresh ingredients and contemporary techniques. For those who love to enjoy a tasting menu, there is an option at the Palme for $155 per person.

NOBU: Japanese food in Miami

The famous Nobu offers Japanese food with influences from Peru and Argentina, resulting in one of the best restaurants in Miami. On the menu, the sushi cuts are divided with jalapeño and avocado dishes. Individual dishes range from $25 to $40 and the full menu with the chef’s suggestions costs $120 per person (4525 Collins Avenue, South Beach).


Located in Lincoln Road Park, on a super charming rooftop overlooking South Beach, the Juvia offers a mix of Japanese, Peruvian and French cuisine. The menu includes fresh fish in the best Latin style. For an explosion of flavors, bet on the lobster ceviche with avocado and cherry tomatoes. Dishes from $15 to $50 (1111 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach).

Rosetta Bakery: croissants and cupcakes in Miami

Located on bustling Collins Ave, the Rosetta Bakery is a charming bakery for a quick and tasty snack. Everything is prepared on the spot and people can see the process through the glass display case. Prices vary from $8 to $20 (1666 Collins Ave, Miami Beach).

The Knife: to eat barbecue in Miami

It is an Argentinean restaurant that includes drinks and also a free buffet with salads, fried food and other accompaniments. The second positive point is the view, right in front of Bayside Bay (401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami).