Where To Eat in New York

New York is a multicultural and very diverse city… and this is reflected in its vast gastronomic offerings. We’ll show you the best places to eat in New York. Get ready to open your mouth… because these recommendations will make you hungry.

Where To Eat in New York

Some people think that in New York the only thing you can eat is fast food. Big mistake. Yes, there are pizzas, burgers, sushi, cupcakes and doughnuts to stop a train… but they’re not your only option.

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Find out where to eat well and cheaply in New York thanks to the advice of an expert.

What to eat in New York?

If New York is synonymous with a return to the world, in culinary matters it couldn’t be less so. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, French, Romanian… you could eat every day in a different country without having to buy a plane ticket.

Moreover, as each neighborhood in the city is inhabited by people from very different backgrounds, the culinary immersion is total. Everything is delicious and at a very good price.

A piece of advice: If you are on a tight budget, avoid Italian or bistro-style restaurants, because prices are soaring and in many cases you have to go on a waiting list.

The best places to eat in New York

Shake Shack

New York is a hamburger paradise and although there are many places where they make very good hamburgers, the Shake Shack is one of the most mythical. From the sauces to the zigzag fries, from the first class hamburgers to the delicious hot dogs, it is impossible to get tired of this place, even its smoothies are a vice!

They have several places in New York but the most popular is in Madison Square Park and it’s perfect for the summer. If you don’t want to be cold or you don’t feel like it, then go to the Shake Shack at 366 Columbus Avenue.


Yeah, it’s the same one that’s in the Sex and the City movie. And no, we don’t recommend it because it’s “popular.” The place is spectacular but, besides, the food (Thai style) is great. If you want a romantic (or special) dinner and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, make a note and make a reservation.

75 9th Avenue

Brooklyn Farmacy

Let it be an old pharmacy transformed into a food court, and just by entering, you will go back to the wonderful 1920s, it is well worth a visit. If we also add that with the salty part of their menu it is easy to lose your breath and with the sweet one you are left without meaning, we do not know what you are waiting for to pay them a visit. Desserts are their specialty, so make sure you leave a little bit of room in your stomach.

513 Henry Street (Brooklyn)

Nan Shian

According to the New York Times Nan Shian makes the best dumplings in the world, better than in China. Bigger word… and totally right. The restaurant is in the upper right-hand corner of your New York map, for short. It’s where the subway ends in Flushing, Queens. The place is very frequented by orientals, so that’s why! If you like Chinese food, don’t miss it.

38-12 Prince Street (Flushing, Queens)

Café Angelique

It’s a coffee, yes, but it’s funny that this coffee shop on Bleecker St. makes the best cupcakes in the world (or almost). Take note: Red Velvet with cream cheese. They’re a vice.

68 Bleecker St.

The Corner Taqueria

Some people don’t like it, others love it and others prefer the Mexican Tacombi. Although it may be a little small, the place is incredible and ideal if you like Mexican food. Tacos, tortas, quesadillas and much more that are around 4$ and where the quality exceeds the price.

114 Kenmare Street

Food Gallery 32

As its name suggests, it is a three-story gallery filled with Korean food stalls. It’s one of the most interesting places to eat in the Korea Town area and you’re sure to get sick of trying the delicious stuff. Some people say this is the best sushi in New York City… You should try it!

11 West 32nd St.

The Halal Guys

Their shawarma is famous all over the world, because the queues are so long that they have expanded the business with two more carts in the same corner. Not even having to eat on the street or standing up makes it impossible to order a good meal at this take-away stand.

53rd and 6th Avenue

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