Where To Eat in Paros

If you haven’t tried the Greek gastronomy yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for. Here we tell you our recommendations and list restaurants where you can eat in Paros.

Greek gastronomy is one of our favorites and in the trips to Greece we enjoy a lot eating.

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  • Greek gastronomy is exquisite, try as many dishes as you can.
  • Greek taverns have very good food at a good price (between 6 and 12 Euros per person)
  • The cheapest and fastest option is gyros.
  • What is expensive is the drink, both soda and beer and alcoholic beverages.
  • The service in the restaurants is very fast and the staff in general is very friendly and nice.
  • It is not superfluous to leave a tip if the food and service has been good.
  • Ordering coffee with milk in Greece is Mission Impossible. I don’t drink coffee, but my friends faced a big challenge every time they had to order it.

Where to eat in Parikia

It is normal to arrive by ferry to Parikia, besides, it is a cheap option to stay, so we will pass by this town some time.

Souvlaki Tou Pepe

We ate at Souvlaki Tou Pepe, on the Parikia harbour promenade. We ate some gyros that were spectacular and the price was 5.30 Euros per person with drinks and beer.

If you are looking for a fast and cheap meal, gyros are the best option and we loved them. In the promenade area of the port of Parikia there are many options of restaurants and bars to have a drink.

Where to eat in Naoussa

The most beautiful and atmospheric village in Paros is undoubtedly Naoussa and is where we spent most of our days on the island.


The first restaurant we tried was Barbarossa, specializing in fresh fish and seafood dishes but with many more options on the menu. We chose it without a doubt because of the place where it was located.

A small square in the picturesque port with a church, sea views and nightlife lights.

The food was very good and we liked it very much. The price was 30 Euros per person with wine.

Besides, it was incredible to have dinner in this beautiful place while we watched the sunset and the beautiful colors of the sky. At night when the lights went on it was much more incredible. This place is magic. An authentic and magical summer night.


We had breakfast in a place that was really cool. I loved the decor. It’s true that for a breakfast it’s a bit expensive, but the dishes, the preparation and the portions were worth it. In fact, that day we ate at snack time and we were able to extend the day at the beach.

The price of the complete breakfast with juice and coffee was 13 Euros. Everything was very good.

Taverna Glafkos

For dinner we chose the Greek tavern Glafkos. It is located in the other area of the port with a view of the sea and the food is exquisite. It specializes in fish and seafood but you can order more.

We booked the day before just in case, because we had read that it is usually full and there are few tables. We ordered several dishes to share and we loved everything. The price was 15 Euros per person with drinks and beer.

Where to eat in Lefkes

On one of your days in Paros, you will surely make a route through the inland villages.


We ordered moussaka, meatballs, Greek salad, fried cheese, calamari, eggplant… The food was homemade and delicious.

The price was 9.50 Euros per person with drinks and beer.

Where to eat at Antiparos

The last point of recommendation and restaurants where to eat in Paros, is in the island of Antiparos. If you make a day trip to Antiparos, you can eat in their charming village. We recommend the restaurant where we went.

Taverna Manos

We loved the restaurant. The homemade food was very good. We ordered several dishes to share as always of the tapas that we liked the most and we always repeated. It’s located on the main street, full of shops and charming cafeteria, perfect for a walk before or after lunch.

The price was 11 Euros per person with drink and beer.