Where To Eat in Seville

Fried, salted, marinated, cooked… Seville’s cuisine has been historically influenced by its Andalusian roots, giving rise to dishes as tasty as they are surprising, always prepared with the best raw materials. Oxtail, gazpacho, seasoned roe, soldier’s guinea fowl, pescaíto, flamenco eggs… There are so many delicacies to try that you won’t know where to start. From typical taverns to traditional bars, including places to celebrate a romantic dinner, we show you 10 restaurants to eat cheaply in Seville.

Where To Eat in Seville

Where to eat in Seville if your budget is tight? Take note of these places where the bill will not be a problem.

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Taberna Coloniales

Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, 19, and calle de Fernández y González, 36 and 38

Taberna del Porvenir

Cardinal Bueno Monreal Avenue, Ysbilia Building

A classic to eat in Seville is ideal to share several tables with your partner, family or friends: cod with salmorejo, smoked tuna fillet, acorn ham with natural tomato or salmorejo, larded meat with roasted peppers, anchovies with cheese… If you are into tapas, the variety is as big as it is appetizing: prawn salad, Seville potatoes, sardines in vinegar, scorpion fish cake, artichokes with foie, meat and aubergine gratin, hake peas, aubergines with cane honey, cuttlefish in their own ink, fried chicken, or the most famous, pork fillet in carbonara sauce. The exotic touch? Your grilled ostrich or kangaroo meat.

Bodeguita Romero

Flour, 10

Inaugurated in 1939 in the old Encarnación Market, Bodeguita Romero is an institution among the restaurants of Seville. Full at any time of the day, many tourists and locals come to the Arenal district in search of its spectacular “montadito de pringá”. Other proposals are not left behind such as seasoned potatoes, shrimp salad, salmon taco with tartar sauce, their sausages and cheeses, salads, preserves and scrambled. Another of its specialities is fried food: shrimp omelettes, cod taco, turkey and mushroom flamenquín, ham croquettes, chocos, adobo, seafood trumpets or codfish pavía.

Bar Alfalfa

Candilejo, 1

One of the references where to eat in Seville is a small place in the Plaza de la Alfalfa, from which it has taken its name. Original tapas and abundant portions make this bar one of the best in terms of quality-price ratio. Its salmorejo is one of the best in the city, as well as other creations rarely seen in the south, but with recognized success: humus, rustic aubergines, bresaola, grilled provolone with oregano and oil, goat cheese in green sauce or its essential bruschettas: white, with gorgonzola, mascarpone and nuts; red, with red pesto and pecorino sauce, or classic, with aubergine, tomato and basil.

La Parihuela

Pasaje de Vila, 12

Tortilla, oxtail, loin with tomato, meatballs in sauce, spinach with chickpeas, ratatouille, fabes stew, lasagne, Galician-style octopus, Rioja-style squid… No, we are not talking about the succulent dishes your mother prepares, but about the hot tapas you can try in La Parihuela, in the heart of Santa Cruz. If you are more of a cold tapa: anchovies in vinegar, Russian or crab salad, pepper dressing, salmorejo, scorpion fish cake or tuna mojama. Every month they vary their offer of wines but, if you prefer, they serve well pulled canes, sangria or the typical rebujito. Eating in Seville can be, without a doubt, a wonderful experience.

El Patio San Eloy

A reference among the restaurants in Seville since 1972, with competitive prices and top quality products in several locations around the capital. Iberian products, salty cakes, montaditos, cold tapas such as roe dressing, seafood salpicon, steamed mussels or smoked salad, hot tapas: squid, adobo, fried cod, flamenquín (flamenco dish), paella, ox tenderloin… And if you are one of those who cannot start the day without a good breakfast, you will not resist their offer of coffee with toast: butter, oil, pate, tomato, meat lard, omelette, Iberian ham, liver punch, red lard, sobrassada or cream of ham.

Bodega Santa Cruz

Rodrigo Caro, 1A

Tapas and more tapas to eat in Seville! A step away from La Giralda, Bodega Santa Cruz is another must see. Chickpea stew, tripe, potato omelette, steak with spicy mojo, tuna with tomato, chicken in sauce, spinach with five cheeses, mushrooms with ham, bravas, clams in wine, seasoned potatoes… Shall we continue? There is also a good selection of pork products and “montaditos”: spicy sausage, camembert cheese, larded meat, anchovies and fresh cheese, melva and tomato, squid, sobrassada, cane loin… What would you like to eat in one of the most traditional taverns in Seville?

Cachito Más que Tapas

Juan de Mata Carriazo, 2

Where to eat in Seville ‘different’ and in a young atmosphere? Large premises and a pleasant terrace overlooking the San Bernardo Bridge are two of the features of ‘Cachito’, which opened its doors in 2012. And what makes it different? Its original menu: Steamed mussels with soy and wasabi, salmon tataki with soy mayonnaise or tuna with ajoblanco and grape syrup, hake and shrimp burger, ceviches that vary according to the product offered by the market, fajitas of sirloin, risotto of mushrooms and asparagus, crunchy of lamb, ingot of fried cod on base of homemade tomato and aioli gratin of mint, toast of mackerel with pipirrana of vegetables…


Plaza del Padre Jerónimo de Córdoba, 12

Are you thinking of a romantic getaway and looking for a place to eat in Seville without getting ruined? Catalina’s menu couldn’t be more original and surprising, with none of her dishes costing more than 15 euros. Grilled octopus with flamed aubergine and potato and soft cod makis; tuna tataki with yaki udon, tirabeques, edamame and Japanese onion; Korean mollete with Iberian cheek, cochinita pibil style, crunchy bull’s tail cannelloni with amanitas caesareas, death trumpets and potato parmentier; free-range chicken pastrami with red curry, hummus and blinis; instant potato omelette with truffle and boletus… Now, we’ve stopped giving you long teeth!

Freiduría Reina Victoria

Rodrigo de Triana, 51 – Corner of Pelay Correa

Their motto is ‘Where frying fish becomes art’. And they’re not without reason. With almost half a decade of experience, these Galician immigrants travelled the peninsula from one end to the other to open one of the restaurants in Seville that you can’t miss. Squid, marinade, roe, croquettes, baby squid, prawns, cod, heartburn, pointillites, hake snacks… We recommend that you order several ‘rooms’ of what catches your eye and share them with others so that you have the chance to try more things. A Triana classic for eating in Seville, considered by many to be the best fried food in the area, there is nothing like it!

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