Where To Eat in Toronto

The restaurants in Toronto are characterized by their international cuisine, due to the multicultural influence of their society. The food in Toronto is quite varied and there is no great representative typical dish.

Let’s see which are the most recommended neighborhoods to eat during your trip to Toronto, as well as some dishes you can find.

Since there is no typical dish to try in Toronto, what we recommend you do is try international cuisine from the experts. You will do this by visiting the corresponding community area, let’s see the highlights:

Eating in Chinatown

If you want to taste Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine, without a doubt the place to visit is Chinatown. Most of the restaurants are on Spadina avenue.

Among the most famous are the Bright Pearl and the Kwangtung Dim Sum.

Also very named is the Dumpling House where you can eat cheap and tasty (they only accept cash).
However, if you want fast food the option is the Chinatown center.

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Eating at Kensington Market

The best Latin restaurants in Toronto are in this area.
Kensington Market is known for having a Latin touch, so this is where you’ll find good places for that kind of food.

Prices are affordable because it’s not really a luxury area.

You can also find several good independent cafes here, as it’s part of Toronto’s culture to frequent these types of places.

A very popular place for Latin food in Toronto is Los Colibris, located not far from this area.

Eating in Little Italy

Lovers of Italian food can come to Little Italy where of course there is the Italian community and therefore food stores.

There are several trattorias where Italian families prepare food in their own style.
A visit to this area cannot end without passing by Café Diplomático, where you can taste the best Italian espresso in Toronto (which we have tasted).

The most popular restaurants are on College Street. You can get there with the 506 tram.

Eating at The Annex

This is the chic area of Toronto where for some reason most Japanese food restaurants are concentrated.
This type of food is expensive anywhere in the world and here is no exception.

From the Spadina subway exit you are already in The Annex.

If you like this kind of food and you are looking for better prices you can go to one of the fast food chains you can find in the center like Sushi shop.

Eating at St Lawrence Market

The experience of Canadian food in Toronto is also lived naturally, enjoying the local flavours.
From the St. Lawrence Market, discover a variety of fruits and vegetables produced in Canada along with those imported.

You can’t miss this visit whether your stay is near or far from this place.

Among vegetables and fruits you will also find cheese and deli shops.

Eating in the Distillery district

Restaurants in Toronto from the Distillery district
Famous for its history but also for the fun it has for its visitors, the Distillery district also has options to eat.
Places like pubs and bars come alive in this area offering pleasant moments to those who visit them. The most famous is Mill St. Brewery and its legendary beer.

If it’s a wine night, you’ve come to the right place too.
Both options accompanied by tapas or fast food will give the special touch to your evening.

Restaurants in downtown Toronto

The most touristy area of Toronto with most of the attractions, the Downtown also has options for you to eat.

For those looking to save money during their trip the fast food chains in Dundas square and the Eaton centre have the full range of possibilities.

However, if you walk down King west and Queen streets the range opens up enormously, as this is where most restaurants and hotels come alive.

The 504 and 514 trams run along King west street.
Although the above areas are characterized by certain types of food, you’ll find many international restaurants in downtown Toronto.

And if you want to try some of Canada’s food, you can go to the Jerk Chicken Poutine and try the famous Poutine dish, which has its biggest boom in Montreal.

If it’s breakfast, don’t miss the opportunity to try a good Brunch, which are quite complete meals that are usually eaten in the middle of the morning.

Recommendations to go to a restaurant in Toronto

The tip is set aside and ranges from 10% to 20%
Meal prices usually do not include the tax which is 13%.

If you go with children, most restaurants offer children’s menus and special chairs for them.

Few restaurants are open late so it is important to check the schedules.