Where To Eat in Vancouver

From a cosmopolitan city like Vancouver, we could only expect an immense ethnic offering and that’s how it was. On the same street, you can find Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian restaurants and there is no lack of poutines… obviously, you are in Canada. In this post we tell you about 5 restaurants where you can eat in Vancouver.

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Thai Basil

We discovered this tiny Thai restaurant on the way to our hostel and it was a real find! As soon as you enter and smell the spices of the curries it’s not difficult to teleport to Thailand.

We ordered a massaman curry (very tasty and not very spicy, as I like it but you can order spicy if you prefer) and a chicken with cashews. Both very tasty. Price per dish: 10CAD aprox.

Sushi Maro

As we walked through the beautiful Yaletown neighborhood we were struck by their crowded terrace and, as we never say no to sushi, we went over to see if they had any “lunch specials” and yes.

In fact they have a few offers (prices between 10 and 15CAD). We decided on a bento that had salmon teryaki with rice, shrimp tempura, potato, zucchini and carrot and 5 california rolls. We also ordered a sushi combo with a total of 12 pieces.

Everything is served with salad and miso soup. Total price, with taxes and tips 32CAD.

Dinesty Dumplings House

If you’re looking for the best dumplings in Vancouver, you’ll probably find them here. Try the Dinesty Steamed Pork Soup Dumpling and also order a couple of dumpling dishes to share.

Tip: at noon they have a main dish + dumplings + dessert offer for 15CAD. More info.

The Capital

If you are looking for something cheaper, don’t worry there are a few options… all over the city we saw several restaurants with a fixed price menu: 5.95CAD! There are pasta dishes, salads, hamburgers, poutine and much more. We decided to try this place and it was cool, it’s like a brewery.

The Pawn Shop

Tacos and beer? It’s your place, especially if it’s happy hour! When the tacos only cost 1,49CAD (minimum order 3 and drink, the beer costs 5$). And when is the happy hour? From 15 to 18. They have a small terrace, though. The music is loud inside…

That said, in Downtown Vancouver we didn’t have much difficulty finding cheap restaurants to eat at, but if you know more we’re all ears!