We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Capri so that you can choose according to your preferences. Keep in mind that, in addition to hotels, there are many apartments and houses to stay in Capri.

Where To Stay in Capri

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Staying in Capri is a real luxury. You can enjoy the tranquility of the island when all the visitors who spend a day there leave in the afternoon. But the best thing is to go from Naples to Capri to stay for a few days. The glamour of its luxury shops attracts many celebrities, but the real luxury is being able to take a dip or enjoy the wonderful views from the highest points of the island.

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Where To Stay In Capri: Best Areas And Hotels

Capri, the liveliest city to stay in Capri

The main city of the island is also called Capri. It’s very small, but it’s full of life. Most hotels, restaurants and shops are concentrated there. To see the most luxurious face of Capri you just have to go to Via Camerelle, a street full of luxury shops that attract wealthy visitors. But there is no money to buy a walk through the beautiful streets of the city and stop for a coffee in some terrace. There is a very cozy atmosphere perfect to experience the dolce vita italiana. Even at night you will find places open late.

In addition, there are several must-see attractions in Capri. You can’t miss the Augustus Gardens and its beautiful views or the winding Via Krupp, one of the most beautiful streets in the Mediterranean.

Because of its fantastic location and its unbeatable atmosphere, we believe that the city of Capri is the best area to stay in Capri. However, as it is so popular there are usually quite a few people on the streets. If you want absolute peace and quiet, you’d better choose another place.

Good accommodations to sleep in Capri:

Hotel La Tosca
Casa Morgano
Casa Raiola

Marina Piccola, the ideal area to stay in Capri if you like the beach

If you prioritize being near the sea, Marina Piccola is your place to sleep on Capri. It has a small pebble beach with crystal clear water that invites you to swim. Its position sheltered from the wind by the cliffs makes it the most pleasant part for swimming during the summer. If you visit the island during the colder months, you will also appreciate a slightly higher temperature than in other areas.

As well as good weather, it has the most iconic views. From Marina Piccola you can see perfectly the rock formations known as Faraglioni, an emblem of Capri. There is not much to do in Marina Piccola beyond enjoying the sea. But it is very close to the city of Capri, about 20 minutes on foot. So you’ll have everything you need nearby.

Recommendations of hotels and houses in Marina Piccola

Hotel Weber Ambassador
Villa Kronberg
Leonardo Residence

Marina Grande, a strategic area for sleeping in Capri

Marina Grande will be your first contact with Capri, because the main port is located there. Therefore, it is always quite crowded. But the positive thing is that it has a quite wide and free beach. It seems strange to emphasize that the beach is free, but in Capri the most common thing are the paying beach clubs.

Before you get off the boat the colorful facades of Marina Grande will conquer you. The town itself is not very attractive. But the good news is that there is a funicular that takes you to the main square of Capri in less than 5 minutes. Its privileged location makes the hotels have rather high prices.

All in all, Marina Grande seems to us to be a good place to stay in Capri if you want the comfort of being close to the port, the beach and the city of Capri, but at the same time you don’t care too much about the crowds.

Recommended accommodation in Marina Grande:

Relais Maresca Luxury Small Hotel
Casa Pamela
B&B Punta Vivara

Anacapri, a quiet place to stay in Capri

Anacapri is the best area to stay in Capri if you are looking for tranquility. As it is further away from the main port of the island, most visitors don’t get to set foot in Anacapri, but that’s not because it’s not worth it! It is surrounded by vegetation and from the village you can take a walk to Mount Solaro, the highest point on the island. The views are scandalous. Don’t worry if you’re more beach than mountain. From Anacapri you can easily reach the famous Blue Grotto and Lido di Faro, where you can swim in the sea or in a pool.

Though less noisy than Capri, it also has shops and restaurants. But you won’t find the glamour of Capri’s luxury windows. Anacapri is full of small craft shops hidden in its charming streets. There are also frequent buses between Capri and Anacapri if you miss something.

Furthermore, Anacapri is the best option to find cheap accommodation in Capri. As it is less in demand, the fares are usually the best on the island.

Our recommendations for accommodation in Anacapri:

Boutique Hotel Casa Mariantonia
Hotel Il Girasole
Lul├╣ Capri