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Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Review San Diego

As someone who loves to explore, I have always been on the lookout for a place that offers the perfect combination of luxury and convenience. And when it comes to San Diego and its surrounding areas, there is no better option than Hotel Del Coronado.

From luxurious amenities to convenient access to some of the best attractions in San Diego, Hotel Del Coronado has everything one could need for a memorable stay in this beautiful city. The hotel’s location also makes it easy to explore nearby cities like La Jolla or Point Loma while still being close enough to downtown attractions such as Balboa Park or Seaport Village.

I first heard about Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego while researching the best places to stay during my upcoming vacation. I was immediately intrigued by its unique combination of luxury and convenience, as well as its convenient access to some of the city’s most popular attractions.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that not only did it offer world-class amenities, but also a variety of activities for guests such as kayaking or biking around Silver Strand State Beach. With all these features in mind, I quickly decided that this would be the ideal place for me to book my stay in San Diego.

What is Hotel Del Coronado Hotel San Diego?

In a gorgeous Victorian-style setting, this historic hotel offers opulent lodgings, top-notch amenities, and superb service along California’s Pacific coastline. Plan your day with the help of the concierge service, take a dip in the large outdoor pool, or unwind with a massage on the beach.

Del Beach, which is located alongside the dunes of the illustrious Hotel del Coronado, provides all-day reserved seats by the water. The bar-to-beach service offers mouthwatering food and drink options to guests.

There is a conference centre available for visitors on business. Numerous local attractions are conveniently close to the Hotel del Coronado. The hotel’s seaside position makes a number of water activities available to guests.

The distance between the hotel and San Diego International Airport is 25 minutes by car. It takes 15 minutes to get from here to the San Diego Convention Center.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel San Diego is a luxurious and historic beachfront hotel located in California’s Pacific Coast. The Victorian-style setting of the hotel provides visitors with opulent lodgings, top-notch amenities, and superb service amidst the beautiful surroundings.

From concierge services to outdoor swimming pools to bar-to-beach service, there are plenty of activities for guests to experience during their stay at this seaside haven. For business travelers, there is also a conference center available for use.

Moreover, the hotel offers easy access to both San Diego International Airport and Convention Center as well as numerous local attractions nearby. With all these features combined with its affordable price tag of $800 per night, Hotel Del Coronado can be considered an ideal destination for those looking for luxury and convenience when visiting San Diego or its surrounding areas.


The pricing of Hotel Del Coronado Hotel San Diego is not quite reasonable, at $800 per night. This cost includes access to all the amenities and services offered by the hotel, such as concierge services, outdoor swimming pools, bar-to-beach service, a conference centre for business travelers, and easy access to both San Diego International Airport and Convention Center.

Furthermore, numerous local attractions are conveniently close by which adds even more value to your stay. With its unbeatable combination of luxury and convenience at an affordable price tag, it’s no wonder why many choose this unique seaside haven for their vacation or business trip in California’s Pacific Coast.


– Concierge Service

– Outdoor pool

– Beachfront massage services

– Bar-to-Beach service

– Del Beach with all-day reserved seating

– Close to local attractions and activities

– Quick access to San Diego International Airport and Convention Center

– Luxurious accommodations for a price of $800

First Impressions

I was truly impressed with the Hotel Del Coronado hotel in San Diego. The location of the hotel is ideal as it is on a beautiful beach, surrounded by an array of restaurants and shops.

The rooms at the hotel are spacious and come with modern amenities such as flat screen televisions, mini-refrigerators, and complimentary wi-fi. One of the highlights of my stay was the breakfast buffet that was offered every morning. It had a great selection of items and everything was fresh and delicious.

Overall, I would highly recommend staying at Hotel Del Coronado if you are looking for a great hotel in San Diego. The location, facilities and staff make it an ideal spot to enjoy your vacation.

Thoughts on Using Hotel Del Coronado Hotel San Diego

I recently spent two days at the luxurious Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego and it quickly became my favorite hotel. From the moment I arrived, the staff made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I had access to all of the amenities that this five star hotel offered and experienced an unforgettable stay.

The location of the hotel is also ideal. It sits right on the beach, offering stunning views of Coronado Island and San Diego Bay as well as easy access to local attractions like Balboa Park, SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.

The rooms were spacious and comfortable, with luxurious amenities throughout. There was a fabulous pool area with both a lap pool and a hot tub. The hotel also has a number of restaurants, bars and lounges to choose from as well as a full-service spa.

The service at the hotel was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make sure that my stay was enjoyable. From check in to check out, I felt like we were the hotel’s most important guests.

The concierge service was especially helpful in allowing me to plan out my days with ease while providing exceptional customer service. After spending only two nights here, I am a loyal fan of Hotel Del Coronado and can confidently say that if you’re looking for luxury accommodations in San Diego, look no further than this amazing hotel.

My Results/Verdict

Hotel Del Coronado is an iconic five-star hotel located in San Diego, California. Dating back to 1888, the property has been lovingly restored and kept up over the years and its grandiose beauty still shines through today. With a stunning beachfront location on Coronado Island and easy access to local attractions like SeaWorld and Balboa Park, it’s no wonder that Hotel Del Coronado remains one of the most popular hotels in San Diego. Guests are treated to opulent and luxurious accommodations, complete with top-notch amenities like a Concierge Service, outdoor pool, beachfront massage services and bar-to-beach service.


– Iconic five-star hotel dating back to 1888

– Stunning beachfront location on Coronado Island with access to local attractions

– Opulent and luxurious accommodations

– Top notch amenities such as a Concierge Service, outdoor pool, beachfront massage services and bar-to-beach service

– Convenient access to nearby airports or convention centers


– Price may be too expensive for some travelers ($800 per night)


– Is Hotel Del Coronado pet friendly?

Yes, the hotel is pet friendly and offers a variety of amenities for pets such as doggy beds, bowls and treats.