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How Many Sandals Resorts Are in Jamaica?

Sandals resorts in Jamaica are best known for their elite-class amenities and butler-elite services. From their sleek interiors to their rich meals, Sandals Resorts in Jamaica are all-inclusive resorts that will serve you the best Caribbean experience of all time.

So, the question is – How many Sandals resorts are in Jamaica?

The 7 Sandals Resorts in Jamaica are listed below.

  1. Sandals Montego Bay,
  2. Sandals Negril,
  3. Sandals Ochi,
  4. Sandals Royal Caribean,
  5. Sandals Royal Plantation,
  6. Sandals South Coast, and
  7. Sandals Dunn’s River

The eighth Sandals resort, Sandals Royal Dunn’s River is currently under development. 

All the Sandals resorts have their own specialty and amenity in some or another way. But one thing remains common among them all and that is – an unforgettable getaway experience.

The 7 Sandals Resort in Jamaica

Choosing one of the Sandal resorts in Jamaica is not an easy task, since all of them are epic in their own ways. However, a few specialized amenities might help you settle for your favorite Sandal resorts in Jamaica. I am going to sail you through the Sandals resort of Jamaica. Say, Ay Ay Captain! 

1. Sandals Montego Bay 

Location- Montego Bay, Jamaica 

The best aspects of Sandals Montego Bay are: 

  1. Sandals Montego Bay is Sandals International’s flagship resort, spanning the best private white-sand beach in Jamaica. 
  2. This resort has a unique over-the-water chapel that oversees some of the best views of the ocean.
  3. Sandals Montego Bay features beachfront swim-up butler suits with patio tranquility soaking tubs. 
  4. Montego Bay is an excellent choice for couples since it abodes crystal lagoon honeymoon ocean view one-bedroom butler suites with amazing amenities like a balcony to the ocean views and tranquility soaking tubs. 

2. Sandals Negril

Location- Negril, Jamaica  

  1. Located on Negril 7 mile beach, Sandals Negril is the best resort option for chilling at the beach from day till night. 
  2. The resort offers one-bedroom oceanfront suites with luxurious amenities including whirlpool baths and walk-in showers. 
  3. The Interior decor of Sandals Negril is unique with traditional and contemporary fusions. It boasts a West Indian furniture design that looks exquisite.
  4. This resort is best for honeymoon couples since it has ultra-luxurious one-bedroom millionaire honeymoon suites with private plunge pools. 

3. Sandals Ochi 


The best aspects of Sandals Ochi are: 

  1. At Sandals Ochi, you get the best of both worlds with the beachside Caribbean Riveria and a butler village that houses a 100-acre garden of Eden, mined with private escapes. 
  2. With 16 restaurants and 11 premium liquor bars, Sandals Ochi offers unlimited fine dining, making your stay in Jamaica a little more avant-garde. 
  3. Like other Sandal resorts, Sandals Ochi too has some outstanding accommodations with stunning views, balconies, butler-elite services, and more.

4. Sandals Royal Caribbean 

Location- Montego Bay, Jamaica 

The best aspects of Sandals Montego Bay are: 

  1. Sandals Royal Caribbean has a private offshore island with Bali-inspired beach cabanas. 
  2. This resort is vibrant in offering cultural experiences, as it also boasts an authentic Thai restaurant.
  3.  Travelers can enjoy a floating sanctuary at Sandals Royal Caribbean as this resort has the Caribbean’s first over-the-water bungalows and villas. 
  4. This place has authentic British vibes with British heritage-based Georgian-style great houses, well-groomed gardens, and exquisite wildlife where you can see roaming peacocks.

5. Sandals Royal Plantation 

Location- Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

The best aspects of Sandals Montego Bay are: 

  1. There are only 74 suites at Sandals Royal Plantation and they all are serviced by the butlers. Resort guests get the most personalized experience at Sandals Royal Plantation. 
  2. This resort features private cove beaches for a more elite beach experience enjoyed in tranquility. 
  3. Sandals Royal plantation houses Jamaica’s only caviar and champagne bar.
  4. This resort is situated near the Upton Estate golf and country club. More so, Sandals Resorts offers green fees to its guests for golfing at these locations.

6. Sandals South Coast 

Location- Whitehouse, Jamaica 

The best aspects of Sandals South Coast are: 

  1. Sandals south coast resort stays elegantly near the 2-mile stretch of the pristine south coast of Jamaica. 
  2. Perfect for tieing the knots, South Coast features an over-the-water serenity wedding chapel. 
  3. Guests can enjoy the best of the Caribbean sea view while sipping on some of the most elite cocktails at an over-the-water bar. 
  4. Sandals south coast offers 9 gourmet restaurants that offer some of the most delicious meals of all time. 

7. Sandals Dunn’s River


The best aspects of Sandals Dunn’s river are: 

  1. Sandals Dunn’s River is named after a pristine waterfall located near this resort known as Dunn’s River Falls. It is one of Jamaica’s natural wonders.
  2. It is the newest open Sandals resort and features top-class modern suites with amenities like private pools, balconies, and rooftop terraces. 
  3. It has 12 extravagant restaurants and 9 premium bars that serve unlimited and exquisite fine dining. 
  4. It offers unlimited adventurous activities, and water and land sports, including PADI-certified Scuba-diving. 
  5. This resort offers complimentary green fees for one of the most premium golf clubs in the Caribbean, recognized by Golf Digest and Frommers travel guide. 

Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica 

As you can read above, every Sandal resort in Jamaica has its own set of facilities and amenities.

As far as Sandals Resorts in Jamaica are concerned, Sandal Resort International maintains a level of fineness and eliteness across all its resorts. So, If you’re picking a Sandal for your stay in Jamaica, you’re signing up for a premium class service. 

Although, if you’re looking for the best Sandals in Jamaica, in my opinion, it is the –  Sandals Royal Plantation. Sandal Royal Plantation has only 74 premium-class ocean-view suites and all of them have butler services. So, luxury at its best.

The Bottom Line 

Sandals Resorts are owned by Sandals Resorts International (SRI) and currently have 7 resorts located in Jamaica: Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Negril, Sandals Ochi, Sandals Royal Caribean, Sandals Royal Plantation, Sandals south coast, and Sandals Dunn’s river, with a new resort, Sandals Royal Dunn’s River, currently under development.

Each resort has its own specialty and amenities, but all offer an unforgettable getaway experience.

Sandals Resorts in Jamaica offer luxury spa services, opulent lodging, great dining, stunning beaches, and exciting tropical excursions.

They also provide VIP treatment with their Certified Sandals Specialists and devoted Sandals Chairman’s Royal Club members.