Check out this magnificent view of the volcano from the common pool of the popular Grance Santorini Hotel. Without a doubt, it is the most talked about hotel in Santorini.

It is no surprise how Grace Hotel has won so many awards. Not only does it have well-cleaned rooms, it also offers great views of the caldera. Additionally, its infinity pool is the biggest you will ever come across. 

When you stay here, you will experience a vacation like no other. They value your meals so you will meet with the chef himself and tell him what you prefer in your food. We understand how some people don’t like fried food while others prefer seafood over meat. It is all about completely satisfying guests when it comes to food and they would love nothing more than to leave your taste buds satisfied. You will experience outstanding service from their outstanding staff as they will clean your room twice each day. Additionally, the hotel features wonderful amenities such as a champagne lounge and a restaurant. No matter which room you stay, you will see amazing caldera views that only this hotel can provide. Furthermore, you can relax in your suite’s private plunge pool. 

Grace Hotel is in an ideal location as cool shops and renowned restaurants are a few meters away. You will never feel bored when you stay here. It is not that hard to get there either as it is only a few blocks away from the main road that connects Oia and Fira. Hence, you won’t have any difficulties whether you decide to take the train, the bus or rent a car going there. The only bad news is you need to walk a few meters from the bus stop towards the hotel. Good thing that task will take you only 10 minutes and the road is steep anyway. Another option is taking a cab as there are many taxis available in the airport. You just need to tell the driver you are going to Grace Hotel and there is no doubt all taxi drivers know where that is. The taxi fare should not cost much either. Another option would be to rent your own car which would be a lot more convenient. Besides, there is free parking in the hotel. If it is full there are several parking lots nearby so you won’t have a hard time finding a parking slot. Unfortunately, you should be patient as you’re dealing with the city in Santorini that is the busiest so you will spend a lot of time finding a parking slot. You can ask assistance from the hotel but that is still no assurance you’re going to find a parking slot in a short time.

Kids are not allowed to stay in this hotel so don’t be surprised if they ask for your children’s IDS to validate their age. They value peace and tranquility and they know young kids can become noisy at times. Besides, most guests here are couples who want to either enjoy their honeymoon or a soothing romantic getaway. If you decide to go during summer, don’t miss going to Exo Gialos as it is a fantastic beach just a few minutes away. Additionally, there is a lively beach bar that is just 12 minutes away. Its name is Yalos and you will observe the crowd is fine. Aside from that, they have an awesome selection of food. You will be tempted to order a lot of food when you get a load of their menu. They have a fine cocktail choices too and you may not notice the number of drinks you order by the end of the night. If you book a villa, you will be blessed of having your own kitchen and if you don’t have time to cook, you can request for a private chef. 

A majority of the rooms in this hotel give you the fortune of having your own private pool. You can definitely take a dip while enjoying the caldera view as the pools are located outside. If you choose the VIP suite, you are going to get a huge terrace. The Villa is not too shabby either as it gives you an indoor Jacuzzi apart from the outdoor private pool. Another great option is the Grace Suite as you will get two pools instead of one. If that does not give you a great time, then I don’t know what will. This hotel gives a lot of benefits that a lot of other hotels don’t. One of them is free yoga class as yoga has lots of benefits. Among them, you will be able to relax your mind and body. It can even make you lose calories. Of course, doing this is a whole new lifestyle and it is for the better. When you accidentally spill food or drinks in your room, you don’t need to worry because they offer 24-hour room service so your mess is one call away from getting fixed. 

The best way to make a reservation is through the Internet. You will come across a lot of websites that will offer to reserve a room for you. However, none of them offers great rates like does. You are certainly in great hands with that website. Apart from awesome rates, they also have unbiased reviews there. Hence, you’re going to know the experience of past guests. Some people really dedicate a lot of time in making reviews so future guests will know what to expect. You will notice some reviews are very long so you’re definitely not dealing with biased reviews here. This hotel is so good that it is usually fully booked so it won’t be a good idea to reserve just a month in advance. It would be best to reserve 4 to 6 months in advance so you will get the room of your choice. If it is peak season, you should not lose hope as they have a 24-hour reception that is always ready to take your call. This is also a great place to hold your special event whether it is your birthday or your wedding. Invite some friends over and they will certainly have the time of their lives. They will certainly not forget your event for a very long time. 

The very reason why this hotel is not ideal for children is because of the amount of stairs it has. Hence, if you are bringing your small kids, better choose another place. Another thing to remember is that this hotel is not for handicapped people because it has no elevator. Athletic people will love the stairs though as it will serve as the warmup before walking the caldera path. As for their restaurant, you won’t be disappointed because Santoro won numerous awards in the past. They take pride in serving wonderful food for their guests. They know food is a big factor in making guests come back in the future. It is open all day so you can choose to have either breakfast, lunch or dinner there. Furthermore, you can customize the menu so it can suit your tastes. What’s more, their staff is highly trained so they know what to recommend you if you can’t decide from their menu. They will ask you a few questions and they will have a light bulb on their head. Since anyone can dine at the restaurant including non-guests, it would be best to reserve a table in advance so you get a great view while dining there. 

The hotel is big enough to also contain a chapel. Hence, religious people won’t have to look for nearby churches when they stay there on a Sunday. There is also a boutique for your quirky needs. 

363 Champagne Lounge is a great place to meet other guests while enjoying some fine drinks. After all, it was not named the best hotel bar in Europe for nothing. It has a lot to show for and they also have exquisite bar chow choices. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the sunset while enjoying on some excellent local drinks then this is the place. You don’t have to look any further as this is the place to be when it is a few minutes past 5 in the afternoon. Take note that this place does not open until 4 pm though. It gets a little lively late at night so be prepare for an ecstatic crowd that wants to have a good time. Whatever you do, don’t miss their specialty cocktail as it is what some locals go there for. Just like most hotels, they serve free breakfast and it is at Santoro and it is quite an appetizing meal. They say you must start the day with a great meal and that is exactly what they will make you do. The set menu is not the same each day so you won’t be treated to the same thing every morning. Better wake up early though because it is only from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM. Even if there is a set meal, guests can choose to order something different. 

There are many room types to choose from but the Grace Suite is by far, the best. Not only does it give you your own outdoor pool, you’re also treated to one of the best caldera views on the land. Before plunging into the outdoor pool, why not give the indoor pool a try? Yes, this is the perfect suite for newlywed couples. It has a ton of amenities too including a two-person shower and a steam room. Just like all of their other rooms, smoking isn’t allowed in this room. However, smokers can choose to smoke in the private terraces. The Villa features many amenities too and all of them are useful. Some of the amenities you will observe there are a gazebo, a steam room, and a fully equipped kitchen. You can even get your own chef to cook for you. What an experience that will be. 

There are many ways to move around the island coming from the hotel. When you walk, it won’t be long before you stumble upon a ton of nice restaurants and famed shops. You may even do some impromptu window shopping because of all the good for sale there. The nearest bus station is not that far either. Since you are going to do a lot fo walking in this island, you should not mind a short walk to the bus station in Imerovigli. Since buses stop at all the major points in the island, you won’t have a difficult time going to all the major points. You don’t have to look for ticketing offices because all tickets are bought when you board the bus. However, keep in mind that buses can be full especially during the peak season so be prepared for that. Better not bring all your valuables. If you already checked in, better not bring all your stuff. You can leave some of them at the hotel. Another way to travel around the island is to rent your own motorcycle or scooter. However, this is not really advisable unless you are an expert at it. A lot of backpackers got into accidents because they chose to rent a motorcycle even though they don’t know how to ride it. It would be better to know how to ride it first before renting one. Another option is an ATV as it is very popular with tourists because it is a lot of fun. However, a lot of people have complained about how it costs traffic so some specific ATVs have been banned. 

There are a lot of restaurants you must try while you are there. Of course, it is not ideal to try all of them as that would ruin your budget. They don’t source their ingredients from other countries as they get them locally. There is no doubt your taste buds will get satisfied in ways you’d never have imagined. One great restaurant to try is Le Moustache as you will get awesome caldera views while eating lovely food. They also serve nice cocktails to pair with your food. Another wonderful restaurant that has been lauded by critics and bloggers is Avocado. One thing to love about them is their local menu and another is the wide selection of local wine. In addition, you are going to be impressed by their highly trained staff as they pay attention to what each customer wants. If you want a highly praised restaurant that offers panoramic views at the same time, go for La Maison. This place is popular with both locals and tourists. You can’t blame yourself if you fall in love with this restaurant as the ambiance is magnificent. For a restaurant with many good choices on the menu, give OVAC a try. They have lots of good choices from the appetizers down to the desserts. When you try their food, you will find out why a lot of people recommend this restaurant at various websites. Perhaps, the restaurant that offers the best sunset views is Athenian House. They have fantastic local food though. It is no wonder this restaurant is always full. Therefore, it would be best to book a table in advance.

There are a lot of cool places of interest in this city including Volkan on the Rocks. It is a nice brewpub that has an outdoor cinema so it would be great if you take your partner here. What’s bad about enjoying a movie in a place that has great views? The sunset has never been so nice. If you have time, stop by the Hlios Bakey as they have outstanding coffee. You won’t notice how fast time flies because of the atmosphere here. For some unique items, hop over to Pegasus Boutique. If you were not able to bring enough clothes, there are a lot of clothes for sale here. Other than that, they also sell a lot of items that are made by locals. For example, if you suddenly decide to hit the beach then you can buy swimwear here. Another store that sells cool items is Under a Fig Tree and you won’t believe the prices of some of the items there. Due to the number of nice items they have, you will wonder why you did not find them sooner. Coffee enthusiasts should make it a priority to visit To Briki as they have a fine selection of coffee. It would be ideal to start the day here as they have wonderful breakfast choices too. The staff is also good as they make sure you get what you came there for. If you want a surreal experience, head over to Buddha Bar Beach as they have a wonderful selection of cocktails apart from the wide food choices. Not only that, you’re going to get fantastic views of the sunset. They’re a little pricey but you’re going to get what you paid for. 

There are a number of tourist spots including the Oia-Fira Hiking Trial. Not only is this trail the one that connects both cities, walking along with will get you some nice photographic views. You may not notice the number of times you took pictures of the scenery. However, don’t forget to wear walking shoes as it may get difficult if you wear your slippers. The amount of time depends on where you want to go. For religious people, pay the Anastasi Church a visit as it is a place where a lot of local and international weddings took place. It even offers wonderful caldera views so it is an ideal place to spend a lot of time at. Another popular place is the Skaros Rock as it is a place that is in most hotel’s views because of the wonderful rock formation. Another church that offers great views is Agios Georgios Church. It is a bit small compared to the other church but you will enjoy the panoramic views there. For last minute shopping needs, better head over to Supermarket Nissi as the products there are very cheap. You may end up buying more than what you originally planned. For good food choices, head over to Jimmy’s Market Cava and you will be blessed with so much food. Keep in mind they don’t deliver though so you will have no choice but to go there. That is not a bad idea at all because it won’t even take you 9 minutes to go there. Better not overlook the coffee here either as they are not known as a coffee place but they do serve a lot of great coffee. This is another place to have breakfast at in case you want to try another place to have breakfast other than your hotel. You won’t regret it as they have a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches. Grace Hotel is just a few minutes away from all those places and it won’t be hard to go there either. Over 7 floors, each level is designed to perfection and you won’t dislike a single thing about Grace Hotel. When you see one side, you’d want to see another. 

Santoro Restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere inside. Once you see that, you will be tempted to spend some time there. You may even meet new friends. The view of Skaros Rock is simply breathtaking. It is a sight that you would not mind waking up to and that is exactly what is going to happen if you stay at Grace Hotel. List a majority of the hotels in Santroini, there is no elevator there. That’s alright as you are going to lose a lot of calories when you use the stairs. Not only that, you will get a glimpse of some of the best caldera views you will ever see. When you take a dip in their humongous infinity pool, you will be amazed at its size. You will never come across a bigger one in the caldera as its width speaks for itself. The relaxation you will feel is a feeling you have never felt before. Aside from the infinity pool, there are two more pools and there is rarely any people in those pools. Besides, most rooms already have their own pools so guests have no reason to swim there also. However, when you go on vacation, you want to swim a lot so why not try all the pools they have to offer? When it is sunset, the best place to be is 363 Champagne Lounge as it offers the best views during sunset. Aside from that they have an impressive selection of drinks. It also gets busy late at night so better reserve a table unless you want to be standing all night. That is going to be painful so better come early. Each room comes with a mini-bar and it is full of local snacks and drinks. You won’t be able to resist getting some of the things there and you can’t blame yourself. You will certainly marvel about how each room was designed. No rooms are similar to each other. They are all different and the hotel made sure of that. Once you get a load of the marble bathroom, you know you’re going to enjoy every second of your stay whenever you need to use the comfort room. Not only is it very spacious, it features a glass shower.

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A lot of people have booked the Junior Suite for a good reason. The room is magnificently decorated and the bathroom is huge. The caldera views are also nice and you will get your own private pool. While you’re swimming in your pool, a few minutes later you can’t believe you are at the comforts of your own room. It is an experience like no other. The plunge pool is a small pool and it is what you see in the pictures. It is not a hot tub though so don’t mistake one for the other. While you’re in the plunge pool, you’re going to have an awesome view of Skaros Rock and it is a feeling you have never experienced. In fact, there is a good chance you will never have that feeling again. The pillow menu is a sight to behold at Grace Hotel and it is something you won’t forget for quite some time. It contains a great selection and you will be forced to make a tough decision. Grace Hotel may not allow kids but they do allow them in their private villa. Hence, those who are coming with their small children may need to book that one. It is always a great experience to stay in your private villa as the hotel is just a few meters away so you will still get to enjoy the hotel’s many amenities. 

Whether you choose the Junior Suite, the Grace Suite, the Honeymoon Suite or even the VIP Suite, you are going to be in for a remarkable experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera because not only will you take a lot of pictures of the view, you will also take pictures of the rooms because they were all nicely designed. Some suites are so spacious that you may even get lost in them. There is a nearby church where a lot of people get married. You can’t blame them as the memories will last a lifetime. Apart from that, it is magnificent. Better watch what time of the year you visit Grace Hotel because the view from the hotel differs. If you decide to go during peak season better book online months in advance as the hotel tends to get full all the time. It is famous all over the world for a lot of things. Some of those things include offering great service, awesome food and great location. They’re certainly everything you can ask for in a hotel and a whole lot more. From the view, you can also see the other hotels that are near Grace Hotel. While some of them won awards, they are still not as good as Grace Hotel. In fact, when you ask locals about hotel recommendations, they will definitely say Grace Hotel without any hesitation. 

When you decide to go out of Grace Hotel for a place to eat, there is no doubt Mezzo is the place to go to. There are a lot of great choices though so Mezzo just edges them out by a hair. Most of them even offer fantastic views of the caldera. Now, that is something that is hard to ignore as there is nothing like eating great food while having a nice view on the background. You won’t have a shortage of bars to go during the night at Fira. In fact, all of them are just walking distance from each other so it will be very easy to do a bar hopping trip. In fact, you can meet new friends while enjoying good local wine then move on to the next bar. One good restaurant in Imerovigli is Avocado as it is a great choice about both locals and foreigners. You better save some room for dessert as they have nice dessert choices. They have some nice smoothies too and they are guilt free so you won’t feel bad after drinking them. No matter which room or suite you choose, you will get a different view so better savor it. You will actually see Kapari Hotel from the top of Grace Hotel and that hotel also has a good restaurant that serves authentic Greek food. When you get hungry, better obey your hunger and go there. It is not that far away anyway so walking there won’t be a problem. 

If you want a hotel that is as good as Grace Hotel but not that expensive, you have Kasimatis Suites. It does not look as good as Grace Hotel but it does have some nice views and a wonderful pool. The suites are rather big too and kids are allowed there. It rarely gets full there so if you forgot to book an accommodation in Santorini, they would be a great choice. Another hotel that is near Grace Hotel is Absolute Bliss and each room is equipped with a private balcony with astounding views. Another good alternative option for Grace Hotel is Tholos Resort. It is another hotel that provides great service as they prioritize giving ultimate customer satisfaction. There are times when it is hard to get a booking there so it would be best to have some alternatives. Besides, if you spend less money than what you expected, you can spend more for shopping and eating. In addition, you may be able to do more things like book a boat trip. This is why you should always expect the unexpected because some trips don’t go as planned, they turn out to be even better.