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Grace Hotel Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection (Review)

Grace Hotel Santorini: An elegant hotel with an award-winning restaurant and champagne room, well-equipped rooms and breathtaking views from the largest infinity pool in the boiler house.

Grace Hotel, Santorini (Review)

Grace customizes guest accommodations to taste, from room scent to pillow type, plus guests meet personally with the chef to discuss food preferences. Many suites include private heated swimming pools, while all offer special amenities such as iPads, irons and twice-daily maid service, including a cover service with different products each night. Food and drinks are great every day, whether in the restaurant, the champagne room or the pool. Extensive views of the caldera are available throughout the hotel, with the front and centre of the Skaros rock, and views of Akrotiri, the volcanoes, the island of Thirassia and Oia.

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Absolutely beautiful location in the heart of the town of Imerovigli, with incredible restaurants and attractions, all within a couple of minutes from the hotel. Imerovigli is on the highest elevation of the boiler, and the views are stellar throughout the hotel and in most of the restaurants here.

How to get there

The hotel is located on the caldera, in the centre of the village of Imerovigli, not far from the main road connecting Fira and Oia, making it easy to get there by bus, taxi or car.

There are always buses at the ferry port for every arrival of the ferry, as well as buses leaving every hour from the airport (both buses will stop at Fira from where you will get a different bus to Imerovigli: the whole trip from the port or airport to Imerovigli will take about one hour). The bus stop is only 8 minutes walk away, and the walk from there to the hotel is mostly flat or downhill, easy to navigate with the luggage.

Taxis are also available from the port or airport, although there are only about 25 taxis serving the entire island, so there is often a long wait; schedule in advance to avoid this, or rent a car. A taxi from the airport to the Grace Hotel should cost around 20 euros, and a taxi from the ferry port to the Grace Hotel should also cost around 20 euros. There will be a small charge for luggage, or to book in advance.

If you rent a car, there is free parking in front of the hotel (often full), near the Imerovigli basketball court and near Sunbird Rent-A-Car. Imerovigli has the most difficult parking lot to find in Santorini, so you may have to turn around a couple of times to find a spot.
By hand: the hiking route Oia-Fira (1 minute walk), the church Anastasi (4 minutes walk), the rock Skaros (8 minutes walk).

The basics

Ages: this is a hotel for adults only, and guests must be at least 14 years old to stay here, with the exception of the villa, which is for all ages. Guests tend to be couples on a romantic getaway.

Beach: The nearest beach is Exo Gialos, a quiet black sand beach with interesting wind-sculpted cliffs at its southern end. The best beach bar and restaurant is East Breeze, just a few meters from the cliffs (15 minutes drive). The northern end has a small harbour, and another large beach bar and restaurant called Yalos (12 minutes drive). From the hotel, it is a short 4.8 km drive to the northern end, or 7.2 km to the southern end, where the cliffs are located.

Views: Exceptional views of the caldera and sunset throughout the hotel, centred on the Skaros rock.

Kitchen: The villa includes a fully equipped kitchen with a private chef available on request.

Private Pools / Jacuzzis: Most rooms, suites and the villa have private heated outdoor pools. These include the deluxe room with immersion pool, the junior suite with immersion pool, the honeymoon suite, the superior suite and the VIP suite. The VIP suite has the largest terrace, while the Grace suite has a second indoor pool and steam room. The villa has an indoor jacuzzi and a steam room, in addition to its heated outdoor pool, which is larger than the suites’ immersion pools.

Parking: There is a free parking lot in front of the hotel, which is often full. The main parking area in Imerovigli is near the basketball court, and there is a small lot near Sunbird Rent-A-Car; both are free lots. Imerovigli has the hardest parking to find in Santorini, so you may have to turn around a couple of times to find a spot.

Extras: Eternal memories (Polaroid photo on arrival and a souvenir box to keep Santorini memories), weddings and events, complimentary yoga and pilates classes, personalized in-room amenities [pillow menu, fragrance selection, food preferences, monogrammed robes (for more fees)], free yoga and pilates classes, twice-daily maid service, nightly bedcover service (chocolates and brandy, popcorn and movies, tea and delicacies, etc. ), 24-hour reception, 24-hour room service.

When to book: the hotel is open from mid-April to November 1st. Book at least 4 months in advance (6 months is better) for stays during the high season from June to September, and approximately 2 months in advance for the low season.

How to book: will have the best rates.
Phone: +30 22860 21300
E-mail: [email protected]
Grace Hotel Santorini – Services

Pool: the largest infinity pool in the boiler, with magnificent views of the Skaros rock, Thirassia, the volcano and each end of the island.

Spa: There is no spa, but there are spa treatments available in the room.

Gym: Small but well equipped gym with cardio machines, free weights and state-of-the-art cable machines. Free yoga and pilates classes are available daily.

For people with reduced mobility: this is a Caldera hotel with many steps and no elevator. Many of the smaller suites have loft-style rooms. It is not suitable for people with mobility problems.

For families: this is mainly a hotel for adults only, and guests must be at least 14 years old to stay in the rooms and suites, although the Villa is available for guests of all ages. It is not recommended for very young children due to the number of stairs in the hotel.

Activities: Grace offers exclusive experiences as they focus on wellness, wine, photography, culture and boiler room cruises. In addition, her dedicated team of concierges can arrange private helicopter tours, island excursions, scuba diving trips and much more.
Other facilities: Chapel, boutique, wedding and event spaces.

Restaurants & Food


Restaurant: Santoro is Grace’s exclusive restaurant. Santoro, winner of the prestigious Greek Gold Cup award, is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant, and for refreshments and cocktails in the pool bar. The menu features inspired Mediterranean flavors, which can be customized to suit each guest’s palate. The atmosphere during lunch or at the pool bar is casual, while dinner service is an elegant and stylish experience. The restaurant is open to the public, so it is best to make reservations for a table with the best view, especially if you are traveling during the high season. Lunch is served until 6:30 p.m. and dinner is served until 11:00 p.m. – • €€€

363 Champagne Lounge

Lounge / Bar: 363 Champagne Lounge has recently been named the Best Hotel Bar in Europe, and is a particularly popular venue for sunset cocktails. With a wide variety of bubbles, local wines and excellent cocktails, this lounge is a favourite with guests and locals alike. Don’t miss their Grace Cocktail. Open from 4:00 p.m. until midnight.


Breakfast: Complimentary breakfast is served every morning at Santoro from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The breakfast is a decadent 5-course event offering local products and superior quality recipes. The fixed menu changes every day and can be adapted to the guests’ preferences. Guests can order something completely different from the set meal, if they prefer, at no extra charge.

Room service: available 24 hours a day.


Types of rooms: Deluxe Room – Deluxe Room with immersion pool – Junior Suite – Junior Suite with immersion pool – Honeymoon Suite – Superior Suite – VIP Suite – Grace Suite – The Villa

Smoking rooms: the hotel does not allow smoking in any of the room categories. It is permitted on the private outdoor terraces and in the common outdoor areas.

Best room: The Grace suite is the highest suite category, perfect for couples. It is the most private of the suites and has an outdoor immersion pool with panoramic views of the boiler and an indoor pool with sunset views. The suite has a king-size bed, an open plan design, a steam room and a shower for 2 people.

For families: most of Grace’s rooms and suites are for adults only (over 14 years old). The only exception is the luxurious Villa, which is open to guests of all ages. The Villa can be arranged as a 1 or 2 bedroom unit, and features a heated outdoor pool, 2-level sun terraces, an outdoor fireplace and a gazebo with panoramic views of the boiler. It also has its own private spa with indoor jacuzzi, steam room and treatment room, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with an optional private chef.

Getting Around

Walking: The hotel is located in the centre of Imerovigli, on the caldera, and on the Oia-Fira walking route, with the best restaurants, shops and attractions of the village just a few metres away. Easy access to all restaurants and attractions in Imerovigli, as well as nightlife and shopping in Fira, just 31 minutes walk to the south.

Bus: the nearest bus is in the village of Imerovigli, near the car rental Sunbird and Posidonia Tavern, 8 minutes walk from the hotel. Buses here serve all the main villages and beaches of the island, often with a change at Fira if they are going to the airport, port or beaches. Tickets are bought on board, and range from £1.80 to £2.50 per person during the day, depending on the route. Night buses (from 12:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.) operate less frequently and cost a little more, from £2.30 to £3.10. The buses can be very crowded, especially during the high season, so much so that they often fill up and cannot take any more passengers. There are only 23 public buses serving the island.
Taxis: The nearest taxi rank is at Stathmos Taxi in Fira, so it is not very practical to walk or take the bus. Also, you often have to wait here as there are only 25 taxis serving the entire island (with guests from about 1,000 hotels, villas and Airbnbs). Book in advance to avoid the wait and ask to be met directly at the hotel. There will be a small charge for advance reservations and for carrying luggage, usually just a couple of euros. The average fee from Imerovigli to Fira is about 10 euros, and from Imerovigli to the airport or port is about 20 euros.

Scooters / motorbikes: don’t do it, unless you are Evel Knievel! Scooters are the main means of transport for locals, but if you are not familiar with the terrain, it can be very dangerous. The roads here are zigzagging, mountainous, narrow and have unevenness with no safety barriers and no street lights in most areas. A lot of dirt roads and potholes.

ATV: this is a very popular mode of transport among tourists, but the locals hate them. They move very slowly and hold up traffic in an area where moving is already a nuisance. ATVs with smaller engines have been banned from the roads, and a complete ban is expected to pass soon.

What’s near the Grace Hotel Santorini?

The best restaurants nearby

The Athenian House: elegant and stylish dinner with spectacular sunset views. Contemporary and imaginative Greek dishes incorporate modern culinary techniques and locally sourced ingredients. More than anything, they are delicious. 3 minute walk.

La Maison: fine contemporary Greek cuisine with extensive views of the caldera. The food, wine and service are phenomenal. 8 minutes walk.

Avocado: traditional Greek menu, charming space, super friendly staff. Cyclades recipes and a fantastic selection of Santorini wines. 9 minutes walk.

Anogi: outdoor dinners with local specialties and classic Greek dishes. Rich flavors and big portions, so come hungry. 9 minutes walk.

Le Moustache: elevated Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and excellent cocktails with panoramic views of the sunset over the caldera. 10 minutes walk.

OVAC: Mediterranean-Asian fusion with spectacular sunset views and a romantic atmosphere. Stupidly expensive, but everything on the menu is absolute perfection. 26 minutes walk.

The best bars nearby

Buddha Bar Beach: exclusive cocktail bar, restaurant and shisha room with views of Skaros Rock to the caldera Expensive but on the spot. 10 minute walk.

Volkan on the Rocks: Large brewery in Firostefani with stunning views and an open-air cinema. 25 minutes walk.

The best cafes nearby

Hlios Bakery: good coffee, basic cakes and sandwiches. They are not exceptional, but they are cheap and deliver (cash only for deliveries). 9 minutes walk.

To Briki: Fantastic coffee, the best place to try traditional Greek coffee. The breakfasts are excellent and the views of the sunset are beautiful. 17 minutes walk.

The best clothes shops nearby

Pegasus Boutique: Next to the hotel of the same name, this small boutique offers clothing, shoes, swimwear and accessories from Greek designers. 9 minutes walk.

Under a Fig Tree: exclusive boutique with Greek fashion, accessories and swimwear on the road to Oia-Fira. 12 minutes walk.

The best “attractions” nearby

Oia-Fira trekking route: 1 minute walk. One of the main attractions of the island is this picturesque 10,5 km trekking route that connects Oia and Fira. A mix of pavement, cobblestones and dirt road, this route offers beautiful views all the way. Hiking to the northwest, the total duration of the path from the hotel to the castle of Oia takes approximately 2 hours. Heading south to the end of the trail in Fira, near the Keti hotel, takes about 33 minutes. Add at least 30 minutes for a detour at Skaros Rock anyway.

Agios Georgios Church: small white church on a platform above the caldera, which marks the beginning of the trail to Skaros Rock. Beautiful panoramic views from here. 3 minutes walk.

Church of Anastasi: the most picturesque church with blue domes in Imerovigli offers beautiful views of the caldera overlooking the rock Skaros. Popular for weddings and photo shoots. 4 minutes walk.

Imerovigli basketball court: Not an attraction, but good to know. This is the main parking area in Imerovigli. 9 minutes walk or 3 minutes drive.

Skaros Rock: Impressive volcanic rock that houses the ruins of a medieval castle and town, dating back to 1207. The monastery at its base, Panagia Theoskepasti, is the only part of Skaros that is still active. 8 minutes walk.

Markets and supermarkets nearby

Jimmy’s Market Cava: market and delicatessen with a great selection (especially the wines), plus excellent coffee and breakfast sandwiches (more consistent and better quality breakfasts than Hlios, but not delivered). 9 minutes on foot.

Nissi Supermarket: the friendliest market in the area, and generally the best prices in Imerovigli. 9 minutes walk.

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