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Relais Christine Hotel, Paris

Tucked away in the middle of a quiet street in the St. Germain des Pres, the Relais Christine can be a great refuge for relaxation when visiting Paris. This luxury boutique hotel perhaps was destined as a place of quiet, rising from the remains of an old abbey. The structure and the architecture of the abbey has been meticulously preserved and made adapted to the needs of modern life and tourism.

Relais Christine Hotel, Paris

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About the hotel

Among the hotel’s features that have been preserved from its old self are the vaults below that house the gym, the spa and the shops that offer facial and cosmetic treatments; the gardens of the courtyard and the entrance that have been tended well to provide a relaxing view and place for those guest in need of an area to play in – such as the children of the guests staying in the lower suites. The abbey has been made to accommodate 48 rooms and suites, with lounges scattered all around the hotel to provide places for socializing or simply just a place to sit down and relax.

The hotel is relatively peaceful and quiet owing to its location, far enough away from nearby establishments frequented by visitors, shoppers and revelers. As a former abbey, the hotel simply has no space to build a pool in so it is one of the amenities not available to guests. And being a small hotel, it does not have its own restaurant or bar, but makes do by providing its buffet breakfast in one of the lounges and providing a bar, albeit an honesty one, in the lounge near the hotel’s check in counter. 

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While children are welcome, their best rooms would be the lower suites to provide them access to the gardens to play. And the hotel is also dog friendly, although there is a size restriction owing to the availability of romping areas. 

And while the hotel is in a quiet neighborhood, its real value to travellers and visitors to Paris is its proximity to anything and everything they might and will need. As mentioned earlier, the hotel does not have its own restaurant, so for guests it is useful to know that there is a market nearby that only takes minutes to walk and get to. And if guests are looking to sample some of the better or the developing in French cuisine, the hotel is only a few blocks away from the streets that are lined with the old, classic restaurants – such as the Les Deux Magots and the famous Cafe del Flore which owes its fame as the hangout of artists, iintellectuals and writers like Sarte, Hemingway, Picasso and Capote. 

Imagine that you are near a culturally historic restaurant that is only ten minutes away from your hotel? And to add a story to your travel, you can visit the oldest restaurant in the city, Le Procope, which is only three minutes away from your hotel. 

And now that you know you need not go hungry because of the nearby restaurants and cafes, maybe it is time to turn your attention to those attractions that have made Paris famous, especially in recent times. Maybe you got the chance to watch the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and got to know that the museum featured there, the Louvre, is in Paris. 

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Consider yourself lucky because from the Relais Christine, the Louvre Museum is only a short walk and you can stay as long as you like until you tire yourself out in filling your curiosity and senses. The other places within walking distance that could stir up your curiosity and sense of wonder include the Ile dela Cite, Crypte Archeologique and the Cluny Museum, but the Musee d’Orsay is a longer walk – eighteen minutes from the hotel. 

For something to fill up your senses and your soul, there are a number of old churches near. Visiting Paris would be incomplete if you don’t spend time at the Notre Dame Cathedral, but the miracle, majesty and grace of the cathedral can be yours everyday since it is only a twelve- minute walk from the Relais Christine. And if you are feeling the need for an intimate kind of worship, there’s the Church of St-Germain-des-Pres and Church of Sainte Chapelle, both some ten minutes’ walk only from the hotel. 

In need of something expansive and big? The Eiffel Tower needs you to use transport to get there but ten minutes away is the Luxembourg Gardens and Palace. Do you need to do some shopping? Near the hotel is the teahouse Mariage Frere, an aromafest of a shopping experience since they have a selection of some 800 varieties of tea. Do you wish to experience what the night life is like in Paris? For about a ten minute walk from the hotel, you’ll be able to taste nouvelle cuisine and haute cuisine in places like Maison Mulot, Chez le Libanais, Shu and Desi Road, just to mention a few; while drinks and music are about 8 minutes away in places like the Le Caveau de la Huchette, Freddy’s and the Prescription Cocktail Club. 

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If you are a first time visitor or something of a periodic visitor to Paris, it might be good idea to seek the hotel’s help in getting information and booking for a tour of the city. Some tours include the Chocolate and Pastry Tour and the Bike Tour, will give you important information such as the location of shops and sites worthy of future visits, interesting offers of nearby areas and a chance to get a first hand look and feel in how to visit and conduct oneself in many of Paris’ most toured attractions such as the Louvre or Notre Dame Cathedral. 

From the activities menitoned above, the Relais Christine proves itself valuable to something of a grown up adventure. While the hotel, is accomodating to children, the hotel is best for adventurous adult seeking a unique Paris experience. It is becoming a bit of a cliché that visitors going to Paris for the shopping, but the city offers more than that. And starting your adventure tour of Paris from a hotel like the Relais Christine would provide you with the opportunity to rest and recharge for the next adventure ahead. 

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It would really be difficult to find a better hotel than the Relais Christine when you seek something of a meaningful visit to Paris. It is hard to imagine finding another accomodation where you can be near to the sites and attractions that have held the hearts of the French, like the Pont Neuf. Imagine how an ordinary bridge captures the culture of Paris and of France. While it might pale in significance in comparison to the majesty and gloriousness of the Notre Dame Cathedral, nonetheless it has played its part in moulding the French character of always elevating the mundane to something more. The Relais Christine can do the same for your Paris visit by giving you more of what you want of the city, making it more than a mere spectacle and more of an experience. 

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About Paris

There’s only one great way to enjoy Paris, and that is to go and walk through the city. And doing a walking tour of Paris would be great if you book into a hotel like the Relais Christine that seems to get you near to all of those sites you want to see in Paris.

It is not easy to visit Paris. Visit it one time and you will fall in love with it. And with good reason. Paris remains a beautiful city. It has survived any attempts to destroy it, like during the wars; and continues to get more beautiful and interesting as time goes by. Maybe it is the French culture, a part of the people that looks for what is beautiful that makes Paris what it is.

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Imagine a place that has had so many influences on it and somehow made the most of keeping what they believe to be the best. Paris is probably one of the well-known planned cities. It seems that there is a place for everything and anything in Paris, as one can see in the shops and stores, the cafes and restaurants, the museums, gardens and churches – anything and everything that can nourish the mind, body and soul of its residents seem to be in Paris.

But while Paris seems to have everything interesting, there is still some parts of it that is somehow near everything, especially for somebody who visiting the place for the first time or for the occasional visitor who is interested in finding something new. That is why for visitors, it is best to find accommodations in a place that would be near everything they wish to see and visit -a place like the Relais Christine.

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