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Athens International Airport to Piraeus Port

The best way to go from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Port is to ride the X96 bus to the port. Travel time is at least 50 to 90 minutes. It is priced at €5 and available 24/7. Taxis are faster by a few minutes but more expensive with a price range of €50 to €60.

Athens International Airport to Piraeus Port



The X96 bus from the airport is available 24/7 and leaves every half an hour. Travel time is about 50 to 90 minutes. 

Follow the signs and the bus stop can be seen instantly beyond the Arrivals area. Purchase tickets from the booths located on the buses’ right side. No buying of tickets inside the bus.

Once in Piraeus, the bus stops in gate E6 for ferry of Blue Star bound for Santorini, near the Piraeus subway station. 


Cab fare to Piraues from the airport is around 50-60 Euro. Travel time is 1 hour.

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