Renting a car at the Airport of Heraklionhas never been so easy

•One of the well-known sites to rent a car in Heraklion is

•If you searching the best website for booking of boat ticket in advance of the islands in Greecethen try – a better way to pre-rent car, especially in Airport of Heraklion. Your car awaits you only a few steps away from the terminal of arrival. Also, around Crete and the area of Heraklion you easily get rented cars in airport. Rental cars are easier to find on airport than any other place so reaching the airport even after arriving by boat might be a good option. The airport here is limited to one so you need not worry about reserving car in the correct airport.

The company that you book your car arrives almost in no time after picking up your baggage.

International Airport Of Heraklion: 

Tiny in size with a large number of flights but is found not very busy.

After your arrival, get out from the hall and turn left towards the taxi stand to find rental cars.

About 6 companies allow you to rent cars here, at Airport of Heraklion. So, if you want trouble-free process of getting a car then do book yours in advance. If you fail to do so, you might be charged higher than usual.

In the Airport of Heraklion, the cars for rental are found across the Terminal of Arrival.

You will find a taxi stand steps away the terminal.

The rented cars might drop you off at the ferry port of Heraklion if you ask.

You can get shuttle buses that cost no money to get you there if you are carrying many luggage’s’.If you are looking for the parking area (for the companies of rental car), it is a small walk away from the terminals of arrival. Also, you can find the stop for bus across the road.

The taxi charges to the places around.

The main road is present in the Northern Crete.

You can pick your ticket up from the ferry poet at Heraklion. You might as well use taxi to get there.