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Best Places To Stay in Mykonos

You need to decide whether you would like to stay on the beaches or the Mykonos Town that is packed with shopping, night entertainment, and restaurants. Buses are accessible all day and during late hours to ferry visitors from the town to the beaches and vice versa. For this reason, tourists can stay in any place since getting around is very easy. The prime places to stay in are Platis Gialos also called Platys Yialos, Mykonos Town or Ornos.

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Top Hotel Recommendations in Mykonos

The most elegant new hotel is the splendid Branco Mykonos, which is lavishly located on the Platys Gialos beach. Top recommendation.

Mykonos Blu which has access to two fabulous beaches.

The Belvedere has a stunning pool. It also a short walking distance of two minutes to nightlife and restaurants.

Petinos Hotel is cost-effective and near the beach of Platys Gialos. There is free use of the pool at Petinos Beach. If you have a family, the hotel is suitable since it has two-bedroom apartments and family suites. It is not cheap, but it’s worth every dime when you stay in Mykonos.

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Mykonos Town

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The town is also called Chora or Hora which is eminent for its cramped streets meant for pedestrians only. It is loaded with bars, guesthouse, restaurants, hotels, and an epic waterfront. Similarly, it has authentic shopping streets with art stores, traveler shops, and boutiques of Greek descent. Little Venice spurs up activities such as waterside bars that harbor people who need to view the sunset and the Kato Mili windmills. Museums and an outdoor cinema enhance the town’s aesthetic beauty. Mykonos has top-notch accessibility due to the buses that link to the fantastic beaches and villages.

The Best Accommodation in Mykonos Town

Megali Ammos

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It is situated south of Chora Town at about 500 meters. Although the weather is windy, you can swim comfortably and enjoy great sand. The walk to Chora Town is short and straightforward. The Joanna Nikos Taverna supplies the beach lovers with quality food. The following hotels can form part of Chora, but they are near Megali Ammos.

The Supreme Hotels in Megali Ammos


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It is located 3.4 kilometers south of Chora Town. Ornos Beach tops the list as the most visited beaches. Ornos has excellent guesthouses and boutique hotels. Further, the white sand is full of sun loungers for those who like sunbathing. There are more than six seafood restaurants which are close to the beach. Next to Ornos is shallow, tranquil water with a shielded bay that is the best for families.

If you don’t like crowds, you can take a walk which is five minutes to Appagio Restaurant. It is found on the east of the charming bay which has anchored fishing boats. When you take another five-minute walk to the north, you will come across Korfos Beach. It is breezy due to its open nature, and few people who visit the beach. Several buses pass through Ornos as they take tourists to and from Agios Ioannis.

Great Hotels in Ornos

Platis Gialos

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The beach is of high standing due to the nightlife, restaurants, fine sand and hotels. Platis Gialos is located south of Chora and is about 4 kilometers drive. It is suitable for all people, including families who can relax in the white sand and peaceful waters. The young can have the time of their lives with the beach bars. Restaurants can also serve everyone with seafood as per the Greek traditions and modern standards.

It is also rich in sporting events such as flyboarding, standup boarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding. Several villas and hotels embody the stunning beach. There are exceptional bus services that operate in Mykonos Town. Water taxis operate on an hourly basis to south coast during the peak season.

Quality Hotels in Platis Gialos

Agios Ioannis

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It is decorated with amazing beach umbrellas that make the beach outstanding. The beach is the west coast of Mykonos and is perfect for sunset viewing. According to the locals, a section of the Shirley Valentine movie was created here. You will also find a fantastic seafood restaurant known as the Hippie Fish. On top of that, there are boutique hotels on the hills that have the view of the Aegean.

Buses from Chora Town pass through the short access and the steep road which heads to Agios Ioannis beach. They turn in the parking space next to the scenic Cycladic church by the lovely sea. If you take a ten-minute walk leaving the church behind, you will find the Kapari Beach. It is a sheltered cove that is not frequented by people.

Matchless Hotels in Agios Ioannis

Agios Stefanos

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The beach is close to the New Port-Tourlos, roughly 2.5 kilometers from the Old Port, and approximately 3 kilometers from Mykonos Town. Agios Stefanos is a small-scale sandy beach with few restaurants and bars. Among them is the Limnios Tavern that has a panoramic view of the beach, making the sunset views look spectacular. It also has delicious Greek foods, which keeps you in touch with the place.

Although it is not the most attractive beach, it is ideal for swimming since it is shielded from strong winds. You will find it safe diving into the waters due to the utmost protection from nature. The means of transport is excellent since it has buses that connect to Mykonos Town and the airport. You can take a water taxi to Delos Island and Old Port in Chora.

World-Class Hotels in Agios Stefanos


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Psarou is one of the prominent beaches due to sun loungers and beautiful teal water. Families and honeymooners fancy the beach because it has fine white sand and serene atmosphere. The beach spurs up sporting activities, which means that you will see water-skiers and windsurfers in the sea. There are arrays of restaurants and a well-connected bus service from Mykonos Town.

High-Grade Hotels in Psarou


Elia is a vast, white and sandy beach that is found on the south coast of Chora Town. You can access it through Ano Mera or use a boat taxi from the closest beaches during the summer high season. Elia Mykonos is the only restaurant here that serves excellent and fresh seafood.

Similarly, the bar linked to the restaurant provides cocktails and beers to everyone. The restaurant hires out the chairs at the beach to those who have come to sunbathe. Sometimes there are crowds, but on a typical day, the beach is quiet and relaxed.

If you walk for ten minutes on the rocks from the west, you will stumble upon the Agrari Beach. It is small and sheltered, which makes it perfect. The bay has restaurants, peaceful waters, and deck chairs to view the striking sea.

Top Hotels in Elia

Paraga Beach

The lively beach is found on the south coast and incorporates the party lovers with modernity. The magnificent sandy beach has a youth hostel and various beach bars. Beach parties start off mainly in the afternoons. On the flip side, there is the Scorpios, which is the home of great sea views, grandiose lunch, and sunset watching. A canopy provides the best shade for visitors who need to relax and have an amazing time. At night, the restaurant turns into a night club for revelers to have fun. If you walk for two minutes to the north, you will find the Agia Anna Beach. It is tranquil is you would like some alone time with a sumptuous meal from the seafood tavernas. The place is actually relaxed and calm for a peaceful moment. During summer, there are bus connections from Paraga Beach to Mykonos Town.

The Ideal Hotel in Paraga Beach

Agios Sostis Beach

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It claims the tag as the most appealing beach on the north coast of Mykonos. It is lengthy, with white sand, and calm water. It is studded with beach umbrellas for shelter against the scorching sun. It has few people compared to the beaches on the south coast. Agios Sostis experiences violent winds in the months of July and August. The iconic Kiki’s Taverna is found on the north up the beach and serves Cycladic food.

At the bottom of the taverna, there is a cove that is shielded and harbors a small beach plus clear waters. Agios Sostis is reachable using an ATV or scooter due to its terrain. A car will not be suitable for this situation since the ground is bumpy. The beach is 2 kilometers from Chora Town and the route heads in the direction of Ano Mera.

The Optimum Hotel in Agios Sostis

Super Paradise Beach

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Magnificent villas overlook the protected cove that anchors the Super Paradise Beach. They are reachable via a steep and narrow path. The beach hosts a club and beach bar which serves many people. During the high summer period, beach parties start as early as the afternoon and carry on until early in the morning.

You will get an epic chance to see supermodels, international DJs, and other famous celebrities who frequent the beach. Days are ideal for sun-bathing and taking cocktails to ease your mind. Shuttle buses operate hourly from Chora Town during peak season and work until late nights. In the daytime, boat taxis are of service to the beach.

The Classic Hotel in Super Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

The beach lures tourists due to its captivating beauty. It has two outstanding clubs that you can select from; Paradise Club and Cavo Paradiso. Paradise club is prominent due to the beach bar that is encircled by heaps of Dom Perignon containers. To get to Cavo Paradiso, you have to walk for five minutes, and you will come across bouncy waves.

Both beaches interest international DJs and the beach party continues until the early morning. The peak season is remarkable for the young and modern sunbathers who need Vitamin D for their skin. Others decide to go utterly nude while some remain topless as they bask in the sun. Low seasons are for families who prefer the quiet nature. The Indian Place is a renowned restaurant that prepares Indian cuisines in plenty. You can reach the area conveniently via water taxis or the buses from Chora Town.

Kalo Livadi Beach

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You need to go through Ano Mera to access the long, expansive, pebble-and-sand beach found on the south coast. It’s deserted which means it’s reachable via buses during the peak season. Water taxis do not operate here during busy periods. There are several tavernas on the seafront that serve Cycladic dishes and various sun loungers. You can make a pile of sand make the stay enjoyable since it’s less crowded. During windy days, the beach feels open and unprotected.

Ano Mera

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The area has almost a similar size to Mykonos Town and is located in the central part of the island. To get to Ano Mera, you have to drive for 8 kilometers via the island’s primary road. It is a must-visit due to the eye-catching main square, which is packed with cafes and tavernas. Furthermore, it has a stunning Tourliani Monastery that has a trail of history in the 16th century. The interior has whitewashed and fortress-like features and a marble chapel loaded with medieval portraits.

You can get an amazing view of the monastery and village from the Paleokastro nunnery, found on the hill on the exterior of Ano Mera. There are regular buses that link Ano Mera with Chora Town. During summer, the buses also link Ano Mera to Kalo Livadi and finally with Kalafati beaches. There are a handful of hotels in Ano Mera of, which Hotel Anatolia is the unrivaled one and none is grand or lavish.

Given a choice, I would stay in Mykonos Town and catch the bus to see the beautiful beaches every day. Later in the evening, I will come back to the town to have an enjoyable time because Mykonos is lively at night. If you fancy partying, Mykonos Town is ideal for you. Families will be comfortable at the Platys Gialos or Ornos. Eager lovers can spend their honeymoon at Mykonos Town, Psarou, and Agios Ioannis.

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