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Best Hotels in Greece

Most of the luxurious hotels are located in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. However, the other islands also have excellent hotels that will make your holidays equally satisfying. 

1.  Grace Hotel 

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+30 2286 021300

This is Greece’s top hotel and a personal favorite. Efficiently located in Santorini, Grace Hotel offers opulent amenities consisting of picture-perfect pools overlooking the sea. And the staff’s hospitality is impeccable. 

2.Myconian Ambassador Hotel & Spa

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☎️: +30 2289 024166

This hotel is just a walking distance to one of Mykonos’ nicest beaches. It also features spectacular sceneries of the sea. 


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☎️(Hotel phone: +30 2286 07140

The high-end hotel is located in the equally fabulous town of Oia. It has three photograph-worthy infinity pools. Shopping and food places are just a short distance stroll along the caldera path. 

4.Grande Bretagne

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☎️+30 21 0333 0000

I feel like an old soul whenever I check in to this hotel in Athens. If it is just up to me, I’ll stay here forever.

5. Melenos Lindos Exclusive Suites

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This beautiful hotel is located in Rhodes. It is surrounded by fascinating beaches with stunning coastlines.

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6. Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort 

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☎️(Hotel phone: +30 2831 071803)

This is arguably the most unpretentious beach hotel in all of Greece. The chic town of Rethymnon is just nearby.

7. Elounda Beach Hotel 

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☎️+30 2841 063000

Elounda is an interesting beach community that is home to this stunning high-end resort.  You are surely going to be bewitched by this gem. 

8. Mykonos Blu – Mykonos’

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☎️+30 2289 027900

The Blu provides high quality service, spectacular views and a magnificent ambience. Not to mention that it is in the middle of the two most magnificent beaches of Mykonos. They have great service, great views, and a great vibe. 

9. Nissaki Beach Hotel 

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☎️+30 2285 025710

Luxurious but family-friendly at the same time, this hotel is walking distance to the town center of Naxos. It is also conveniently located very close to a nice beach and a few minutes’ walk to the wonderful village of Naxos Town. 

10. Cosmopolitan Suites 

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☎️(Hotel phone: +30 2286 025632)

This chic and fab hotel in Santorini not only has infinity pools with stunning sceneries of the volcano, it is also a gateway to a vibrant nightlife and satisfying dining experience. 

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