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Naples Family Hotels

On a family trip? Looking for the best place to stay in Naples, Italy? We’ve done the searching for you. Check out the 5 best family hotels we’ve found for you.

Naples Family Hotels

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Best Western Hotel Plaza Naples 

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Located close to the Central Train Station (distance of only 200 meters), and offers modern accommodations at an affordable price. 

Families can enjoy the view of the city while eating a hearty breakfast on the rooftop garden terrace. 

The fully restructured 19th century building is a bit shabby with not so big rooms, but it is neat, family friendly, comfortable and modestly priced. 

Hotel address: Piazza Principe Umberto 23, Central Station, Naples 
Hotel phone: +39 081 5636168 

Europa Grand Hotel

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Conveniently located right beside the Napoli Piazza Garibaldi Train Station and offers clean and spacious accommodations. 

Choose from bi-level suites, connecting rooms, quadruple rooms and even a family room with extra bunk beds. 

The area surrounding it looks old and poor but its location is good for going on trips during the day. 

Hotel address: Corso Meridionale 14, Central Station, Naples 
Hotel phone: +39 081 267511 

Royal Continental Hotel 

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Located right on the seafront promenade of Naples. It has a stunning rooftop pool (requires a swim cap) with sun deck with panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and the castle. 

A contemporary-styled hotel that offers triple rooms and spacious suites. This hotel is kid friendly and best for families. 

Hotel address: Via Partenope 38/44, Lungomare Caracciolo, Naples 
Hotel phone: +39 081 2452068 

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Suite Apartments Angioini 

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Is set right in the center of Naples near the castle and the harbor. 

Offers self-catered luxury accommodations with a fully equipped kitchen, spa baths and modern decorations and LCD TVs at the living area. 

The apartments are air-conditioned and are good for not more than eight persons. 

Hotel address: Via Melisurgo, 44, Port of Naples, Naples 
Hotel phone: +39 081 2452068 

Vivi Napoli 

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Self-catering, spacious and cozy modern apartments near Naples’ commercial main street, Corso Umberto I. 

Available in one or two separate bedrooms family suites that are air conditioned. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and a private balcony that gives a view of the rooftops of the town’s houses. 

Hotel address: Via Ludovico Bianchini 26, Port of Naples, Naples 
Hotel phone: +39 081 2452068

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