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Siena Family Hotels

Siena with kids is a great idea for a fabulous trip in Tuscany. It is the perfect destination for a weekend of art, nature and, where you can eat the delights of Italian gastronomy. Even with the kids in tow, any time of the year, hurry up and find free children’s hotels to save money during your stay! Here are the best family hotels in Siena.

Siena organizes events throughout the year, so there are many initiatives that have the beautiful Piazza del Campo as a backdrop; also, you will find many places dedicated exclusively to children, as is the case with the Children’s Art Museum.

Moreover, it is one of the cities where you will discover the authentic spirit of Tuscany, and which attracts tourists from all over the world. You can get lost walking through the historical streets, breathing the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which characterizes the fabulous urban structure of this city in northern Italy.

Here are the best hotels in Siena

Hotel Alex Siena 

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Features quadruple rooms with a king and two twin or 4 twin beds. 

Athena Hotel Siena 

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Features quadruple and triple rooms with facilities for free parking and breakfast

Garden Hotel Siena

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This hotel has a kids-pool with a bigger pool outside. Located in a nearby from Siena townwith facilities like free parking. You can walk or take a bus to the city. The rooms are huge and comfortable. 

Save on your hotel -

 Piccolo Hotel Etruria 

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Features quadruple rooms for a group of 4. Has a great location. 

IL Chiostro del Carmine Residence 

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Quadruple rooms for a family of 4. 

B&B Piazza Duomo 

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Features family rooms and quadruple that fit for a group of 4 or 5.