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Best Hotels in Kyoto

The former imperial capital of Japan is a jewel. A real gem. Kyoto is a must on any trip to Japan. Kyoto is a traditional city and the cultural center of Japan, and also the city of a thousand temples! Every step you take you have a temple, several of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here are the best hotels in Kyoto.

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Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

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Beauty is in the detail for this fresh new hotel in Kyoto. You’ll be surrounded in luxury with the variety and grandeur of their amenities such as the spa, indoor pool, restaurant, and overall ambience. Possibly the best hotel in all of Japan, The Four Seasons is your best bet for a luxury hotel in Kyoto (Hotel phone: +81 75-541-8288)

Hotel Kanra Kyoto

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The perfect balance of traditional and contemporary is what defines this 29-room boutique hotel. The inspiration for it’s aesthetic are the machiya (merchant houses) that were historically more common in plenty of Kyoto neighborhoods. Intricate woodwork, platform beds, and traditional tatami areas and wooden soaking tubs (hinoki) give off the perfect ancient Kyoto vibe. Guests can likewise use solar-powered rental bikes to explore the city. (Hotel phone: +81 75-344-3815)

Seikoro Ryokan

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Your best bet for accommodation in Kyoto just might be in the best ryokan they have to offer. Located conveniently east of Kamo River, the 120-year-old establishment is truly magical with their most popular rooms opening onto a majestic garden. Rooms in the annex which has an amazing history of having been built before the 1964 Olympics, give guests a beautiful view from the rooftop. However, the highlight of the ryokan is really the public bath made from centuries-old cypress. Truly an ambiance you’d have to experience! (Hotel phone: +81 75-561-0771)


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Sitting along the banks of Kamogawa River, this luxurious urban resort boasts an elegant yet modest design reminiscent of Japanese inns. Fashioned with well-kept Zen gardens, waterfalls and masterpieces from mostly Kyoto artists with its center being The Tale of Genji, the world’s first major novel, its appeal truly imbibes the perfect mix of old and new. With spacious 45 sqm-rooms and the breathtaking view of Higashiyama Mountains, you surely won’t go wrong with Ritz-Carlton. (Hotel phone: +81 75-746-5555)

The Screen

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If chic is what you’re looking for in accommodation, look no further than this charming 13-room hotel. Each room is artistically styled by a different designer, aiming to give a different feel to each room, whether you like it traditionally Japanese or uniquely themed like one made to resemble the tranquility of the womb! Conveniently located for guests interested in craft and antiques, stores are just a stone’s throw away, by downtown Kyoto. (Hotel phone: +81 75-252-1113)

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Westin Miyako Kyoto

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Known as one of Japan’s most famous hotels, Miyako boasts a rich history, being operational since 1890. Since then, it has been largely renovated making the design more modern but with the meticulous details, superb customer service and location near one of the five great temples in Kyoto, the Nanzenji Temple, it doesn’t fail to evoke an old Japan feel. Guests can enjoy a variety of choices amongst its 499 rooms, whether you’re with a group of four or simply looking for a Japanese-styled room. The spacious 16-acre property greatly stands out with the wide variety of amenities they can offer such as an aviary, both indoor and outdoor pools, a Zen garden and even a playroom for kids (Hotel phone: +81 75-771-7111)

Hoshinoya Kyoto

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Hoshinoya Kyoto, Arashiyama, Japan

Residing by an ancient former riverside villa in Arashiyama, Hoshinoya welcomes its guests with its widely-known distinct Japanese elegance. Impeccably detailed to bring out the luxurious hotel and ryokan atmosphere, rooms are designed with paper walls on century-old woodblocks and the meals are exceptional prepared to perfection. Not only does the place give off a lavish ambiance, all the rooms also have stunning views perfect for any weather, may it be cherry blossoms in spring or falling maples in autumn. (Hotel phone: +81 570-073-066)

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