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Family Friendly Hotels in Corfu

Corfu (or Kerkira as it is called in Greek) is the largest of the Ionian Islands. These islands are located on the western coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea, south of the Adriatic. Here are the best family friendly hotels in Corfu. Perfect when traveling with kids.

best hotels in corfu for families

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1. Sidari Waterpark

Contact No. +30 2663099066

Sidari Waterpark hotel Corfu Greece, Sidari Waterpark hotel pool, Sidari Waterpark hotel to beach

Any family will enjoy this hotel. The rooms are large and spacious. There are also suites and two-level maisonettes. The suites can accommodate a 5-member family. There are balconies overlooking the garden, pool or sea, lounge areas and living rooms. There is a water park inside the property. There is also a playground for kids. Entertainment programs are also available. Depending on the room there can be additional sofa beds, mini-ref, and Jacuzzis. The bars, restaurants, main strip, and the beach are just a short walk.

2. Oceanis Rooms Apartments

Contact No. +30 2104180095

Oceanis Rooms Apartments Corfu, Ionian Sea view, Oceanis Rooms Apartments restaurant

Located in Barbati, this apartment-style hotel is worth the price. The family apartments are well-lit and has balconies overlooking the sea. Inclusions are kitchenettes, dining areas and sofa beds. The top floor has the most spacious apartments. Guests can access the little exclusive beach, pool, bars and restaurant within the property. 

3. Paradise Village

Contact No. +30 2663063516

Paradise Village hotel Corfu, Paradise Village rooms, Paradise Village hotel booking

Set in Roda, this tranquil villa complex is surrounded by gardens. The villas are clean and have balconies overlooking the garden. Two bedrooms for each including kitchenettes. Children have a play space. Bars, restaurants and the beach are just nearby.

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4. Filorian Hotel Apartments

Contact No.  +30 2663063107 (Summer); +30 2661046186 (Winter)

Filorian Hotel Apartments Corfu, Acharavi beach view

Located in Acharavi, this family-managed beachfront hotel. The apartments can accommodate a 6-member family. They are simple but very tidy. Inclusions are living rooms, sea or garden view balconies, kitchens and sofa beds. Amenities are individual parking, garden, and swimming pool.  Bars and restaurants are just nearby. 

5. Hotel Yannis Corfu – Ipsos

Contact No. +30 2661093176

Hotel Yannis Corfu, Hotel Yannis Corfu pool, Ipsos family hotels

Set in Ipsos. This hilltop hotel is family-managed. The apartments are basic but large enough to accommodate 5-member family. Inclusions are garden view balcony, coffee/tea making facilities, refrigerators, bunk beds and sofa beds. There is also free breakfast and dinner. There is also pool with bar and restaurant. Parking is free. At the bottom of the hill you can find stores, dining places and the small beach. 

6. Pegasus Hotel

Contact No. +30 2663063400

Pegasus hotel Corfu holidays, Pegasus hotel Corfu booking

Set in Roda, this chil family-managed hotel is 3-star rates. Superior family rooms are simple but can accommodate a maximum of 5 guests. Inclusions are garden view balconies and fridges. There is playground for kids and game room. Amenities include a pool and a bar. Parking is free. Breakfast is buffet-style. Bars, dining places and the beach are just nearby. 

7. Jason Hotel

Contact No. +30 2661093583

Jason Hotel Corfu Greece, Jason Hotel Corfu balcony views

Located in Ipsos. This family-managed hotel is built on a hill. It has an unassuming vibe but the family rooms are tidy and accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. Buffet breakfast is included. Other inclusions are balconies with stunning sceneries, bathtubs and mini-ref. A snack bar and an outdoor pool for kids and adults are available. Parking is free. The markets, bars, restaurants, and the beach are just nearby. 

8. Hotel Corfu Palace

Contact No. +30 2661039485

Hotel Corfu Palace Greece, Corfu Palace hotel booking

This hotel is a classic. The suites have 2 cozy bedrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. Inclusions are 2 bay/mainland view balconies, marble bathrooms, lounge and mini-bars. For stunning scenery, book rooms on the top floors. Amenities include a casino, bars, restaurants and seawater polls. It is very near to the center of Corfu.

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9. Corfu Holiday Palace

Contact No. +30 2661036540

Corfu Holiday Palace Greece, Ionian Sea beach restaurant

This charming hotel is 5-star rated and surrounded by panoramic gardens. The villas are modern and have individual pools. Inclusions are furnished kitchenettes, dining and living areas, fireplaces, view decks overlooking Mouse Island. The suites have 2 bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. It has free breakfast, sea view balconies and floor-to-ceiling doors. Inclusions are bathtubs, mini-bars, sofa beds and living rooms. Amenities include access to an exclusive beach, seawater pools, bar, dining places, bowling alley and a game room. It is very near to the town of Corfu. 

10. Mediterranean Blue

Contact No. +30 2662024629

Mediterranean Blue to Corfu airport, Mediterranean Blue hotel apartments

Located in Kavos, this hotel has 2 kinds of family apartments with 2 bedrooms. The first one includes a shared balcony, 2 balconies at the back, and a mezzanine floor. The other one is bungalow style built within the beach overlooking the sea. All suites have balconies, refrigerators, kettles and toasters. Other amenities are play and pool areas for kids. Brekfast are available buffet style. There are also evening performances.

11. Molfetta Beach Hotel

Contact No. +30 2661091915

Molfetta Beach hotel Corfu, Molfetta Beach hotel booking, Molfetta Beach hotel reviews

This beachfront hotel is located in Gouvia and managed by a family. Lodging is divided into Alcmene suite and family rooms. The suite is the only one with a private jacuzzi, large bay view balcony, a living room, floor-to-ceiling windows, stone walls, wooden beams and kitchen. There are also evening performances. Downside is the absence of a pool.