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Best Beach Hotels in Mykonos

Here’s our list of the 12 best beach hotels in Mykonos. Most of these hotels are right on the sand of the Mykonos beaches. Take your pick below from the best beach hotels.

best beach hotels in mykonos

Just like any other beach, the Mykonos beaches are the best during the summer (around May to October). 

Best Beach Hotels in Mykonos 

Acrogiali Hotel – (Platys Gialos)

Acrogiali hotel restaurant, Acrogiali hotel Mykonos booking

A great hotel that is just a few steps away from the Platys Gialos’ powdery sand and excellent restaurants. They have family rooms and quadruple suites that can accommodate five people. 

Branco Mykonos – (Platys Gialos)

Branco hotel beach bar, Branco Mykonos booking, Branco Mykonos prices

The newest Mykonos hotel that is on the beach of Platys Gialos and offers luxury services. It has a bar by the beach that plays music every day from 1 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening. 

Myconian Imperial Resort & Villas – (Elia Beach)

Myconian Imperial Resort & Villas booking, Myconian Imperial Resort & Villas 5-star Elia beach Mykonos

A 5-star hotel that is right above the peaceful beach of Elia. It has a quiet atmosphere but a bit isolated and having your own transportation is recommended.

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Mykonos Ammos Hotel – (Ornos)

Mykonos Ammos Hotel small luxury, Mykonos Ammos Hotel ornos greece, Mykonos Ammos Hotel booking

An awesome hotel by the beach that has its own charming pool. 

Mykonos Blanc – (Ornos Beach)

Mykonos Blanc spa, Mykonos Blanc honeymoon suite, Mykonos Blanc junior suite

Lovely hotel with a pool and a view of the beach that is most loved by families. There are several restaurants just outside the door. 

Mykonos Blu – (Psarou Beach)

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Psarou beach, Mykonos Blu resort in Psarou beach

A romantic hotel and is included in the best hotels in Mykonos. It has a pool and a great view of the sea. It is a short walk (3 minutes) away from Platys Gialos beach. 

Mykonos Grand – (Agios Ioannis Beach)

Mykonos Grand beach hotel, Mykonos Grand resort and spa

A high-quality hotel right next door to Saint John’s resort. 

Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel – (Platys Gialos)

Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel booking, Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel reviews

Probably the most affordable beach hotel in Mykonos. It has a pool and is situated between Mykonos Palace and Acrogiali Hotel.

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Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel – (Platys Gialos)

Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel restaurant

Chic hotel with a charming pool and a small trendy bar by the beach that gets full during the night. 

Nissaki Boutique Hotel – (Platys Gialos)

Nissaki Boutique Hotel booking, Nissaki Boutique Hotel junior suite, Nissaki Boutique Hotel Greece

An idyllic hotel but not really a beach hotel. We’re including it on this list though as it sits right in the middle of Platys Gialos and Psarou, overlooking the beach of Psarou. 

Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa – (Agios Ioannis Beach)

Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa Mykonos booking, Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa Agios Ioannis mykonos

The beach of Agios Ioannis may not be as lovely as the other Mykonos beaches, but Saint John Hotel is a wonderful luxury hotel. 

Sunrise Hotel and Suites – (Agrari Beach)

Sunrise Hotel and Suites family resort, Sunrise Hotel and Suites booking

Hotel with a relaxing atmosphere on the secluded and quiet Agrari beach. The area is a little isolated and hard to reach by bus. If you are looking for solitude, this is an ideal choice, just get a rental car.   

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