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Where To Stay In Santorini With Family?Top Kid Friendly and Family Hotels in Santorini

If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to stay in Santorini, you may not know where to start.

With so many places to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for your family. You want somewhere with plenty of activities and amenities for the kids, but you also need a place that’s comfortable and affordable for everyone.

I’ve got you covered. My guide will help you find the perfect place to stay in Santorini with your family – whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel, an affordable apartment, or something in between.

So where to stay in Santorini with family? The best places to stay in Santorini with family are Kamari and Perissa. Kamari is a bit more touristy, but it’s got a great beach and plenty of restaurants and bars. Perissa is quieter and has more of a local feel to it, but it’s also closer to the black sand beaches.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the views!

These are my top picks for kid friendly and family hotels in Santorini.

***Different accommodation than the hotel, the villas have individual Jacuzzi. Access to the hotel’s big pool is available for guests.***

To grab great room deals and prices on your hotel, make sure to reserve your hotels at least 4 months until 6 months prior to your trip. The online site comes in handy for this. Clicking the names of these family hotels below will redirect you to

Family hotels in Santorini

Best Family Hotels in Santorini (Resorts)

Imerovigli: Merovigliosso Apartments

Fira: San Giorgio Villas

Oia: Anemomilos Hotel Apartments 

Santorini’s Top Family-friendly Villa: Oia Mansion

Santorini’s top family-friendly places: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Kamari, Perissa and Oia.

The beaches are in Perissa and Kamari without the view of the caldera. The most stroller-friendly is Oia. Fira is bustling and full of activity.

Just a short walk from Fira are the more peaceful Imerovigli and Firostefani.

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Santorini’s Top 15 Family friendly Hotels

Family Hotels in Oia

Golden Sunset Villas

Contact No. +30 2286 071001

golden sunset villas santorini reviews,golden sunset villas hotel santorini,golden sunset villas greece

Family Hotels in Fira

Aria Suites

Contact  No. +30 22860 28650

Aria Suites Santorini, Aria Suites caldera view, Aria Suites hotel booking, hotel in santorini

Santorini’s Fira center is just walking distance. At the same time, it is also far enough from the activity so you can still have a relaxing stay.

A 5-member family can be accommodated in the Norma and Carmen suites. The accommodations are cozy and spacious. Newly constructed villas are also available. Inclusions are individual Jacuzzis and stunning scenery. This family and kid friendly hotel is behind a cliff thus you can see from here the beauty of the caldera. Good thing that despite its location, it still accepts children. 

El Greco santorini Hotel

Contact No. +30 22860 24946

el greco santorini, accommodations,kid-friendly,family accommodation santorini

It also features a Jacuzzi and kids’ pool aside from its several swimming pools. The hotel also offers complimentary breakfast. 

Kamares Apartments

Contact No. +30 2286 028110

Kamares Apartments reviews, Kamares Apartments hotel caldera view, santorini hotel, family accommodation in santorini

Fira’s town center is just 3 minutes by walking from this Kamares kid-friendly hotel. The apartments can accommodate up to 5-member family each. Majority of which have individual Jacuzzis overlooking the caldera. Breakfast is free. Downside is the absence of pool.

Caldera Butterfly Villas

Contact No. : +30 2286 024856)

Caldera Butterfly Villas hotel Santorini, Santorini caldera view, hotels in santorini, family hotel

There is a free shuttle available from this santorini accommodation to central Fira. Alternately, you can just walk for 20 minutes. Family suites are simple but tidy and accommodate up to 6 guests which is enough for most family vacations. There are kitchenettes included in this family hotel. It also has stunning scenery of the caldera and caldera views. 

San Giorgio Villas

Contact No. +302286 023516

Email: [email protected]

San Giorgio Villas Fira Santorini, San Giorgio Villas booking, affordable family hotels in Santorini

For just 5 minutes, you can reach the hotel from the bus station. Alternately, you can email or call them in advance for a free pick-up from the airport or ferry port. From the hotel you can reach the town center in 2 minutes by walking. Its family rooms are the most affordable. Rooms of quadruple type include a full bed and 2 twin beds.

Santorini’s Family Hotels in Firostefani

Agali Houses

Contact No. +30 22860 22811

Agali Houses Santorini, Agali Houses hotel rooms, family-friendly hotels in Santorini Greece

This family friendly hotel has big rooms and huge pool overlooking the caldera. However, the room design is basic. Downside is Santorini’s considerable flight of stairs. 

Vallas Apartments

Contact No. +30 2286 022050

Vallas Apartments Santorini Greece, Vallas Apartments view, Vallas Apartments hotel rooms

Fira is just 15 minutes by walking. You need to walk uphill when returning to the hotel. The family suite is larger than the house with two bedrooms. However, both can accommodate up to 5 people and include kitchenettes.

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Family Hotels in Imerovigli

Astra Suites

Contact No. +30 2286 024763

Astra Suites Santorini booking, Astra Suites reviews

Possibly tied with Aria Suites as the top luxury hotel overlooking the caldera and still accommodate kids.

Its huge suites are among the best in Santorini family hotels. It offers stunning sceneries of the caldera sunset. It also has an amazing pool. 

Santorini’s Tholos Resort

Contact No. +30 2286 022618

Tholos Resort hotel reviews, Tholos Resort hotel booking,

This resort is Astra’s neighbor. But Tholos is Astra’s more simple and affordable counterpart. You can have breakfast in your patio. Expect big portions of food. Its Cave Suite can accommodate at least 4 to 6 people and include a heated bathtub. 

Kasimatis Studios

Contact No. +30 2286 028848

Kasimatis Studios Imerovigli Santorini

A well thought of and magical hotel with rooms housed in a previous winery. An example is the family-friendly traditional cave apartment with the ceiling having the same hole where the grapes used to be poured. The hotel has stunning sceneries and an amazing pool. 

Merovigliosso Apartments

Contact No. +30 2286 025950

Merovigliosso Apartments Imerovigli, Merovigliosso Apartments booking, budget-friendly hotels in Santorini

Imerovigil’s most budget-friendly hotel that caters to families. It has a little pool and amazing location. However, lower your expectation when it comes to the apartment and the view it offers. With its central location it remains worth it. 

Kid Friendly Hotels in Oia

These are our top picks for kid friendly hotels in Oia, Santorini.


kid friendly hotels in Oia

It features opulent cave houses turned into hotel rooms. These can accommodate 4 or 5-member families. Strogili has convenient location offering stunning scenery. A huge pool is also available. 

Anemomilos Hotel Apartments

Contact No. : +30 2286 071410

Anemomilos Hotel Apartments Santorini Greece, Anemomilos Hotel Apartments booking,

This hotel is definitely worth your money. Dining places and stores are just 5 minutes by walking. Apartments are categorized based on the view- caldera or sea. The apartment overlooking the caldera has a heated bathtub. Either type is a good bargain. 

Oia Mansion

Oia Mansion, villas in Oia Santorini

High up the main road and streets of Oia, this fabulous villa is a bit isolated from the tourist area. Though there are still dining places and stores outside the property. The villa is large and can accommodate up to 8 people. It is a nice place to catch the magnificent sunset. The deck at the rooftop is large. The kitchen is well furnished. Great bonus is the congenial and hospitable owners.

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Close to Oia

Villa Agnadi

Contact No. +30 2286 071647

Agnadi Villa hotel Santorini, Agnadi Villa hotel booking

You can reach Oia’s centre around 20 minutes by walking, passing along the caldera’s path. Across the hotel is the bus stop of buses to and from Fira and Oia. The rooms are large. There is also an amazing pool. Breakfast is free. Villa Agnadi is definitely worth your money. 

Family Hotels in Kamari

Tamarix Del Mar Suites

Tamarix Del Mar Suites Santorini reviews, Tamarix Del Mar Suites rooms

The beach and various dining places are just walking distance from the hotel. The apartments are pretty 2-storey structure. There is also a big pool. 

Family Hotels in Perissa

Aqua Blue Beach Hotel

Contact No. : +30 2286 085015

Aqua Blue Beach hotel Perissa Santorini, Aqua Blue Beach hotel Greece reservations

Fabulously situated in the beach of Perissa, it is reputed to have the best sand among the beaches of Santorini. It is near dining and dessert places. Family apartments of split-level style include 1 double bed in the bedroom on the 2ndfloor and 2 single beds on the 1stfloor.

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