The best accommodation in Santorini for a honeymoon

It is not even close. The best hotel for a honeymoon in Santorini is Grace Santorini because of its superb service and neat rooms. Another hotel that is worth mentioning is Katikies in Oia. Words can’t describe how good their rooms are. However, if you’re on a budget, keep in mind both hotels are pretty expensive. Additionally, they’re always fully booked as they’ve won many awards so you’ll need to book several months in advance. For affordable hotels, it would be a great idea to stay in towns like Oia, Fira, Pyrgos and Akrotiri. Some of the hotels here also offer great views of the caldera. That’s a great bonus apart from the wonderful food and cool amenities. However, if you prefer an ideal location then you should book a stay in one of the 4 main towns. Don’t forget to check out the groovy nightclubs at Fira as the locals there like to party like there’s no tomorrow. Perhaps, the best choice for those who want to book a honeymoon stay is Imerovigli even though some couples say it is a little too quiet for their liking. It really depends on the couple. If you want something on the middle, the best choice is Oia. 

Top Hotels in Santorini for Honeymooners

For those who have their mind set in staying at Fira, the best hotel is Cosmopolitan Hotel. Not only does it have great views, all the awesome bars are walking distance.


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