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Top Hotels in Matera

Matera is one of the most interesting cities to visit in southern Italy. It is located in the Basilicata region a few kilometers from the Puglia region. In 2019 it was chosen as the European Capital of Culture, thanks to its historical and cultural importance it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this post we will talk about the best areas to stay in Matera, the types of accommodation, from the luxurious 5 star hotels to the comfortable and family run apartments, to the B&Bs, guest houses and charming hotels, not forgetting the curious “cave” rooms to sleep as in the past with the comforts of the present.

Top Hotels in Matera

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Matera’s Top Villa in Basilicata: Palazzo Margherita

Matera’s Top Boutique Hotel: Palazzotto Residence & Winery

Matera’s Top Honeymoon Hotel: Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Matera’s Top Family Hotel: Sassisuite

Matera’s Top Cheap Hotel: Hotel Residence San Giorgio

Matera’s Top Boutique Hotel: Palazzotto Residence & Winery

Matera’s Top Luxury Hotel: Palazzo Gattini

1.B&B Solosud

b&b solosud matera tripadvisor

A standout amongst the top Matera innsin the middle range class. What’s more, proprietor Paola gives a feeling of home. It gets completely reserved far ahead of time – even during  the off-season. (Predominant Doubles have single beds (2), 1 twofold bed, and rest a group of 4.) 

2.Palazzo Margherita

palazzo margherita bernalda restaurant,palazzo margherita reviews,palazzo margherita in italy

Family resort in Matera. 

Found a 45 minute away from Matera city, this charming peak  in the town of Bernalda is like a nation home. Francis Ford Coppola found the overlooked palazzo, while he was visiting his granddad’s main residence and reestablished it to staggering flawlessness. Suites are colossal and there’s a decent pool. Dinners are brilliant hand crafted manifestations.

3.Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Matera’s Great cavern hotel. 

The most sentimental cavern inn in Matera. Totally staggering. The first cavern abodes have been reestablished to extravagant flawlessness. 


sassisuite matera booking,sassy suite web services

Matera’s Lodging with mesmerizing view. 

An exemplary B&B of Italian-style. Wonderful perspectives over the Old Town and Sassi. (The Standard Suite dozes a group of 5. The One-Bedroom apartment doze a group of four.) 

5.Palazzotto Residence and Winery

hotel palazzotto residence & winery,palazzotto residence e winery

Mysterious! These unique cavern houses were revamped by a neighbourhood planner and no inn in Matera gives so credible vibes. Matera’s best boutique lodging . (The Suite (Family) is gigantic and dozes a group of four.) 

6.Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel 

palazzo gattini luxury hotel tripadvisor,palazzo gattini luxury hotel italy

The best present day lavish inn having excellent suites, dazzling perspectives, and an extraordinary area directly close to the Duomo. Turkish shower and the spa are great. 

7.Corte San Pietro

corte san pietro location,corte san pietro matera booking,corte san pietro reviews

Cavern boutique inn in Matera. 

Save on your hotel -

Excellent cavern lodging situated in the antiquated Sasso Caveoso that is encompassed by outlandishly tangled rear ways and stairwells. Terrace containing suites fall among the best accommodations for families. 

8.Palazzo Viceconte

palazzo viceconte hotel,palazzo gattini instagram,palazzo gattini coupon

 The Inn features kitchen. 

A changed over the blue-blooded living arrangement with a breathtaking yard and perfect area. Roosted high over Sassi with the absolute best perspectives on any lodging. 

9.L’Hotel In Pietra 

l'hotel in pietra booking,l'hotel in pietra tripadvisor

The Inn has a hot tub 

When a congregation, at that point a distinguished house, which is now a beautiful boutique inn. Situated inside the Sasso Barisano, inside strolling separation from all of focal Matera. A few apartments feature private hot tubs(indoor). 

10.Palazzo Del Duca Luxury Hotel

palazzo del duca luxury hotel matera telefono

A Boutique lodging in Italy’s  Matera. 

Fresh out of the box new inn gorgeously nitty gritty and beautified. The morning meal cavern room is something everyone fantasizes about. The suites have private Jacuzzis along with dive pools merit the redesign. 

11.Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort 

sant'angelo luxury resort booking,sant'angelo luxury resort tripadvisor

Extravagance resort located in Matera. 

Wonderful cavern apartment in the core of Matera’s  Sassi and inside a simple stroll of the real tourist spots. 

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