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Best Hotels in Folegandros

Here is our list of the top 8 hotels in Folegandros, Greece. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on a luxury hotel, check out our list of the best hotels in Folegandros and you’re sure to find something!

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Polikandia Hotel in Hora

Polikandia Hotel swimming pool, Polikandia Hotel amenities

A welcoming, governed by the family, sumptuous hotel with chic chambers and flats. A hotel with a touch of elegance and an old soul (heritage arts, wood, and rock components), little refrigerator, coffee, and tea establishments, and breath-taking balconies. High-end flats also have their own bathtubs, complete state of the art kitchenette, and a personal balcony.

The hotel also has its own pool that can accommodate all the guests. With bars and cafes for relaxing, a beautiful garden for those who love nature, plus there are many bus stops, cafes, restaurants, and shops in walking distance from the hotel. The owners are very accommodating to every guest’s needs. They also offer mouth-watering breakfast for a fee.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41322.

Chora Resort Hotel & Spa in Hora

Chora Resort Hotel & Spa rooms, Chora Resort Hotel & Spa reviews

Affordable accommodation near the town center of Hora. They offer suites and rooms that felt like home, with their own personal verandas and bars. The higher quality rooms and flats also have their own Jacuzzis. There are bedrooms for 2 that also have their own balcony, plus a veranda.

The hotel has its own bar or pool large enough to fit everybody and is also serving delicious food.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41590.

Ampelos in Hora

Ampelos hotel Folegandros, Ampelos hotel reviews

This hotel is being governed by the family and features its own infinity pool, a breath-taking terrace. The rooms are simple and nice, complete with their own dining hall, many balconies, and a personal kitchen.

The hotel serves a really simple food for breakfast and the town is fairly near the capital.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41590

Folegandros Apartments in Hora

Folegandros Apartments amenities, Folegandros Apartments booking, Folegandros Apartments pool

Peaceful, an apartment situated in the middle (studios-13, apartments-5, and a suite perfect for the honeymoon). It has rooms composed of a bar in the pool, an enticing pool, a beautiful, state of the art kitchenettes, spotless, red tiled floors and its own terrace.

The executive rooms and suite for honeymoon also have a hi-fi connection and their own mp3 player. Plus, the only suite has its own 2 peaceful and intimate terraces.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41239.

Mar Inn Hotel in Hora

Mar Inn Hotel amenities, Mar Inn Hotel reviews, Mar Inn Hotel location

A few blocks away, this hotel is situated near the shops, Hora restaurants, and bars. Governed by a family, this guest-friendly has elegance and style mixed into their rooms and their suites. Each having their own little bars if you want to enjoy a few drinks and a tranquil balcony.

The suites also boast to have their own roomy terraces. There are pools for adults and children, a Jacuzzi and a bar. There is a simple breakfast and not really that up to par especially if you are looking for gourmet-like ones. The hotel has a pickup and drop off service for the guests for free to and from the ports.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41118.

Provalma Studios in Ano Meria

Provalma Studios rooms, Provalma Studios location, Provalma Studios reviews

This guest-friendly, the family-owned studio has 5 spacious, spotless, studios with pool, wooden ceilings, state of the art kitchens (with hobs for cooking and oven), their own intimate terraces plus a view of the sea.

The hotel also sees to it to be the ones to deliver your own homey, delicious breakfast. Because of its location, the studio is a good place to relax through the nearest markets and restaurants are 15 minutes away. The hotel offers bus service. But it would be best if you have your personal means of transportation whenever you want to visit the beaches and nearby areas.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41132.

Blue Sand Boutique Hotel and Suites in Agali Bay

Blue Sand Boutique Hotel and Suites room view, Agali Beach hotels

Blue Sand Boutique Hotel and Suites is elegant boutique-style hotel boasts a refreshing Greek minimalist design situated near the beach. They offer sophisticated suites and rooms that have their own machines whenever you feel like having a Nespresso.

It also has a bar and peaceful, spacious balcony coupled with a picture perfect view. The top suites located in the end have a spacious terrace that is shaded partially with beds for resting during the day and outdoor drawing areas.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41042.

Anemi Hotel in Karavostasis

Anemi Hotel Folegandros, Anemi Hotel amenities, Anemi Hotel rooms

This modern, stylish hotel is situated near the port. It has its own saltwater pool (infinity styled), roomy, chic suites and rooms with a bathtub each, a bar, and peaceful, intimate verandas/balconies. The suites also have a machine for making Nespresso.

Also a drawing area, comfortable folding bed the top pool flats near the end have their own training sets for personal use and intimate pools with a perfect view of the sea. The hotel also serves tasty ala-carte meals in the morning.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41610.

Onar Suites Folegandros in Karavostasis

Onar Suites Folegandros location, Onar Suites hotel booking

This elegant, little hotel in the cliff top has 3 suites boasting outstanding facilities. It has small bars, machines for Nespresso, an intimate pool paired with a turbojet plus a privy veranda featuring picture perfect view of the sea. The presidential suite offers an outdoor, thermal regulated Jacuzzi.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet, then, this 3 and a half km from the town hotel is perfect for you. But not much if you like to be within a few distances from restaurants.

Hotel’s contact info: +30 22860 41644.

If you have any questions about the best hotels in Folegandros, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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