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Where To Stay In Santorini On A Budget? Cheap Hotels In Santorini

Are you looking for a budget-friendly place to stay on your trip to Santorini? If so, this blog post is for you. In this post, we will share some of the best places to stay in Santorini on a budget. So, whether you are looking for an affordable hotel or a hostel, we have you covered. Keep reading for more information.

So where to stay in Santorini on a budget? The best areas to stay on a budget in Santorini are Kamari and Perissa. Both of these areas are located on the black sand beaches of Santorini and offer plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance.

Another great option for budget-minded travelers is to stay in an airbnb or vacation rental. There are many affordable options available in both Kamari and Perissa, and by staying in one of these neighborhoods you’ll have easy access to all the amenities you need while also saving money on accommodation costs.


Advance bookings helps save money. It takes a lot of digging to get cheap hotels in Santorini but it’s definitely possible and really worth it.

Especially if you want the cheap ones with the caldera view.

There are hotels that have affordable rooms like that but a gazillion other people are looking to book them too so the earlier you secure your room, the better. 

Browse through for quality and affordable accommodations.

Our Top Picks

In Firostefani

Villa Maria Damigou
villa maria damigou reviews,villa maria damigou tripadvisor,villa maria damigou booking

In Oia

Agnadi Villa
agnadi villa tripadvisor,villa agnadi- serifos apartments,agnadi villas hotel

In Fira 

kavalari hotel cave apartment,kavalari hotel tripadvisor,kavalari hotel reviews

In Imerovigli

ampelonas apartments tripadvisor,ampelonas executive houses santorini,ampelonas santorini booking

Tips To Save Money on Hotel Bookings

Good Quality can be found in every hotel in Santorini. Bad reviews and negative feedbacks about them are rare and almost non-existent. 

There’s only one hostel in Santorini and that’s Santorini Hostel in Fira. It’s affordable, close to the bus station and has a nice pool. 

Having a view of the caldera causes room prices to spike up. If you’re looking to save, get a room without the view. 

The hotels included in the list are chosen for their excellence, accessibility and price. 

If you’re in a tight budget, stick to Gyros and supermarket food. Avoid restaurants with the caldera view. 

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Stay in Fira on a budget

Rena’s Suites

rena's suites santorini tripadvisor,rena's suites hotel,rena rooms suites fira

A really cheap but quality hotel in Santorini. It provides complimentary breakfast and a common pool. It’s a good 5 minutes of walking from Santorini. 

Villa Roussa

villa roussa tripadvisor,villa roussa santorini booking,hotel villa roussa

Affordable hotel located in Fira. It has extremely large rooms available but no free meal. 

Anemomilos Suites

anemomilos suites tripadvisor,anemomilos suites santorini tripadvisor,anemomilos suites santorini reviews

Their 2 room apartment can house up to 6 people. It’s walking distance from Santorini and provides free shuttle service to take you to and from the airport as well as the ferry port. 

Pension Petros

pension petros tripadvisor,pension petros santorini booking,pension petros santorini reviews

Great, accessible location and quality rooms. 

Kavalari Hotels

kavalari hotel tripadvisor,kavalari hotel,kavalari hotel fira rooms

Has a wide range of room offerings depending on your budget. A little pricey but actually cheap considering it offers a view of the caldera.

Pelican Hotel

pelican hotel lekki address,pelican hotel and restaurant,pelican hotel contact number

It provides complimentary breakfast and is super close to bars which could be a good or bad thing depending in your preference. 

Pettini’s Place

petinis place guest house,petinis place tripadvisor,petini's place hotel santorini

The Pettini’s sits in a prime location literally a couple of steps from everything. Get the caldera view, the bars, the restaurants, and the shops just by turning your head in every direction. It has quality rooms and good quality service. 

Villa Soula

villa soula santorini reviews,villa soula santorini booking,villa soula olympic beach

Has a covered pool and is very close to the center of Fira.

Thea Studios

thea studios santorini booking,thea studios reviews,thea studios and apartments

It has complimentary breakfast and a great view, although not of the caldera. It’s a 10-minute walking distance from Santorini 

San Giorgio

san giorgio farfalle recipes,san giorgio glass museum,san giorgio jonico news

One of the most affordable quality hotels in Santorini.It has a great staff and tons of free foods especially in breakfast. It’s extremely close to the bus station, the caldera and Santorini’s main party scene. It also provides a free shuttle to and from the airport but you have to get in touch with them a day before you arrive. 

Hotel Thirasia

hotel thirasia tripadvisor,hotel thirasia santorini greece,thirasia private hotel

Perfect hotel to stay in if you’re on a vacation with friends. It provides large rooms with single beds and a nice view of the sky, perfect for watching the sunrise. It has a common pool and deck and is 5 minutes away from the center of Fira. 

Staying on Oia on a budget

Zoe Houses

zoe houses tripadvisor,zoe aegeas cave house,zoe-aegeas traditional houses

A little pricey but not for nothing. It provides a free breakfast and a great view from its location. You can fit 4-6 people in one of its houses. Best to stay in if you’re a large group. 

Aspa Villas

aspa villas santorini cave houses,aspa villas oia tripadvisor,aspa villas booking

Aspa is located at a great spot in Oia. You have to specify that you want a room with a view because some rooms don’t have it. 


finikia memories hotel booking,finikia memories hotel restaurant,finikia memories hotel reviews

Located 5 minutes outside of Oia, it has a great pool and provides free breakfast. 

Villa Agnadi

villa agnanti sesi beach,villa agnadi tripadvisor,villa agnanti boutique

It’s not located on a good spot but it’s extremely close. It will take you 10 minutes to reach the center of Oia by foot but the path on the way there is connected to all the top hotels in the area. It has large rooms that’s great for groups and families.

Maria’s Place

This hotel is close to both the bus stop and the caldera. It has a beautiful pool and its rooms have little kitchens on them. You can get a great view of the sea from the hotel.


anemomilos apartments boutique hotel,anemomilos santorini booking,anemomilos folegandros restaurant

Not the cheapest hotel in the area but it’s a really good quality one. The anemomilos has a medium-sized pool and complimentary breakfast. It has rooms small enough to fit just one person or large enough for groups.

Staying in Imerovigli on a budget


merovigliosso santorini booking,merovigliosso tripadvisor,prekas apartments santorini reviews

This hotel has a small, secluded pool and a great staff. It sits on a great location at the center of Imerovigli. 


ampelonas executive houses,ampelonas apartments tripadvisor,ambelonas corfu winery

The Ampelonas is a really great hotel that’s located on a good spot in Imerovigli. It’s close to restaurants but doesn’t have much of a view because it’s surrounded by taller hotels. 

Staying in Firostefani on a budget

Villa Ilias

villa ilias reviews,villa ilias santorini booking,villa ilias tripadvisor

The Villa Ilias has a great view of the caldera. It has a common pool, sun deck and rooms that can house up to 5 people. 

King Thiras

king thiras booking,king thiras hotel santorini,king thiras hotel email

A simple, clean hotel owned by a family native to the area. It’s close to bakeries, shops, restaurants and a location where you can see the caldera.  

Hotel Sofia

hotel sofia barcelona breakfast,hotel sofia barcelona location,hotel sofia barcelona address

This hotel doesn’t have a view of the caldera but it’s close to establishments and restaurants that does. It’s located on the Fira and Oia footpath. 

Blue Dolphin

blue dolphin hotel booking,blue dolphin hotel virginia beach,blue dolphin hotel va beach

Great place to stay if you’re coming as a group. They offer vilas that’s near Imerovigli. Some of their rooms have a view and some doesn’t. Specify which one you want when booking. 

Villa Maria Damigou

villa maria damigou booking,villa maria damigou reviews,villa maria damigou tripadvisor

It has complimentary breakfast and great rooms. Your could have a great view but you need to specify when it booking. It’s a 15 minute walking distance from Fira. 

Staying in Kamari on a budget

Drossos Hotel

hotel drossos santorin booking,drossos hotel santorini reviews,drossos hotel tripadvisor

It’s an affordable hotel with complimentary breakfast. It’s not that close to the beach and you need to travel a little to get to it. 

Narkissos Hotel

narcissos hotel apartments,narcissos hotel protaras telephone,narkissos hotel santorini booking

Complimentary breakfast, good rooms and walking distance from everything including the Kamari beach.

Hotel Matina

hotel matina mykonos booking,hotel matina santorini reviews,matina hotel mykonos email

Walking distance from the beach. It has complimentary breakfast and a large common pool. 

Staying in Perissa beach

Stelios Place

stelios place santorini booking,stelios place reviews,stelios place at perissa beach

Provides free shuttle service to and from the airport and the ferry port. It’s walking distance from the beach and has a common kitchen and large swimming pool.

Anny Studios

anny studios perissa beach reviews,anny studios perissa beach tripadvisor,anny studios santorini

Provides free ride to pick you up and bring you back to the airport and the ferry port. It’s located close to the beach and has a small pool. Its rooms have little kitchens in every one of them. 

How to get a Caldera View even on a budget 

The most affordable rooms with a view of the magnificent Caldera. 

Experience Firostefani from the Villa Maria Damigou.

This hotel is just a short walk from the great restaurants at Firostefani. Fira is also not very far from it. This hotel offers rooms with and without the caldera view so you could choose which you prefer. There’s also complimentary breakfast included when you stay in here. You can contact them at +30 22860-23725.

More options:

In Firostefani

Villa Maria Damigou

Villa Ilias

Blue Dolphin

Hotel Mylos

In Oia

Delfini Villas

In Fira 

Keti Hotel

Caldera Butterfly

In Imerovigli


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