Santorini from Crete Ferries for Year 2019:

Two ferries usually travel to Santorini from Crete and vice-versa all year round. Hellenic Seaways and the Seajet Ferries start carrying passengers from late March or early weeks of April. 

There are trips to Santorini from Crete in the morning and to Crete from Santorini in the afternoon. They also usually sail to Paros, Mykonos and Naxos and return to Crete. 

You can book trips in advance using

Santorini from Crete Flights for Year 2019:

If you want to travel by plane between Island of Crete (Heraklion) and island of Santorini, you can look through SkyExpressfor schedules of flights.

Although this sometimes this can be quite challenging. But you can make use of the search function of their website and if you happen to stumble upon an available seat that fits your preference, it would be better to book them right away as they tend to get fully booked much faster than the ferries.

Santorini from Crete Flights and Ferries:

Almost all flights and ferries to Santorini from Crete also have flights and ferries going back. For example, you can book a round trip from Crete to Santorini all in day. 

Flights to Santorini from Crete

There is a quite new airline with Crete as the main office location that offers flights going to Santorini and also Heraklion. 

Navigating through the flight schedules may prove to be a challenge so using the website and its search tab can be quite handy, especially if you are looking for a particular schedule.

The fare of Sky Express has three tiers, with the prices depending on the luggage and hand carry allowance, change of flight and the fees for cancellation, flight lounge access and to hasten the lines for security. 

Bear in mind that flight tickets tend to get sold out faster and earlier than ferry tickets, so the moment you see an airline flight that fits you schedule, have it booked immediately.

Ferry Schedule: Santorini from Crete for Summer of Year 2019


Schedules of Greek ferries can change without prior notice. To avoid hassles, always double check the routes and timing using the GTP FerryConnections(a reliable site to use for checking ferry schedules). 

However, ferries can still have its schedule cancelled or the timings changed without further notice even if you have already booked and confirmed your routes. is the best bet for booking ferry tickets.

April to middle weeks of October, 2019:

Departure time for Hellenic Seaways Highspeed 7is 9 AM and will arrive at Santorini in the same morning at around 10:45 . 

The price for the economy class is €56. Aside from being the best choice for those with seasickness, Highspeed 7 is also the most steady high speed ferry travelling to Santorini from Crete.

Middle Weeks of April to middle weeks of October for Year 2019:

Departure time for Champion Jet1is 8:40 AM and will arrive at Santorini at 10:35 in the morning. The fare is €59.70. It will travel back to Crete from Santorini at around 5:20 in the afternoon then travel to Heraklion by 7:10 in the evening.

Middle weeks of May to middle weeks of October for Year 2019: 

Golden Star’scar/passenger ferry picks up passengers every Tuesdays and Saturday from Rethymnon in the morning at around 7:15 AM and will arrive to Santorini by 11 AM.

Last Few weeks of April to October for Year 2019: 

SeaJets’ high speed car ferry  for catamaran picks up passengers every Tuesdays and Saturdays from Rethymno at 7:45 AM and will arrive to Santorini by 10:35 AM.

Note:There’s no available ferry rides going to Santorini from Agios Nikolaos or Chania. If you are from these beautiful cities, taking a bus to bus to Rethymno or Heraklion is necessary and both are between 1 ½ to 2 hours apart.

Where can I Get Tickets for the Ferry in Santorini and Crete?

Advance online booking of tickets will require you to collect them from one of the listed agents below:

Santorini from Crete Morning Trips for Year 2019

Santorini from Crete Morning Trip Costs $210 to $250 for tours.

Crete to Santorini best tours:

Santorini from Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos Morning trips – from the hotel to the drop off area. Operates Sunday to Monday then Wednesday to Friday.

Santorini from Chania Morning Trips– from the hotel to the drop off area. Operates Tuesday and Saturday.

Santorini from Rethymno Morning trips – Tour will start at the Rethymno port. Operates during Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Crete from Santorini for 2019 – Things To Take Note Of 

  • If you are staying at a hotel in either Chania or Agios Nikolaos, you will be picked up by the hotel bus to Heraklion and Rethymno ports as tours to Santorini will be departing from these ports. And a visit to Oia is included in all Santorini tours.
  • If you did an advanced booking using the internet, these ones are the ticket booths where you will be picking up you tickets. For Champion Jet (SeaJets), go to the white booth. For Highspeed 7 of Hellenic Seaways, it will be the red and blue booth. 

You can locate these booths in front of the docked ferries near the port and is quite easy to see. They are usually open 1 and a half hours prior the ferry departure and going there 40 minutes earlier is advised.

  • Hellenic Highspeed has a seat and reserved number for all Business class tickets.
  • Hellenic Highspeed also has a seat and reserved number for their Economy class tickets.
  • SeaJet’s seats for Business class have their own assigned  number for the seats and reserved ones too.
  •  SeaJet ferry Economy seats have their respective assigned number for the seats and reserved ones as well. 
  • For Hellenic Highspeed Luggage storage, they are located on the deck below the level of the vehicles as you set foot into the ferry. Leaving valuables is not advised but you can leave large luggage just fine.
  • Highspeed ferry Luggage storage – It’s located near the main area for sitting, therefore can be very crowded especially when getting on and off the ferry. It can be a little chaotic but will eventually get better.
  • Terajet Luggage storage – This is located on the deck below the level of the vehicles as you set foot into the ferry. Leaving valuables is strongly not advised but luggage is fine.
  • The foods available on all ferries are sandwiches, beers and alcohol, a variety of drinks and some treats. You can have this menu on Terajet.
  • Santorini port arrival. Left side are for taxis and buses. It’s better to hurry up and get a seat as soon as possible.